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The North Riding Enduro Club hosts the White Horse Enduro, round 6 of the Northern Enduro Championship held at boltby forest on 1st October.

After last year's successful knockout event, the team have been working hard to ensure they host another cracking enduro. With the introduction of a new start venue it will allow for easier parking and camping, new to this year's event.

As always this is a traditional time card enduro with challenging terrain and technical going. It will be suited for all ability riders but will certainly be an enjoyable challenge. 
The special test will be located in a different area from last year's test.

This event is no doubt bound to sell out fast.. the entry is limited due to the size of the forest, once it is full, its full! so make sure you do not miss out and get your entry in early to guarantee your place!! There will be no day entries available once full.

To enter go to the calendar page.
Tour of Mann 2017

Tour of Mann 2017, 30th September and 1st of October

Get your entries in for this top event.
For more info go to Southern MCC website.


Understand Timecards

At signing on for each event you will be given a time card. Usually sealed in a plastic wallet it will have a space for your name, riding number and start time.
Firstly write down on the card your riding number and start time taken from the entry list. Then add the times you are due at each check by adding on the time allowance for each check (in your class) on to your start time as below.

The jpeg at the side of this text is a timecardcard at the end of the event with the ETA times, that the rider is aiming to achieve and the official times, ie the time he actually arrived.

(A) On time - zeroed the check.

(B) Five minutes late - penalty of 300 points (one point per second late)

(C) The rider has added 5 minutes on to his arrival time at check 3 (you do not need to actually change your card the organisers will take the 5 minute lateness into account when working out the results) so he has still taken the allotted 40 minutes to do check 3….no penalty.

(D)The rider is continuing to add his five minute lateness to his check 4 time, he has taken 40 minutes from check 3 to check 4 and has zeroed the check….no penalty.

Once you are late, you stay late.

If you arrive early you do not check in until your set time, you will be penalised for early arrival.

Don’t panic if you loose time, others will have too!
But be careful not to loose more than an hour or you will be deemed to have “houred out” and will be disqualified

Special test times in seconds are added to your course penalty points
The guy who has the least points in total wins!!
It really is that simple!