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2015 NEEC Presentation night 15th January 2016
A big thank you to all award winners for supporting a very successful North of England Enduro Championship presentation night at The Bridge Inn, Walshford. Photo's are on the gallery page.

The auction for The Ross Hall Fund raised £1000.
A big thank you to Daryl Bolter, David Knight, Jonny Walker and Graham Jarvis for donating a signed race shirt.
Also Jez Hall from the Yorkshire Enduro Club for the number board signed by David Knight, Tom Sagar, Graham Jarvis & Paul Bolton.
Raffle prizes kindly donated by Endurotek.

Lovely to meet the Ross Hall Family.

Thank you to Al Ranger at Enduro Tyres Click Here for supplying the Rabaconda tyre changing frame for a separate raffle.The lucky winner was XC Team Rider Sam Ludgate. As Sam had already purchased a Rabaconda, he very kindly donated his prize to be auctioned for The Ross Hall Fund.

Thank you for the continued support from MOTUL.

Thank you all for attending to collect your awards.
Great to meet all the riders and families in a good atmosphere.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the start line in 2016.

Please note we have introduced two new classes in the Over 40`s.
Over 40 A is for experts and quick clubmen
Over 40 B is for Clubmen and Sportsmen
You know who you are! Time to move class.

Results are now on the calendar page.

Photo's from the event can be found

The club dedicated this event to Neil Polson who sadly passed away, a very hard working member who has put a lot of work into the White Horse and will be deeply missed.
The White Horse Enduro situated at Boltby Forest near Thirsk, North Yorkshire could not have had a better turnout for what proved to be one of the best events in the North of England.
It was an absolutely classic day at the Premier White Horse Enduro, with perfectly glorious autumn weather burning off the early morning mist. In the months running up to the event, the North Riding Enduro Team have been spending their weekends planning and setting up a course that was rideable for all competitors, with both flowing and technical parts to give an interesting and occasionally challenging ride. The course included open moorland, tracks, trails, bracken, clear full, ditches and some brilliant hills up and down. The team have had limited bike access to the forest so most of the work has been done on foot, Paul Mason even walked the whole course to GPS the track, so hats off to him!!
It was not until the Thursday before the event that the team came across the forestry ploughing one section of the clear fell as used in previous years. Therefore, they had to reroute the course down the banking and across the green break – which didn't stay so green as big bogs soon appeared. But with the swift response of the team the course was redirected to ensure it kept running smoothly.
The first riders were away at 10 am sharp with a technical but enjoyable day ahead of them. Joe Chambers made his intentions clear from the start of the day setting the fastest test times throughout the event with Wayne Braybrook closely charging him down. With testing check times and technical going it wasn't going to be easy to clean the tight check, causing the pair to drop one minute. It wasn't until the final lap that Chambers dropped a further one minute penalty allowing Braybrook to take the over all win on the new 2016 Sherco 300, saying it was one of the best events he's ridden! Luke Flack fresh back from injury had a promising ride on his MPS Racing Sherco taking third place.
The Over 40's class saw a three way battle between Kyle Deswert, Jim Wright and Anthony Tempest with seconds separating them in each test. The over 40's glory went to Kyle Deswert 18 seconds in front of Jim Wright. Anthony Tempest rounded off the top three.
The ever improving Robbie Wallace squeezed every ounce of power out of his husky 125 in the technical but flowing special test to put in test times equivalent to Experts! As usual Robbie was in top form and took the Clubman E1 win ahead of Ryan Fallows in second. Thomas Widd grabbed third place in his first ever time card event after nearly missing his allocated start time!
Clubman E2 saw Mark Grice battling with Graham Mechan through out the day, but it was Mark who took the victory spot only 4 seconds ahead of Graham. Manchester 17 rider Geraint Rodgers took third place.
Richard Bentham topped the Clubman E3 class ahead of Stuart Austin and Craig Thompson.
The NREC Team decided to give the Sportsman class 3 laps, which received a lot of positive feedback. John Stephenson got to grips with the course and set a comfortable pace on the going and some quick special test times, allowing him to take the Sportsman E1 win. RG Rider James Gamble had a convincing ride in his first ever time card, riding with fellow team mate Dan Lappin, the pair battled on and had an enjoyable day. Gamble nipped it in the bud with his test times and took second place in front of Lappin in third.
A largely competitive Sportsman E2 class saw Chad Hall and Ben Mitchell battling for the podium spot. Chad eventually got the upperhand and took the class win only 8 seconds ahead of Ben. Andy Jones followed closely in third place only 16 seconds behind first place.
Darren Cooper tackled the technical course like a duck to water taking home a credible win in the Sportsman E3 class. Mark Snelling pushed hard on every test finishing 16 seconds behind. The always consistent Alistair Jopling grabbed third place.
A small attended Over 50's class saw top gun Andrew Maben was the man to beat on his winning streak as he grabbed the overall victory yet again ahead of Mark Boardman. Dennis Fath rounded off the top three.
It was a close battle in the Novice class which was topped by Richard Ferguson closely followed by Phil Murat only 22 seconds apart. Louis Wolstenholme brought home a credible third place.
North Riding Enduro Club would like to thank ALL riders and spectators for their support this weekend and a special thanks to Alistair Spowart for providing the special test timing. As always a huge thank you to all the NREC team who helped with the preparation and the running of the event, it could not run without them. A big thank you to all the sponsors who have supported NREC throughout the year. It was an absolutely brilliant day had by all with riders enjoying a fantastic course and a great, relaxed and professional atmosphere.

The Brinks 2015
A Massive thank you to everyone involved in this years Brinks enduro.

Especially to all the club members who worked really hard to ensure the event’s success, also
to the first aid team who supported us and to the Team from Laptracker pro who provided the
event timing.

Thank you to the riders who constantly support us and always appreciate the standard of the
event, this year was the biggest and best field of riders that we have ever had.

The weather was very kind to us as we awoke to a glorious sunny Sunday morning ensuring
fantastic racing conditions, as the race got underway the wind started to pick up and became
especially strong on the westerly slopes, although i am not sure who was the braver the
spectators who stood at the top of the hill or the riders who were jumping the 30ft Bomb hole.

The overall winner of the Event was Luke Meredith with Chris Windle only 5 seconds behind,
Both riders completing 10 laps, Chris was the initial race leader as Luke fell victim to one of the
brinks now famous deep bogs, then a brilliant battle ensued through the race as the lead kept
changing between the two riders.

Clubman riders Mathew Solan and Tom Greenwood managed to break into the top ten, they
were both 1 lap down on the winner.

Brinks 2015
Written by Rob
Monday, 24 August 2015 09:36 -

We will hopefully see you at our Long Mynd event on the 20th September (regs will out very

Rob Mcleod

For and on behalf of Manchester 17Mcc

ManxDuro 2015
Day 1

Ellan Vannin Fuels / Mini Mix Concrete sponsored Manxduro 2015 was drier event than 12 months earlier. The now traditional Friday night sign-on and scrutineering at Carnagrie gave everyone a chance to understand the route have their machine placed in parc ferme prior to their allotted Saturday morning start time.

Overnight rain and wind caused a little stress for the organisors as some of the route marking in South Barrule plantation had been washed away causing the marshalls to re arrow areas quickly in the morning and ensure all the riders could find their way.

The field got away at 10am on Saturday morning lead by the Championship class of #1 plated Lee Sealey along with MPS Sherco riders Luke Flack and local star Jake Subachus. These guys were the stars of the event providing some great spectator action on all the tests firing machines off the rock step at Carnagrie every lap making the grass test look like a MX test!

From Caragrie the field headed down Slieau Whallian greenway track via St Johns water splash to the first timed special test at Archallagan. The test featured a great deal of fresh tracks and that will have put the first few through at a disadvantage, local Expert rider Chris Madigan capitalised on this with local knowledge and a slightly higher starting number meant he lead the field at the opening test. Harry Hockley of T Timing was on the laptops but Chris wasn’t looking the results till the end of the day for fear of over-thinking the event.

From Archallagan the route took the riders past sponsor Dave Gorman’s Mini-mix Concrete’s premises near the Rhenshent via ‘glasshouses’ to South Barrule quarry and the start of the tight check. Experts were given 24mins to ride from the quarry over the large boulders and slabs in the miniture Ertzberg ‘Bob’s Diner’ section. Through some quite steep climbs in South Barrule and Corlea before a quick blast up the Whiskey run and into Cringle plantation. Most experts and some clubman made it through on time but this tight-check designed to make the field sweat was the real challenge of the day. Time penalties soon start accumlating as the laps ticked over with few ‘on time’.

Once the torture of the tight check was over the field headed to Eairy Cushlin’s ‘easy slabs’ track and over Jonny Massan’s land where a stamp check was positioned, manned by Malcolm Stoddard and Jonny Massan to prove riders had covered all the ‘going’.

The Carnagrie test ran at the end of the lap timed by Jess Hockley and displaying a lap time to the riders as they exited the test on a large LED display. Once through the test the field could queue up inside the work area taking on fuel for both rider and machine before checking in to the start of the next lap. Clubman rider Mark France missed the test end and had to be called back by Jess to ride over the timing matt. He completed the day but DNF’d with electical gremlins plaguing his KTM.

At the front of the field Chris Madigan held his advantage over Lee Sealey but the gap was reducing, by test 5 at Archallagan Sealey grabbed a 10 second chunk off Madigan to take the lead with local man Jake Subachus on the charge. By the days end it was Sealey from Madigan and Subachus followed by fellow team mate Luke Flack with local expert Mark Turner only a few seconds off Flack.

In the lower classes Veteran +40 and former Centre Champion Russell Milward was trading times with fastest guys out there but a slack schedule meant he had time to wait for friend and sparing partner Karl Greenall and impart insults and tips on the finer points of donkey ownership to those who would listen.

Clubman visitor Russell Waller took the spoils on day 1 from local man Mark Lund and regular visitor Jonny White doing the RAF proud.

Sportsman was won by UK event organisor John Kerwin staying clean on time got him home in the top spot ahead of David Trenholme and Andy Jones for an all UK visitor podium. Leading local sportsman Phill Gunnell dropped 5mins on the check but it will be his start penalty that cost him a top 3 position as those around him lost a similar amount of time.

Super Veteran +50 was won on both days by James Vickers but there may be a stewards inquiry as he isnt 50 till next week perhaps second placed Dennis Fath will stump up the ironic sum of £50 required to formally protest his result. Laurence Barber was 3rd in the over 50 happy with his work and glad to have given his 500 KTM to his brother to wrestle through the trees opting to ride the more sedate 250 KTM from the Barber stable.

Championship E1
Lee Sealey
Jake Subachus
Luke Flack
Chris Madigan
Mark Turner
Gareth Quayle
Veteran +40
Russell Millward
Karl Greenall
Ed Hopkin
Russell Waller
Mark Lund
Jonny White
John Kerwin
David Trenholme
Andy Jones
Day 2

Was a softer day with higher miles taking a trip to Tholt y Will plantation via St. Lukes. Jack Collins had set out a special test at Tholt Y Will but ground conditions were slippy to say the least with overnight rain filling up puddles on tracks and softening the ground everywhere.

Sealey and Subachus traded times thoughout the day but it was Day 1 victor Sealey that came out on top Jake giving him a run for his money on each of the days tests. Luke Flack upped his performance to get the better of Madigan with Mark Turner trading test times with Chris.

Day 2 in the clubman saw the roles reversed and Mark Lund took overall victory from Jonny White and Russell Waller dropping to third on the day and overall in the event.

Clubman rider Robert Quayle came off and dislocated his collar bone at the top of St. Lukes greenway a track he is more than familiar with he made it back to Carnagrie but couldn’t continue Roberts son Gareth will now be taking the lions share of labouring for rest of the month on site.

Sportsman was won by local rider Rob Wilson recovering from his day 1 penalties he was able to beat John Kerwin on test times alone with David Trenholme DNFing and Andy Jones scoring another 3rd spot, Kerwin takes the overall honours with a consistant display across the 2 days.

There were very few navigational and scheduling errors aside from a sportsman that failed to ride the Tholt y Will test due to over eagerness to follow on the field. Expert Craig Norrey earn’t a penalty for failing to check in leaving the Tholt y Will special test.

Away from the sharp end one of the stories of the weekend was 19 year old Kate Smith, daughter of NEEC organiser Andy Smith, after a very early bath last year dragged herself around the whole of the clubman schedule. Despite feeling unwell on the Saturday night she perservered and even set her fastest test time on her last run through Carnagrie. Former trials rider and recent enduro convert Alun Garton was happy to see the finish also at rear of the field but still looked neat and stylish on the bike.

Championship E1
Lee Sealey
Jake Subachus
Luke Flack
Chris Madigan
Mark Turner
Gareth Quayle
Veteran +40
Russell Millward
Karl Greenall
Ed Hopkin
Mark Lund
Jonny White
Russell Waller
Rob Wilson
John Kerwin
Andy Jones
On the local front another dominant display by Chris Madigan puts him in the gives him the IOM ACU Centre Championship and SMCC Club Championship
Mark Lund is confirmed as Clubman champion and Phillip Gunnell gets the Sportsman championship after DNF day 2 both days but he has such a lead that noone was able to capitalise on his misfortune.

As each competitor crossed the finish line they were presented with a finishers award by sponsors Andy and Kelly Sweetman from Ellan Vannin Fuels joint sponsor with Mini Mix Concrete.

SMCC organisors extend a huge thanks to all landowners Jonny Massan, Paul Costain and DEFA.

Thanks to the Hogg rescue amb
ulance and crew, R-Den Catering and Brenda for providing fantastic food and making the event so welcoming

Thanks to all helpers timekeepers and marshalls and Mick Rodger for all the excellent photos.

See you all next year!

MOTOFIX Rydale Rally 2015
Full size free download pictures!!!

click on pic then click arrow on bottom right corner.


After months of preparation by the organisers, months of anticipation for the competitors, a few days of glorious weather and a heat wave, the weekend finally arrived and the 2015 Motofix Ryedale Rally got underway in thick fog!

The thunder, lightening and torrential rain through the night had everyone on edge for what was to come and, as usual, it didn't disappoint.

Everywhere was drenched and visibility was down to 30 metres as the riders made their way to Langdale forest but the excellent marking made sure everyone got there safely and on time. Once into the proper off-road riding, riders settled into a clever mix of fire roads interspersed with technical singletrack, rocky grass rides and flowing tunnels through the rain laden branches.

Thankfully the weather improved throughout day one and by early afternoon the first of three 50 mile laps was completed. The puddles were still full though and many riders were struggling as the fog lifted and the temperature and humidity rose and riders paced themselves for a long and tiring day. Thankfully, the tea wagon at the end of the lap proved to be a welcome rest point and gave chance to swap stories and fuel up.

After the initial sighting lap, riders enjoyed a special test on laps two and three. The test was about 4 miles and about 8 minutes long for the fast boys and tested riders to the full with a fair mix of terrain designed to give opportunity to all bikes, whether small and 'good in the woods' or the big bikes more suited to flat out fire roads.
Lee Green (450 KTM) proved fastest on the day and lead the Rally class but David Watson on his humongous 1200cc HP2 BMW wasn’t that far behind as head lead the way on the multi-cylinder class. It’s amazing to see these really big bikes in action and the riders are the true heroes of these rally events. Steve Hague was heading up the Big Bike Single over 575cc class. Team honours were looking good for Team Antiques Roadshow as they lead the field by a healthy 44 seconds. Ant Ireland was leading the Trail class and Kate Smith proved fastest of the Ladies class. Wouter Jansen from Holland lead the over 350cc 4 stroke Rally Lite class while Cefin Evans lead the smaller capacity. Mark Williams took the honours in the over 250 2 stroke class and Nev King took the up to 250’s. The only Classic to finish the day was Darren Duesbury on his mighty Husky TE510.

The final liaison section back to Goathland came as welcome relief and many riders handed their time cards in exhausted but proud of completing 177 miles of fantastic going.

At 76 miles, Sunday was a shorter day and the sun shone for the whole time. There was a different special test that proved just as taxing as it went from fire road to rocky twin track to long straights between the trees to twisty bits in the trees more fire road, a grass ride and a final fast fire road blast to set you up for the finish.

Old time Yorkshire Enduro Club members Andy and Kate Smith took their first competitive ride together and Kate beat her Dad by 5m 25s! Come on Dad. The rest of the classes where closer fought and most of day two tests were won by the day one winners. However, Jason Slater won the Rally Lite up to 250’s but only by four seconds so not quite enough for the overall. Times were closest in the Team class though as “Team Fast Fast Slow”, “Team Dutchie” and “The Antiques Roadshow” fought it long and hard. The eventual victory went to Fast Fast Slow by one second under Team Dutchie, with the Antique boys only 14 seconds behind them.
2014 Presentation night
The 2014 presentation night was a night to remember with award winners travelling all the way from the Isle of Man. The party went on until the early hours of Saturday morning.
A special thank you must go to CEM engineering & North Riding Enduro Club for making it possible to hold North of England Enduro Championship presentation night in such a fantastic venue.

A selection of pictures taken at the awards night is now in the gallery.
Helmsley Enduro - NEEC Round 8 @ Dirt Bike Action

Dirtbike Action produced a fantastic end to the 2014 NEEC season using the versatile roppa moor plantations at Helmsley.
The Dirtbike Action team set out a testing 13 mile course split into 2 sections. The first section included the new moorland going, two special tests and refuelling with a generous time allowance for all classes. The second section included a long cross country section which contained three steep climbs. This was going to test the riders, as the day progressed the times got tighter for all classes.
The small Championship class lead the field away at 10 am. The riders had a short forestry loop to get warmed up and straight into the stubble test. Rob Johnson on board the MPS Husky got straight into the groove as he looked quick around the test, posting a series of fastest times. Big Joe Chambers had the Acklams Beta pinned as he tried to catch Johnson, but after a full days riding Rob won 8 of the 9 tests and took a comfortable win in the Championship class over Joe. Lewis Bellfield returning to enduro after a few years of riding mx took a good third place, with Luke Lusher cruising to 4 place securing the overall 2014 NEEC title. The Expert class was dominated by Damo Butler the only Expert rider to stay clean on time. Shane Tasker took 2nd place with James Phillips Taking 3rd. All-Star Griffins day ended in a cloud as he smashed his radiator. Karl Greenall won the 040 class and the 040 championship after a season long battle with arch rival Mike Alty who could only manage 5th. There was only 1 point between them going into this round. Kyle Deswert was second with Mark Houson 3rd it’s good to see Mark back after a few years away moto crossing. In the Clubman classes the E1 victory went to Ben Thomson, Liam Ward won the E2 class, Acklams Beta rider Joel Saddler took the E3 class. Robert Quayle won the 050 after a close battle with Charles Bragazzi. And finally we come to the Sportsmen. Jamie Richardson was best E1, Connor Scott has come on well this year was top in the E2, Gary Nicholson topped the E3 class.
Big thanks to all that helped especially the Bradford crew who set out the fantastic stubble test.
Dirtbike Action would like to thank the riders for supporting the series and especially the Dirtbike Action rounds. There are big changes planned for 2015 as Dirtbike Action and Ryedale MCC are joining forces to run a new northern enduro series with 7 or 8 rounds all in the North of England. A new website is under construction where riders will be able to find up to date information on the events, reports, and the very important up to date Championship tables which will be updated after every round. We have major sponsors who will reward the winning riders with product prizes and fantastic trophies at the end of season awards evening which will be free for riders to attend and will be in December 2015 in Harrogate .
As we are still formulating the classes some of the changes that we have in mind is the sportsman class. There is a massive difference in ability and fitness this was clear at Helmsley where the Sportsman were asked to do 3 laps. Lots managed clean on time but there were numbers of sportsmen who DNF after 2 laps splitting this group into A and B is a possibility. A ladies class is also likely. Any feedback on classes or anything is welcome please e-mail
The supplying of riders numbers and backgrounds has been popular and this will continue for every round in 2015
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White Horse Enduro 5th October 2014
Motul Tong 28th September 2014
The XCEnduro team would like to thank all the riders and marshals that attended Motul Tong and helped put on a quality event.
The dry weather conditions made the course a fantastic ride round with just the right balance of technical sections and flowing woodland.

Chris Hudson has uploaded lots of quality photos from the event that can be found here

Special thanks to Motul & Endurotek for supporting the event.

The results are now on the calender page.

 photo xcenduro red transparent small_zpslrlvu1di.png

Article by Richard Purdy
October 15th, 2012

The white horse enduro was on Sunday and I’d been invited to marshal. I’ve never held any illusions about my ability regarding an enduro, its something I’d just never do but this was a chance to see one up close. You know it will be interesting when you’re told which bike to bring and to put low gearing on it.

The first part of Saturday was spent cutting out forest and marking out bits of course, hammering in road pins, putting up tape, stapling arrows and so on. It was hot work and I was using a heavy branch to smash through deadwood when the club like head on it it snapped and hit me hard in the nose which was the first incident of the day for me. I managed to embarrass myself stalling repeatedly in front of people in one section. Once you’re stopped on a slope, its a nightmare to get going again.

Later in the afternoon, after marking out was completed, they needed some course times. A group set out and I decided to tag on the back, at least I could check the marking out. In short order, I’d stalled the bike and they disappeared off into the distance, I never did see them again, several didn’t complete the course either. I continued on, coming across some interesting features like a nice decent with a steep, tree rooted climb on the exit to a stream. I gave this a go, mostly made it up but had to help the bike over a root. Later, people pointed out that this was the “expert” route and there was an easier alternative to the right but there was no track going that way visible at this point.

So far the terrain was unknown and full of surprises, I then came to the bits we’d marked out and/or already ridden so this gave some let up. I was taking breaks periodically since otherwise, I was going to get tired and make more mistakes. I made a phone call on the top of the hillside with great views of the valley where there was phone signal. Shortly after than I managed to catch a rut badly, laid the bike down on its side and barrel rolled off it and down an incline. No damage to anything thankfully as I was going slowly. At some point I also ended up upsidedown on an incline with the bike on top of me which was fun. Periodically, there were interesting features like steep drop off sections. Again, apparently there were easier bits but I wasn’t understanding the marking of these correctly. In the special test section there was an interesting incline you had to go up which for some reason scared the living daylights out of me. They ended up taking out the crazy downhill then uphill section just after this as even though a few of us had made it around, it was going to cut up too easily with a few bikes around it.

Around this time, someone passed me and we exchanged a few words about me taking it easy and them suggesting “the best bits are to come”. I came to the piece of the course I’d been around so far and knew I could head back to the start from here. Since by this point I was suffering exhaustion, the sensible thing to do was to head back. I’d heard stories about having to jump ditches and a dry stone wall but I thought I’d done that part (that seemed easier than they were suggesting). There was definitely some steep hill climbs ahead though. Since I’d likely never do it again, I decided to continue, slowly and carefully. I soon came to the uphill section which was a relentless steep climb for a few hundred meters. Amazingly for me, I did make it to near enough the top without stopping. The bike was trying to stall, bogging down badly and I was determined we were not stopping and its probably one of the few times I’ve ever found the throttle stop. A decent followed, followed by what looked like more hard hill climbs but the hardest climb turned out to be behind me. A boggy trip through the trees brought me back to the start. I’d taken somewhere over two hours, the clubman time was about an hour. Experts would do four laps, one was enough for me.
It was an early 7am start on Sunday and I’d left the bike outside the van overnight so it was covered in frost. I had to scrape ice off the van windscreen too.
As a marshal, the idea was to roam around your section making sure everyone was ok, repair the route where possible and generally help out as needed. The section assigned to our group included the downhill section into the stream and another steep downhill section just after it. I did my best to roam around, yet keep out the way of the competitors and help out where needed. We’d also been asked to send people periodically to the starters point to help. I picked a good time to be there under the gazebo for the short downpour we had!

On the steep downhill, I managed to lose my balance on one trip down and ended up “choosing” a head-on collision with a tree into the headlight as the alternatives would have involved clipping the bars against a tree and leaving the bike. As it was, I stopped against the tree, restarted the bike and continued before the marshal behind slid into me (as there was no way he’d have been able to stop and I was conscious of this). Amazingly, there wasn’t too much damage as the light itself stayed intact:

The day’s activities were then complete and it was then time to demark the course and collect in all the arrows and tape. I helped out, ending up at the back of the group with a heavy paperbag filled with collected in material. I was about to set off once again, tried to kick the engine over to start it and found the kick start lever ended up on the ground. The kick start shaft itself had sheared leaving the casing in a mess too :(

I waited around but nobody came back far enough to find me although I did hear someone in the distance so I was on my own. No problem, I found a hill, bump started the bike and rode fire roads back to the start. Having a GPS on the bike helped!

It was a good weekend and I enjoyed it. I doubt I’ll ever enter an enduro, I think this weekend determined that for sure but I might marshal again if they’ll have me back though.

By Richard Purdy
Hamsterly Enduro - NEEC Round 5 @ Hamsterly Forest on 07/09/2014
The Putoline Hamsterley Enduro round 5 NEEC
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Round 5 of the NEEC took the riders to Hamsterley forest for the first time in 2 decades, the organizing of the event was a challenge in itself with endless meetings with the forestry as more and more obstacles to the event occurred, but Dirtbike-Action succeeded in the end and on Sunday 7th September the forest was alive with enduro bikes.
After 15 hours of heavy rain over Friday night and in to Saturday day the course had become wet in places so setting times and distance was tricky with 4 laps for championship and expert riders, clubman and 040 on 3 laps with the sportsman and 050 on 2 laps .
Sunday weather was bright and warm as the riders departed on the 14 mile loop, Luke lusher in the championship class made the going look easy as he picked his way around the technical course, setting fastest times in the test he went on to win the championship class. Dan Field wrestled a big crf450 to 1st place in the expert class despite the machine wanting to brew up in the tight going!! Darren cousins took second place, Liam Radcliffe had his best result in the series so far with 3rd.
The o40 class was won by karl Greenall 250f KTM just beating arch rival and friend Mike Alty 350f KTM while in the clubman E1 class was won by Alan Heath who also won the clubman class outright , E2 clubman was won by Liam Ward KTM, with James Nichols KTM 300 wining the club E3 class href="">u-boat classico replica
Charles Bregazzi made the long trip from the Isle of Man worthwhile by winning the 050 class, As parts of the course cut up the sportsman started to struggle but significant number finished on time with Adam Carrick winning the sportsman E1, Phil Dodsworth the E2, and Chris Downham E3 classes
The sportsman class seem to have a big ability gap and a lot of riders struggled while many cleaned the times maybe it’s time this class was split into 2 ability classes for next year. Dirtbike Action’s John kerwin said it was a hard event and it took a lap for some of the new heather trails to bed in but they got better as the event went on, only a few boggy spots needed care to get through, well done to all the riders that finished, and a big thanks to all that helped and the forestry hopefully we will be back next year. href="">hublot classic fusion replica
Dirtbike Action will be back in action with the Putoline Helmsley Enduro weekend the final round of the 2014 NEEC 18/19 October , were we will have 2 special tests 1 massive stubble test and an xc test and new moorland going to keep things fresh.

My Ryedale Rally
My Ryedale 2010
A slight change of plan meant that my pit crew was larger than normal. We brought Denise’s two kids, Aaron and Hannah with us, as well as my black lab, Toby. Arriving at 10.30 on the Friday evening gave us plenty of time to try and set up an unfamiliar tent in the gathering darkness. Thankfully, it stayed up, as did the new airbed in my trailer, so after a nightcap we hit our respective sacks at around midnight.

I was awoken by the dawn chorus of Sheryl the Crow and her mates in the trees far too early for my liking, but at least that gave me plenty of time to get ready! When I had pulled the bike out of the trailer there was a small trace of oil on the floor under the left hand fork, so a quick fertle with the end of a cable tie and a rag was called for to ensure there was no further leaks.

My time of 10.39 rolled up, and away we went, following a wave of KTM twins over the moors to the start area of the forest lap. Here there was a catering van, portaloos and the fuel dump, but unfortunately for me, a blanket ban on smoking. I understood why, but my nicotine addiction didn’t.
On my minute there were two Honda XR650’s, so I let them go and settled down just behind their dust cloud for the sighting lap. The course seemed to be roughly reversed from last year, with a couple of additions. There was still the stretch of randomly spaced rocks to deal with, but this year I had mousses and a stronger front rim!

The special test consisted of a flat out blast, then a 90 degree right into the trees, through the waterhole (far shallower than last year) then out into some quicker, but sandier and bumpier tracks, before finishing off with a longer WFO run to the timing chicane. This committed to memory, there were more fire roads to bimble along, keeping a reasonable gap where possible to stop ingesting too much dust. I spied a place on the tarmac stretches to satisfy my cravings, and was able to enjoy the glorious scenery afforded by the strangely clement weather.

Back to the start for the second lap, quick brew and an investigation of the rattle that had developed from my rear end (loose mudguard) and away we go again. By now I had sussed out the riders around me, and thought I knew when to position myself at the start of the first timed lap. Unfortunately, the later numbers were mixed in with us (more of this later) adding an unknown to the mix. At the stage, a lady was telling the riders on their sighting lap to watch out for the ones who were now racing against the clock, which eased my mind somewhat. Three marshals set off before me, but the dust was allowed to clear before I was given the “go!”
Nearly overshot the right turn, bounced through the water as cleanly as possible, passed one rider in the lower of two ruts, then wound her up on the last stretch. Two riders up ahead, riding in line, definitely not at race speed. This could be messy. I leaned on the horn button, crossed my fingers, and aimed for the far right side of the track, praying they would stay where they were. They did, I managed to rein the thing back in and get through the end without destroying the chicane, so all’s well.
The first of the two riders didn’t look too happy with me though.
This lap I was sent off in a different direction to the first, and again I recognised some of the tracks from previous years, albeit in the opposite direction. At the last waterhole after the sandy stretch, I tried to be clever and ride up the bank, only to be thwarted by a wheel-sized ditch. Thankfully, No.27, Karl Wardle spotted my plight and came to my rescue, pulling my front wheel round as I kept the bike upright. This good turn was to be remembered!
Up to the start of the test again, and the field has spaced out now. A clear run, with only one other rider in the whole stage, and he left me room to pass easily. Competitive element satisfied I was enjoying my run out to the last checkpoint when something strange happened. My fuel light came on. Now I had put in approx 18 litres, giving me a good safety margin over the anticipated mileage. Perhaps I should recalibrate my fuel consumption, or maybe moderate my right wrist, but whichever solution was not going to get me back to the campsite on what was left!
One of the marshals sorted me out, though there is little more embarrassing than running out of fuel when you have one of the biggest tanks in the entry.
Back to the start, and we are being sent home in number order to keep the traffic manageable, so time for a quick brew. Following Karl, only a couple of miles from the campsite and he stutters to a halt, his 45 litre tank empty. Time to repay the earlier favour! I have a towrope in my rucksack, and we trundle along at a steady 20 mph for the last few minutes to camp. We passed a group of riders stood at the side of the road, but they waved us on.
Check the bike, quick wash and change, then dive into the excellent roast pork at the catering van, and the cans in the coolbox. Toby hoovered up around our tent, but then attempted to scavenge further afield, so if you were plagued by a black lab looking longingly at your food, please accept my apologies.
All the fresh air must have got to me, by 10.00 I was tucked up in my trailer asleep.

Rising bright and early to a much fresher morning on the Sunday, refreshed and raring to go. No aches from yesterday, but a stiff neck from having no mirrors on the road sections! Looking over to the start, there seemed to be far fewer riders than yesterday, and sure enough, there were at least 4 missing from around my time. What happened to them all?
9.39 and away we go, different forest, and different tracks. Again some familiar, but in reverse. Half an hour of fire roads and easy single track brings us to the first checkpoint, then ten minutes down the road is the start of the test.

Blast down to a chicane, to slow you down for the tight right hander, then a WFO stretch to another chicane and another tight right, followed by the longest “throttle to the stop” part where I daren’t look at the speedo. Short hop across the grass and into the trees. Tight slalom and trees, that hurts, then across a heavily rutted field, that hurts even more. Another section of trees, then a longer slalom run across more of the rutted field. That really shows up the limitations of my rear suspension, and boy does my backside know it! Glad to be out of it, I ride gently down the fire road to get some air through my helmet.
A lovely bit of woods follows, which was treacherous last year in the wet, but is a pleasure to ride today. Out onto some flowing fire roads, then into the cool tunnel like woods past a big campsite, where little kids wave at you to pull wheelies, while their parents wonder what is going on! A last bit of single track before onto tarmac and back to the start.
Denise has packed up the tent and came over to see me while I have a quick brew and a smoke. Cain walks carefully past with his bad back, and tells us why he and Michelle are not riding today, I hadn’t realised it was Michelle down the bank while I was towing Karl in.
Fortified, I go up to the start, to begin lap two. At the checkpoint there is enough time to put a couple of names to faces, before we set off for the start of the test. In the queue I was invited to go in front of a couple of riders, which was jolly decent of them. Ran wide at the first right, then even wider at the second. Did my best to stay loose and relaxed as I held the bike to the stop for longer than I ever have, then spotted Karl just ahead. Caught him just as we entered the trees, and took advantage of his wide line to nip through. Clattered across the first rutted section to catch Shep on his twin, then did my best to get round him unsuccessfully. Into the next set of trees we’re on converging lines, and he dabs his brakes to let me past, onto the tail of DG on his twin. At the next corner the final member of team Bravo Two Zero has lost it on a root, and DG stops to help, leaving me just enough room to get through and away. I got lucky with that run! Thanks guys.
Back to the start, another brew, another smoke, but notice a split in my front tyre. It’s about an inch long, thank goodness for mousses! I set off for the last lap about 15 minutes early, am waved through the checkpoint, and arrive at the test start all on my own. The dust from the last rider was just settling, and from the howl in the distance I wouldn’t need to worry about catching him up! A quick check of my front tyre before the off, and away we go. Get both right handers better this time, the straight seems a lot shorter, the woods longer, and the ruts sharper. I can see another bike gaining on me as we weave through the trees, but only hear him on my tail at the very last corner.
A breather is called for, then a gentle run back to the campsite, pack up and drive home.
A superb weekend!
Huge thanks to everyone involved in running the event.

Mark Gaskell
Motul Camp Hill NE-XC Round 6 August 10th 2014
Camphill Plantation near Bedale, North Yorkshire, played host to round 6 of the NEXC Championship Series, making it an event to remember due to the horrendous British weather of constant downpours and torrential rain.
With dull weather throughout the week, the North Riding Enduro Club Crew was praying for it to hold off for the weekend. Surprisingly the weather did hold off on the Saturday with shorts weather, allowing the club to mark the track in the glorious sunshine. Due to the recent Hurricane passing the South of England, parts of the aftermath hit early hours of Sunday continuing throughout the morning. Astonishingly the rain held off for the majority of the Youth Race, the first time in the 2014 series the Youths have had the easiest race conditions.
At 9am the youngsters were away, with defending champion Max Griffin taking the holeshot. First round to lap scoring was NREC rider James Gamble with Griffin sitting on his back wheel. Gamble and griffin battled for the whole 90 minutes and were never a bike length apart. Griffin had some bike issues with the electric start button broken meant he had to pit stop to remove the handguard and start wires, this gave Gamble a slight lead. Gamble was leading the field for the majority of the race however due to his clutch playing up he had to play it cool towards the end of the race to ensure he did not burn it out! It all came down to the last lap as to which youth would win, one slight mistake from Gamble meant griffin took advantage and took the overall win with Gamble very close in second. NREC rider Dom Richardson had an incredible ride and grabbed third. Jack Sadler kept it steady and took fourth while Alex Scott had an outstanding ride and took fifth place with his first ever trophy!
New member Jacob Wilson did everything right and rode at the front of the pack for the majority of the race. Richard Moorhouse chased down the leader - Jacob and gave him a run for his money, with the pair battling throughout the race. Wilson just had the upper edge and managed to get out for an extra lap taking the win on 6 laps with Moorhouse taking second on 5 laps. The ever improving Sam Boyd had an enjoyable ride in the tough conditions and grabbed himself third place. Ethan Polson gave it his all and finished in fourth.
In Youth Female class Leanne Field had a steady but enjoyable ride in the hard circumstances and took another victory ahead of Endurotek rider Natasha Dodds taking second, who unfortunately hurt her arm right at the finish, so we hope she has a speedy recovery.
After a few track alterations, the big boys and girls hit the track. It was just our luck that the heavens opened just before the start, with the riders huddled around for the riders briefing they were eager to get going. At 11.30 sharp the first line; Championship, Expert and Over 40 were away, followed by Clubman one minute behind.
With a slightly changed track format the riders were given a blast down the field and up a rubble track before coming back across the field and into the woodland.
The weather played a huge part in the event making the course very slippy and “ice” like and forming what you could say a mini river. The North Riding Enduro Club marshals monitored the course constantly, however the course held together pretty well despite the torrential downpours.
Declan Helliwell dominated the Championship class and took the overall victory one lap ahead on Gary Hutchinson who was in great form but could not match the speed of Declan. Dan Bewlay had a steady ride, getting to grips with the conditions took a credible third place.
The Expert class was by far the most competitive class of the day. With NREC rider Chris Raynor leading the field he was on form and all pumped up to take the win, however due to the conditions it was impossible to wear goggles which meant his eyes were red raw from all the dirty water and mud, making it difficult to see. He decided to hold back at the end waiting for the chequered flag, which gave the opposition Dan Field and Sam Ludgate to nip past and gain an extra lap. Dan Field fought his way through the pack and took the win on 9 laps, Sam Ludgate pushed hard matching Dan lap for lap finishing 6 seconds behind. A gutted Chris Raynor took third place.
Clubman E1 saw Ben Thompson pressing hard to tackle the slippy terrain and take the win ahead of Chris Tennant both on 8 laps. Nick Read settled into a comfortable place and took third on 7 laps.
Local lad Rhys Bradford dominated Clubman E2 class from start to finish, luckily for Rhys the conditions were prefect for his riding style. He gritted his teeth and fought his way through the pack, keeping it smooth and took the win with an incredible and unbeaten run, taking the clubman overall win too. Jake Croft made his mark and had an outstanding ride finishing second ahead of Glenn Broadhurst in third both on 8 laps.
Acklams Beta rider Joel Sadler had a terrific ride, using his trials techniques he picked his lines carefully to take the win in the Clubman E3 class, surprising himself due to the amount of mistakes made. George Stanley was determined to tackle the horrendous conditions and finished taking home second place 2 minutes ahead of Stuart Austin in third.
Ross Hall and Mark Raynor battled from the word go, showing the rest of the field that the Over 40’s still have what it takes. The conditions did not phase either rider, charging their way through the course, it was Ross who piped to the post first taking first place 45 seconds ahead of Mark Raynor. Anthony Tempest charged on and worked extremely hard to take third place.
At 12 noon the Sportsman and Over 50’s filtered into the course. Josh Bailey made his mark in the Sportsman E1 class and took a well-deserved win posting an extra lap to Rob Pickard in second. NREC rider Nathan Cooke was on form throughout the race holding third place from the second lap, he got into a comfortable style keeping it smooth, but little did he know Rob Little was charging on and passed him on the last lap to take third place, dropping Cookie to fourth.
Sportsman E2 was by far the biggest class of the day with 21 riders. John Steeples was like a chip off the old block with his performance ride taking the win one lap clear of David Bailey in second and Darren Almack in third.
John Kerwin took the win in Sportsman E3 class ahead of Eddie Meek in second and Jon Malone in third, all on 5 laps.
Despite being absolutely soaked Bret Haley dugged deep to take the win in the Over 50s class ahead of Andrew Maben in second and Gary Court in third.
The weather was horrendous and the conditions were tough, therefore a huge well done goes out to all the riders. As always a massive thank you to everyone involved, the event could not go ahead without you. Overall a good, technical days riding.

How Timecards Work
At signing on for each event you will be given a time card. Usually sealed in a plastic wallet it will have a space for your name, riding number and start time.
Firstly write down on the card your riding number and start time taken from the entry list. Then add the times you are due at each check by adding on the time allowance for each check (in your class) on to your start time as below.

The jpeg at the side of this text is a timecardcard at the end of the event with the ETA times, that the rider is aiming to achieve and the official times, ie the time he actually arrived.

(A) On time - zeroed the check.

(B) Five minutes late - penalty of 300 points (one point per second late)

(C) The rider has added 5 minutes on to his arrival time at check 3 (you do not need to actually change your card the organisers will take the 5 minute lateness into account when working out the results) so he has still taken the allotted 40 minutes to do check 3….no penalty.

(D)The rider is continuing to add his five minute lateness to his check 4 time, he has taken 40 minutes from check 3 to check 4 and has zeroed the check….no penalty.

Once you are late, you stay late.

If you arrive early you do not check in until your set time, you will be penalised for early arrival.

Don’t panic if you loose time, others will have too!
But be careful not to loose more than an hour or you will be deemed to have “houred out” and will be disqualified

Special test times in seconds are added to your course penalty points
The guy who has the least points in total wins!!
It really is that simple!

Motul Woodhouse Challenge
Lots of photo's from the event can be found here

Woodhouse Farm played host to the third visit of the year by North Riding Enduro Club hosting an out of NE-XC series event known as 'Woodhouse Challenge.' Woodhouse lived up to its reputation of being a technical and physically demanding course.

The North Riding Enduro Club had been hard at work several weeks before preparing the Woodhouse Challenge by re-grading the whole track using Steve Leaming Plant Hire machinery, not just scraping the surface but filling in all the ruts from the previous event and making it more accessible to pass. New hills were incorporated into the challenge which had not been used in any of the NE-XC events which proved challenging for the field of riders. Challenging obstacles had been added to the course which consisted of a triple log section and a line of continuing logs which led up to a tyre wall to ride over and then dropping through a water splash and then over some wagon tyres and another tyre wall. Further out on the course included rocky hill climbs and a rock step which caught a few riders out.

With glorious weather leading up to the event everyone hoped that we were going to have a dry and dusty event, but the Great British weather was against us. With torrential down pours Saturday night into Sunday morning altered the whole going of the course from the grippy, dusty going from previous events to slippery and greasy going, making it physically demanding for the riders. However the weather did very little to deter the keen riders.

The race format was split into a morning race with Sportsman and Over 50s, and an afternoon race with Expert, Clubman and Over 40s. There was an Iron Man class for those who wanted to ride both the morning and afternoon race which consisted of 4 and half hours which was a real test of endurance.

It was number 101 – Rob Pickard in Sportsman E1 whom won the holeshot prize – which was first person back to lap scoring, bagging himself some sponsored Motul Oil. Due the weather and track conditions the majority of the morning race field struggled to get going on the first hill causing a lot of traffic, which then spread the field out nicely as the group slowly dispersed up the hill. As the race got going some of the hills started to prove difficult for some riders, the NREC marshals monitored the course throughout the event and made some cracking decisions to reroute the course to keep a smooth, flowing race.

Sportsman E1 saw Will Westgarth push deep throughout the event to take a podium position in first, 4 minutes ahead of James Davy in second and Chris Gowland in third.

Mark Hutton Rudby had a terrific ride tackling the tough conditions to finish first one lap clear of Ian Shingler on 9 laps and David Barrett on 8 laps in third.

Glynn Ellis took the honours in the Clubman E3 class with a superb ride that saw him finish on 11 laps with an extra lap to Jon Malone in second who dug deep to defend second place from Gary Nicholson in third.

John Kerwin lead the Over 50s from start to finish and took the win ahead of Derek Mcbeth in second place.

After a short break and presentation, the North Riding Enduro Club team re-routed the course, adding extra sections such as the big, challenging logs in the start area and steeper hill climbs. As the second race kicked off it was number 200 – Eurotek Rider Jonathan Richardson who was first round the lap scoring, also bagging himself some of the Sponsored Motul Oil. Jonno who comes from a trials background and previously completing Erzbergrodeo 2014 dominated the afternoon race in a competitive group to finish 2 laps clear of Sam Ludgate who pushed deep holding off a strong challenge from Adam 'Biff' Smith in third, both on 16 laps.

Clubman E1 saw the ever improving Nathan Ball, newly moved to Clubman class take a well deserved win on his KTM 250 four stroke one lap ahead of Steven Anderson in second on 12 laps. NREC Rider Nathan Cooke, also newly moved to Clubman class had an outstanding ride and grabbed third place after battling with team mate Dan Lappin. Unfortunately for Dan, after hitting neutral on the red hill caused him to drop to fifth place, while team mate Ellie Cooke took fourth.

The closest battle in the afternoon race goes to Mike Pye and Chris Tennant. Mike knocked up a respectable fastest lap in Clubman E2 on 7 minutes 58 seconds, pipping to the post first claiming podium spot for first place 31 seconds ahead of Chris Tennant in second who pushed hard throughout but did not quite make it. Callum Rostron finished in a respectable third place.

Steve Tomlin dominated the Clubman E3 class finishing on 12 laps ahead of Eurotek rider Nick Sanderson in second place and Craig Thompson in third.

Anthony Tempest was out to do business knocking up 15 laps and taking a credible win in the Over 50s class. Andy Longden took second place on 13 laps ahead of Ross Hall in third also on 13 laps.

The iron man class saw 6 brave riders tackle both the morning and the afternoon race knocking up 4 and half hours riding. This was going to be a battle of the fittest rather than the fastest which was a real test of endurance. Both father and son – Mark and Chris Raynor were battling throughout the day and it was going to a tough call who was going to beat who. Mark was initially leading for the majority of the morning race but it was Chris who managed to pull a bigger lead in the afternoon race finishing 3 seconds ahead of his dad, Mark! Kyle Deswert also had a terrific ride and grabbed third, outstanding achievement. Jim Laidler finished fourth, Lindsay Ray finished fifth and L Pole finished sixth. Hats off the these lads for an incredible ride.

Over 40's rider Anthony Crowe had a slight incident in which the club pass on their best regards and speedy recovery. The paramedics made the call for an air ambulance to swiftly transport Anthony to hospital, resulting in the afternoon race being cut slightly short.

Woodhouse lived up to the reputation of being an awesome place to ride. The club provided a challenging and spectacular day – a great achievement to all that finished and took part. NREC would like to thank everyone involved in this weekend’s event.

The next NE-XC event – round 6 is held at Camphill Plantation, north of Ripon. For more details please vist:

Jarvis dominates the return of Hare Scramble at Low North Camp
Jarvis dominates the return of Hare Scramble at Low North Camp
Round 5 of the NEXC saw a return to the famous Low North Park venue, well known as one of the best venue's in the North just outside of Scarborough, North Yorkshire. The event was the first organised by AG Enduro Sport and drew and experienced crew from both Ryedale MC and Dirt Bike Action.
At 9am sharp Big fella Ian Griffin flagged away the Youth class and it was young Toby Flackstar who grabbed the hole shot, Toby was over the moon and bagged a £20 award from race organiser Al Griffin. However it was Max Griffin on his new KTM who was first through lap scoring, he went on to dominate the youth race being the only one to complete 9 laps. Jack Sadler was second on 8 laps and Dominic Richardson came in 3rd only around 20 seconds behind. It was Leanne Field who took the Girls category totalling 5 laps.
After the youth race was over Daddy Flack and crew set about their slick work in making the changes needed to the course which included the all new gully section. It was then the turn of the adults, and it was great to see a good showing of top riders with Graham Jarvis, ex trials star Jono Richardson and local lad Rob Johnson all deciding to tackle the event. At 11.30 the Championship class were flagged away and it was World’s best Extreme rider Graham Jarvis who grabbed the hole shot. First through lap scoring to everyone’s surprise was cumbrias own Richard Ellwood it was a good effort from him to hold off Grimbo for a lap. On lap 2 things were back to normal as Jarvis took the lead followed by Richardson and Johnson, Rob was riding quick and aggressive but as the race wore on even he could not touch Graham. So at the end of the 2.5 hours things read Jarvis, Richardson closely followed by Johnson, Lee Sampson followed home in 4th. It was great to hear Jarvis at the end state that he really enjoyed the event.
In the Experts class it was Dan Field who muscled round his big 450 Honda to take the win, this was a great ride from Dan who finished a full lap ahead of local Scarborough lad George England in second, George benefiting from hours of track walking prior to the event! 3rd place went to Sam Ludgate on his Beta.
Competition was yet again high in the vets and after a couple of disappointing rides Dave Salkeld meant business setting times which would have seen him come very close to winning the experts. Anthony Tempest took his Honda into 2nd place and the ever consistent John Bradford followed home a mere 2 minutes behind in 3rd. Howard Blundell rounded out the top 4 but admitted there was no way he was going to catch the trio of Salkeld, Temp and the Bullet in front.
Clubman E1 honours went to Euroteks James “Jacko” Jackson, Chris Tennant took the E2 and Stuart Austin the E3. It was a real shame for the Big Rickstar in the Clubman who after rationing himself to only 3 beers the night before crashed heavily and had to seek medical attention. We hope Big Rick is fit and raring to go again soon.
In the Sportsman class it was good to see some new faces attending a North of England round. In the E1 the ever improving Nathan Ball took the win. Best lady went to Ride off Roads Jade Gordon a good effort from her completing 14 laps. Mark Barrow to the E2 and Ride off Road regular Shane Marriot took the E3, Shane later said it was great to come back to the epic Low North Park venue.
In the Over 50’s John Kerwin started things as he meant to go on taking the hole shot and going on to take the win. Local rider Andy Featherstone had his moment of glory by leading the class for half a lap but then in true Feathers style had a big off. Gary Court was 2nd and Trevor Newton 3rd. A special mention should go to Stu Lockwood for completing 13 laps on his trials bike!!
Results are now online complete with full lap times and can be found here - Sorry for the delay with these. Trophies will be given to you at the next event or posted out.
Thanks to Robbo Robinson for this videoclick here
A big thanks to everyone who made running my first event possible, team griffin, dunc, daddy flack, jfk, paul from Autosmart and all other helpers and marshals much appreciated. Also big thanks to SDMC for the giving us use of the awesome venue. Hopefully AG Enduro Sport will be bringing more high quality events to you in the near future.
I now look forward to getting some riding in myself starting with the sprint this weekend.
Al Griffin – AG Enduro Sport

Motul Thorp NE-XC 25th May
Yet again The North Riding Enduro Club set high standards for a challenging hare and hounds in the North of England at round four of the NEXC Championship held at Thorp Perrow, Bedale.

The track contained a variety of different sections such as the fast field edges, tight flowing woodland and the “extreme” section consisting off tractor tyres and logs, all on what you could say Sir John Ropners front garden. The Great British weather was not on our side, with torrential downpours the week leading up to the race meant conditions were going to be tough and slippy also creating deep ruts. Thankfully the weather held off during the race but the heavens soon opened up as the last man crossed the line, leaving the de-markers to clear up in the downpour.

The event kicked off at 9am sharp with the Youth riders rearing to go and tackle the slippy and demanding, slightly shortened course. It was Max Griffin who got off to a promising start, coming from an MX background he used his speed and determination to grab the holeshot leading the pack around the fast field blast. With the challenging conditions ahead Scott Russell took the lead for several laps until Griffin soon found his feet and went on to take the win on 7 laps. Scott managed to keep hold of second place closely followed by NREC team rider Dom Richardson who was as flowing as ever in the mud.

The ladies class consisted of two young girls who were not phased by the conditions. Leanne Field battled her way through the slippy terrain to take home first place. EnduroTek rider Natasha Dodds had an astounding ride and took second place even after falling into the stream!

All junior riders showed us they have got what it takes to compete in hare and hounds with James Rial taking a well deserved win on his 65 followed by Max Lofthouse in second. The ever improving Sam “FMTS” Boyd took a credible third place on his KTM 65.
A massive well done is in order to all you Youth, Ladies and Junior riders!

North Riding Enduro Club, who are a non-profit making club had decided that any profit made would be put to good use. It was decided that £2000 would be donated to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance with Helen there to receive a check from NREC rider Ellie Cooke, which was presented at the riders briefing.

After a few track alterations it was time for the big boys and girls to hit the track. It was Adam “Biff” Smith who had a charging start taking the holehost for Championship and Expert line. Biff was leading for the first part of the race until disaster struck and his engine blew up allowing first time daddy to be Luke Lusher to take the lead and go on to take the overall win on his Sherco. Vince Harker showed everyone what he is worth of by keep is consistent and grabbing second place closely followed by George Walton in third.

The Expert winner Rob Dawson displayed some smooth and quality riding on his new Factory Sherco 300 keeping it consistent also taking home the Phil Corner Memorial Trophy, which is presented at Thorp each year to the Expert winner in memory of Phil. Damian Butler sat in second place for the majority of the race having a comfortable ride in preparation to a trip out to Erzberg this week. Local Bedale lad, Michael “Spike” Gilby had a fantastic ride after not racing for 8 months he proved everyone he still has the natural talent, speed and determination behind him setting the fastest lap of the day (11 minutes 49) Riding his new Honda 250 four stroke he dominated the course leading the Expert class for the majority of the race, however after a slight mistake and stalling the bike meant he missed out on the win and took home a credible third place.

Clubman E1 saw young Ben Clemit manhandled his bike with a seven and half minute lead taking the win followed by Andy Polson on his new Husaberg 125 take second place. Andrew Bywater grabbed third place.

The batttle for the holeshot for the Clubman E2 and E3 line saw Eurotek rider Nick Sanderson and Acklams Beta rider Joel Sadler fight for the lead. It was Sadler who pipped to the post first leading for the first field blast.
Rhys Bradford knocked up a respectable fastest lap time in the Clubman E2 class of 14 minutes, with a very impressive ride from the Bradford Junior he went from last of the start line to take the win of the E2 class one lap clear of second place, even after having to re-fit his gear leaver mid race. Paul Raine knocked up second place after closely battling with Glenn Broadhurst he pipped to the post first with a different of 0.08 seconds.

The ever improving Acklams Beta ride Joel Sadler took a well deserved win in the Clubman E3 class, just under 8 minutes clear of Ryan Martin in second and Craig Thompson in third.

With a large entry in the Over 40s class of 16 riders showed everyone they still had what it takes. With the competition high, John “Bullet” Bradford was out to do business, from the word go he was a man on a mission knocking up 13 laps and finishing 4 minutes 45 seconds clear of Anthony Tempest on his Honda who managed to get into first place on the last lap before running out of fuel 300yards from the finish knocking him to second place. Kyle Deswert followed in third place.

At 12 noon the Sportsman and Over 50's filtered into the course for two and a half hours duration. Clerk of the Course Andy Cooke was getting ready to set the Sportsman E1 line off when a bike two lines behind fired up trying to sneak in an extra warm up. Having to stop their engine again one rider then tried to jump the start before the Sportsman E1 line was away. Nathan Ball was on form as the muddy conditions did not phase him on his KTM 250 four stroke, after battling with Rob Pickard for the majority of the race Ball went on to take the win ahead of Pickard and Danny Culkin in third, who was crashed into a tree and had to pick his way through the riders again.

The biggest class of the day was Sportsman E2 with 27 riders. Mark Barrow did not fail to perform, leading strong from the start and finishing one lap ahead of Anthony Pomroy in second and Darren Almack trailing closely behind in third.

Matthew Mills and Gary Nicholson battled for the two and a half hour duration but it was Mills who pipped to the post first taking the win 7 seconds ahead of Gary. Eddie Meek had an enjoyable ride in the tough conditions finishing 1 minute 11 seconds behind Matthew.

Mark Houson put in a great performance in the Over 50s class navigating his way through some tough rutty conditions to take the win ahead one lap clear of John Lofthouse in second and Rick Rial in third.

Apart from the miserable British Weather it was a good day all in all. North Riding Enduro Club would like to thank everyone involved once again, the event would not be able to go ahead with out any of your hard work.

The next round of the NEXC Championship is held at Low North Park, Scarborough. For more details please visit:
The Langdale Massacre 11th May 2014
Ryedale Mcc hosted round 2 of the North of England Enduro Championship at Langdale Forest, North Yorks. Over a weeks’ worth of torrential rain meant a hard day for all riders and it was clear from the start the going was going to be tough.
The first check was by far the longest of the day and even at over 50 minutes for all riders this still proved tight for some with some parts of the course getting increasingly boggy and rutted. The slick Ryedale team therefore had to make a few alterations for the course to become passable for everyone!
The Championship class were leagues ahead of everyone else and it was Midwest Boy Lee Sealey on his 125 husky who set the early pace on the opening test just two seconds in front of the Looshman on his MRS Sherco. Big Joe Chambers was a further 30 secs back on his Beta. As the day unfolded it was the Loosham (Luke Lusher) who began to pull away keeping it smooth and staying away from any drama on the test. Big Joe also upped his game to finish the day in second around 30 seconds in front of Sealey.

The Expert class was the class which would claimed the most victims with only 4 out of the 20 riders finishing. It was Dan Field on his Dads old RM 250 who came out on top setting a blistering pace in the tests managing to pull his one minute penalty back on Rob Dawson. Rob was riding well and his fitness showed towards the end of the day as he finished in second on his new factory Sherco being the only expert to clear the tight times. It was local lad Darren Cousins aka Dancer who took the final podium spot on his 125 berg, it was a great ride from dancer and his trials skills really showed in what he described afterwards as an extreme Enduro, he should be well pleased with 3rd. Dave Nellis rounded out the top 4 on his Katoom.
The Vets class is one of the most competitive and it was Manxman Russell Millward who took the win over the experienced Mick Alty in second. This was a great result for Mick and he was pleased to beat mates Mike Turner and Karl Greenall who placed 3rd and 4th. Howard Blundell pinched his lads 350 for Langdale and this showed to be a good move as he rounded out the top 5.
Liam Ward took the win in the Clubman class from Junior Bradford in second, an impressive ride from the ever improving Rhys on his dads 250 KTM. Ryan Martin rounded out the top 3. A mention should also go to young Nathan Ball who would have finished 4th Overall had he not clocked in 4 mins early at the out check, a lesson learnt!
Mark Houson smoked the Over 50’s class by a huge margin over Charles Bregazzi in second and Andrew Maben in 3rd. Sportsman honours went to Alistair Mccraith and Phil Fallows was the only rider to master the the vinduro class.
A big well done to the 65 determined riders that finished. We hope to see everyone back in September which will feature some new going!!
Thanks to all helpers and marshals, especially Duncan for his hard work on the test, it was a shame the weather made this hard going for some. Also cheers to big rick for lugging all the logs about with his doggy hand!!

4th May 2014 Motul Woodhouse NE-XC Round 3.
The third round of the NE-XC Championship was held at Woodhouse Farm, Great Ayton. As usual the North Riding Enduro Club team had been hard at work several weeks before the event to redesign a new course, making significant alterations. The whole course was graded with strategic steps and drop offs which made the course a lot more flowing. The track was the best it has been yet with sweeping corners, steep descents and rocky hill climbs and not to forgot the “famous” red hill, with two added steps to the top.

With glorious weather on the Saturday the weather took a turn for the worst over night, with heavy rain showers which continued into the morning which caused the course to be very greasy when the youth race kicked off at 9am. North Riding Enduro Club team rider James Gamble took the holeshot for the youth race with Max Griffin right on his back wheel. After the first lap it was Max Griffin who was first back to lap scoring with NREC rider Dom Richardson and James Gamble closely behind. Griffin went on to take the win after the 1 and a half hour duration. With Dom Richardson's first race back after breaking his arm he was on form, battling with fellow team mate James Gamble. A slight mistake by Dom allowed James to take the opportunity to pass and go on to finish in second place with Dom in third. Fourth place went to Scott Russell followed by the ever improving Yambits rider John Newboult. Leanne Field brought home the win in the ladies class, who had an enjoyable ride once learning to conquer to slippy terrain.

Just before the kick off for the adults race there was a slight malfunction with the timing gear. However the race still went ahead as The North Riding Enduro Club had to score laps the old fashioned way, with pen and paper!! Parts of the course still remained tricky for the first few laps but soon dried out and provided plenty of grip ready for the Championship and Expert to be first away and all out to do business. All the championship riders were on top form, flying around the track with no hesitations. It was Lee Sampson who took the overall win on 25 laps with Zac Sherwin 4 mintues behind. Third place went to NREC rider David Nellis. With the competition high in the Expert class it was Lewis Peart who set the standards taking the win ahead of NREC rider Chris Raynor who was on form charging after Peart. Tom Rennison took a credible third place after battling with George England for the majority of the race.

As the flag dropped it was NREC rider Ellie Cooke who had a flying start taking the holeshot for the Clubman E1 and Over 40's line, leading the pack through the first quarter of the track. Jonathan Taylor soon found his feet and took the overall win in Clubman E1 by a significant margin, which would of actually made him win Expert class. Ben Clemit took second place with Steven Anderson finishing in third place.
A special mention goes to “Bog Snorkler” James Lawson who decided to move up to clubman class to ride the 3 hour duration, however on the second lap, disaster struck when Lawson and another rider both battled for the same line, pushing James into the only wet hole on the track, which was knee deep. He spent half an hour trying to get his bike out which resulted him riding the 2.5 hour duration, same as sportsman!!

Clubman E2 class was once again topped by Mike Pye 1 lap clear of Ben Rennison in second. Sam Maguire finished third on 21 laps.

A small group consisted of quality competition in the Clubman E3 class. Throughout the 3 hour duration it was close between the top three riders. Carl managed to take the lead gaining a respectable 1 minute gap to take the win ahead of Stephen Tomlin who was very consistent throughout with Ian Hayworth finishing in third only 27 seconds behind second place. All three riders finished on 20 laps.

Yet again it was Dave Salkeld who used his years of riding experience to pipe to the post the take the win in the Over 40's class just under 5 minutes clear of Howard Blundell also on 22 laps. NREC rider Mark Raynor took third place on 21 laps.

At 12 noon the Sportsman and Over 50's filtered into the course. Tom Rial pipped to the post first and took the holeshot for the Sportsman E1 line. A head-to-head battle developed between Rob Pickard and Nathan Ball, however it was Pickard who cruised through the woods picking good lines despite some congestion in parts of the track. Pickard pulled the lead and took the win just short of 3 minutes clear of Nathan Ball in second. The ever improving Eurotek rider James Jackson took third place.

Sportsman E2 was by far the biggest class of the day. It was Alex Davidson rode hard to take the win against some tough competition only by a 2 minute lead ahead of Jonathan Ward in second both on 17 laps. Jonny Lister grabbed third on 15 laps.

The Sportsman E3 class was won by Jim laidler 8 minutes clear of Gary Nicholson in second and James Senior in third.

Gary Court took a credible win in the Over 50's class with William Beaty closely following in second place, extended his championship points lead. Rick Rial took third place. A special mention goes to Cameron Crowther in the Over 50's class who finished in 5th place and is due to start a course of chemotherapy next week, absolutely incredible to ride and finish, true determination! We wish him all the best.

North Riding Enduro Club would like to thank everyone involved in this weekends event, it would not be able to go ahead without your help!

Round four is held at Thorp Perrow Estate, in Bedale, North Yorkshire in 3 weeks time on 25th May. For more information please go to;

Photos: Ch-images

13th April Masham NE-XC round 2
Masham NE-XC report

The second round of the NEXC Championship was held at Nutwith Wood, Masham hosted by The North Riding Enduro Club team. Motul Masham lived up to its reputation of been a technical Hare and Hound but enjoyable for all riders. The venue consisted of steep hill climbs, flowing woodland and a mixture of challenging descents. As ever the famous hill climb gave a challenge to all riders who attempted it, with the option of “chicken run” as an easier option. The North Riding Enduro Club worked hard to redesign the course from last year to create a new course, opening up new areas of the woodland. The Great British weather was on our side, with chilly winds in the morning but stayed dry all day with the sun coming out in the early afternoon.

Andy Cooke, Clerk of the Course kicked the event off at 9am sharp, setting the eager and committed Youth off. It was Nathan McCallum who was first off the line however Jack Sadler took the holeshot leading the pack. Max Griffin set a high standard at Round 1 of NEXC Championship and after his bike failing to start on the line he was eager to chase the rest of the youth riders. Griffin managed to pass the whole field on the first lap and was first round to lap scoring and went onto take the win with a 5 minute lead. NREC rider James Gamble kept his cool when battling with Jack Sadler throughout the whole race, it wasn't until Sadler made a mistake at lap scoring giving Gamble the opportunity to nip pass allowing him to take second place keeping it smooth to hold it till the end. Sadler battled as hard as he could to gain second place back but didn't quite make it finishing 15 seconds behind in third place. Trying to pick up the pieces if a mistake was made by Sadler was John Newboult, who is ever improving finished 4th just short of a minute behind third place, all four boys finishing on 7 laps. Declan Sewed finished one lap down in 5th place. A special mention goes to Christian Bailey who had a few bike issues but battled his way through the race to complete 4 laps only in his second event. A big well done to all the kids.

After a few track alterations with the bigger and more challenging hills added it was time for the Champ, Expert and Clubman riders to hit the track. Yet again all eyes were on Graham Jarvis with the spectators expecting him to take the holeshot. However he had a trick up his sleeve which surprised most spectators, as he allowed the field to go and chase the other riders. This allowed Damian Butler to take the holeshot from the Championship and Expert line. In training for the Tough One Jarvis kept it smooth taking the win in the Championship class.

The Expert class saw two very experienced riders Lee Sampson and Damian Butler battling for the win. Butler was leading the race until he got a puncture and with a very spectacular pit stop he was back on form, however it was Sampson who took the win showing his trial skills in a technical event. Damian took second place just under 2 minutes behind first. Dan Field had an enjoyable ride taking third place on 11 laps.

Ben Thomson was on form in the Clubman E1 class as he won by a 2 laps and seemed to really enjoy the event finishing on 11 laps. Second place went to Andrew Bywater followed by James Teale in third place, both on 9 laps.

Yet again the competition in Clubman E2 class was between Mike Pye and Michael Kay. With the race rivalry growing the boys battled out throughout the 3 hour duration. It was Mikey Pye who took the win with only 1 minute 20 second lead ahead of Michael Kay in second, both finishing on 11 laps. Liam Ward took third place on 10 laps.

Clubman E3 class saw Craig Thompson take a credible win ahead of Tom Renninson in second place after tackling the hill climbs and keeping it smooth. Acklams rider Joel Sadler newly converted from trials to enduro took a credible third place on his Beta 300, using his trial techniques to tackle the technical hill climbs, while using this event as practice for the Tough One Easter weekend.

The Over 40's saw Dave Salkeld take a solid win with his years of experience and technique riding to tackle the course, with an 8 minute lead. Kyle Deswert took second place ahead of Anthony Tempest in third place, all on 11 laps.

At 12 noon the Sportsman and Over 50's filtered into the course for 2.5 hour duration. Nieve Holmes was first off the line and led the pack up the first fast straight taking the holeshot. Sportsman E1 has to be the closest race of the day with Nathan Ball and Nieve Holmes battling from the word go. It was Nieve who was leading the majority of the race on her Honda CRF 150, however after one mistake at the very end on the last lap, Nathan nipped past and took the win 3 seconds ahead of Nieve. William Hoare had an enjoyable ride taking third place.

With the biggest class of the day, Sportsman E2 was topped by Mark Barrow who had an incredible ride, picking his line carefully to keep it smooth took the win with a 9 minute lead ahead of Jonathan Ward in second. Alex Davidson was delighted with his third place on 8 laps.

Sportsman E3 was won by Gary Nicholson who was on top form throughout the day had a 2 and half minute advantage over runner up Rob Carr also finishing on 8 laps. Brett Daughtry took third place on 7 laps.

Finally William Beaty found his feet as the race progressed in the Over 50's class took the win with just under 2 minute lead. Paul Mckie had a credible ride taking second place with Tevor Newton only 18 seconds behind taking third place.

All in all it has been a great weekend of action enjoyed by both the NREC team, riders and spectators. North Riding Enduro Club would like to thank everyone involved with this event.

Round three is held at Woodhouse Farm, Great Ayton on 4th May. More information can be found at

Report: Ellie Cooke
Photos: Ch Images

My Life, Dirt Bikes and The Ryedale Rally,.. by Debbie Bonser
The Ryedale Rally has a special place in my heart, the reason for which will become apparent later on....

Fast approaching my 41st birthday, my friends think I’m completely bonkers spending my leisure time out on a dirt bike - isn’t it supposed to be a sport for fit young men and boys? I can say hand on heart that no other mothers wait at our school gates for their child to come out kitted out like a “Power Ranger”!!!! James (our son) takes it all in his stride, but the other kids are a little unsure what to think of it all.......

Where did this love affair with dirt bikes start?? With two older brothers, both obsessed with bikes, I grew up with the regularity of a bike in bits in the middle of the kitchen floor, one brother was a speed freak, and the other just wanted to know how it all worked - he later became a mechanic, and a very good and sensible road rider. I can remember my first “long distance” pillion ride at the age of 5 to Manchester airport - I think from then on I was hooked...

Over the years, the words “Don’t you ever let me catch you on a motorbike” were commonplace from Dad - he thought they were too dangerous - they can be, but a heck of alot of fun in the right place though Dad!!!!

In 1992 I married Richard, a keen motorcyclist, and shortly after we married, I decided that I was grown up enough to take the responsibility of riding a motorbike - sorry Dad!

With the assistance of Keith Boyling in Burnley, I passed first time, and became the proud owner of a GPZ500S - then children happened..... All biking was suspended for me for a few years - I’d had too many near misses on the road “Sorry mate I didn’t see you” just wasn’t good enough, especially with the responsibilities of Motherhood....

My Brother Roger (the mechanic) bought my GPZ off me, and I turned to rearing children - at that stage I thought - That’s it, I’ve had my fling with motorbikes now.......

Until.......... Richard came home and said - I’ve been to the Motorcycle Centre in Stockport, and I’ve bought a dirt bike - I’ll go out on Sunday mornings trail riding with the TRF. Ok Love, I’ll have the dinner ready for you when you get back!!!!

Next thing, I was stood on a mountain side in the middle of Shropshire, waiting for a glimpse of him doing his first event - The Long Mynd - I have to say it’s not nearly as much fun “Watching”, as it is “Doing”. He kept saying to me, you should have a go, it’s really good fun, and you don’t have to go fast to get a buzz from it. Then, he turned up with a bike for me to have a go on - I was hooked.....

I cut my teeth on the Strata Florida loop from Llandovery, and riding round the Peak District - if you can do that - you can ride anywhere, Richard assured me..... We were off......

My first rally was the one and only Northumbrian. Brian Eland had arranged the most perfect weather conditions - horizontal rain, and I was chucked in at the deep end. As for other ladies, well Patsy Quick was there, it was her first rally following her big crash in the Dakar, and I think there may have been one or two other girls taking part, but not many.
I was riding a Honda XL 250 degree, which weighed a ton, and felt a bit like a tank to ride - I truly believed that I needed something a bit lighter and more modern - like a mountain bike with an engine in it - so came the Beta Alp 200 - great fun, and it saw me through a few rallies, and a trip round Burgundy in France, after a while, the CRF 230 was introduced to the market, and I swapped the Beta for one of those - brilliant!!! It was on this bike that I really felt like I was competing, and not just taking part in the events - (I’d had a fling with a WR250, which I prefer to forget about).

Everything seemed to click into place for me when I got the CRF - I joined the witchbikes forum set up by Marianne Walford, and got chatting to other ladies involved in dirt biking. Quite a few of us met up for a weekend to do some practice in the Hafren Forest, just before the Patrick James Memorial Rally - it was the first time I had spent time with other girls riding, and it was great. I met Liz Millett, Karen Weaver, Maria, Harriet, Anita, and of course Marianne. Shortly afterwards, I met up with Clare Gwinnett, who, I’d only ever seen from behind when she’d whizz past me, so it was nice to meet her face to face. Clare and I seem to be regularly doing the same rallies, and more recently we have been out trail riding in our area together, and have even done the “Doing the Rounds” for TBM.

My first Ryedale Rally was in 2004, on the Beta, and I was delighted to finish - it was the first ever rally that I had completed - blummin hard - I have the mug (with handle) to show for it - what a result, and the next year on my CRF, I completed it again - getting more and more confident, and being able to deal with the more complex terrain gave me such a buzz. I was so looking forward to the 2006 event, which would be a 2 day’er. I’d found a terrific looking B & B right near to the start, and got us booked in. I spent months looking forward to the event, and had taken part in some of the Welsh rallies, and done OK in those too. Tragically though, a few days before the rally, my Brother Roger was taken ill, and passed away on the 10th June - the saturday of the 2 day event, so we missed it .... for whatever reason, I didn’t get back on my dirtbike for 6 months !

The regs came out for the 2007 Ryedale Rally, and, thanks to the nesting Goshawks, the rally was moved to July - I was determined to get back into gear, and get some practice in, and on a personal level, complete the rally for Roger.

Richard and I sat down and planned our “Dirtbiking Year” - First thing we need to do is get you a proper bike!!!! Here we go again, I thought - KTM have brought out the new 250 - it’s ideal for you, he said. Despite my protestations, I waved goodbye to the CRF, and Julian at Triple D prepped my new “lowered” 250 EXCF - a monster had joined the family.

Flippin eck’ it was like learning to ride a bike again - what a challenge.... After a couple of trail rides round the Peak District, I had a go at a Steve Ireland WOR Race Experience Day, James took his KX65, and whilst the boys went round together, I wrestled with the beast - I hated it, nothing seemed to work at the right time, and I was knackered just trying to control the power - doubt was setting in..... I had to get to grips with it soon, I had the Tarennig Rally to do the week after. What a disaster that turned out to be - I’d completed it the year before on the CRF - tough course, but I’d struggled through, and finished. This time, I just couldn’t get the bike to do what it needed to do, I had a couple of nasty offs, and my nerve went completely at the top of a quarry drop off, and that was it - my dirtbiking days were over. I rode back to the van compiling my ebay ad - one careful lady owner and all that....... put the kettle on and told Richard to go and do the second lap on his own, whilst I had a breakdown with my cuppa. I looked around me, and I wasn’t alone - a few dejected faces looked back at me with the same defeated expression. For some reason, I didn’t take my kit off, and when Richard returned from his second lap, he persuaded me to ride the last lap - at my own pace - just treat it like a trail ride - had I not done that, I don’t think you would have seen me on a bike at the Ryedale.

With the new bike, I was gifted a free day’s training with Ady Smith - so in May, off I went down to Stafford for the day. Poor Ady - what will he make of me??? To my delight, I found Liz Millett at the gates to Ady’s field - she had bought a 250 2 stroke to do her Romanics Enduro on - one of only 4 women to take part I think - very brave lady!! The day went well, and I did listen, and I did learn, and I actually think it made a huge difference to my understanding and respect for the bike.

After a few more trail rides round the Peak District, with fellow lady riders, Clare and Julie Horne, including the Doing the Rounds with Jenny Morgan, Richard and I went off to France - he took part in the Trefle Lozere Enduro, and the week after, we both went trail riding in the Pyrenees with Sport Adventure - now if that didn’t get me ready for the Ryedale Rally, then nothing would - next stop Cropton Forest!!!

On our way up to Pickering, I managed to get through to Radio 2 and speak to Stuart Maconie, we wanted to thank the organisers in advance for the Rally, and also to wish all the riders good luck, especially the girls. Did you hear it?

Sue and Ben at Cropton Forest Lodge welcomed us with open arms - and looked after us throughout our stay for the rally - Ben even took our fuel cans up to the start for us, so we could ride our bikes to the start !!

Weather was perfect, field was a bit boggy, but spirits seemed high all around us. The first day’s riding was excellent - all new terrain for me, and for the first time, I actually felt like the bike was working with me.

One of the funniest moments has to be when Brian Eland walked over to me after he had completed the first loop of puddles - he looked like the monster from the black lagoon, and warned me that the puddles were deep - really!!

I remember beaming at Sue at the end of the first day with delight - I had thoroughly enjoyed it, and the little treat at the end, which turned out to be a sneak preview of what was to come the following day. Whoever put that last long, slipply, nasty, rutted, crappy horrible lane in wants shooting by the way!!!!

After a real treat at the lodge, we even got to jet wash our bikes, and launder our kit, it was on to Day 2 - what superb riding - Richard said he thought it was the best riding he had ever done, and it was certainly the best for me - a really good mix of tricky stuff and long flowing lanes with some of the most spectacular scenery, although I have to say, my favorite was the long uphill leafy lane, with two very nice Marshall’s at the top of it, one of which offered me a swig of Carling Black Label - or was I hallucinating at that point????

It was all over so quickly - my utmost admiration goes to the guys on the big bikes - how on earth they did that course I’ll never know.

The Ryedale Rally has restored my faith in dirtbiking - long may it continue.......


The Dirtbike Action crew put together a great opening round of the North of England enduro championship using the awesome Duncombe park estate Helmsley. A compact 24 km loop that contained 2 special tests per lap and some great going using 2 of the 5 valley’s available the rest are saved for the May BEC

The start lay out was very spectator friendly, parking was on well drained dry ground and with the mild spring weather lots of riders took the opportunity to camp. The short extreme test was next to the start area which kept the spectators and pit crew entertained through the day.
The first riders in the championship class left the start area at 10 am with Tom Sagar and Brad Freeman in the first group along with local riders Acklams Beta mounted Joe Chambers and Luke Flack with the championship rider completing 4 laps and eight tests. by the end of the day Tom had a 35 second winning margin over Brad Freeman who had a big off in the last test of the day, Eurotek’s Paul Bolton took a break from extreme duties to put in a good performance to finish 3rd .

In the expert class after 6 special tests Ryan Burton took top spot from James Wren withTGOR’S Danny Field 3rd, all-star griffin was on a charge in the expert class with only 2km to the finish the chain jammed itself around the front sprocket and his day was over.
Dirtbike action rider Rhys Bradford surprised everyone, having just moved up from the sportsman class he won the clubman E2 and best overall clubman. In the clubman class there were 2 notable performance by lady riders Liz Childerley and Ellie Cooke both dug deep to complete the 3 laps. Joel and Danny Saddler from the Acklams Beta team finished 2nd and 3rd respectively in the clubman e3 class.

The 040 class was won by Russell millward with a performance that would have won the expert class, after a winter of hard training with international enduro guru and extreme coach Neil Crayston Karl Greenall’s hard work has paid off finishing second in the 040 with Paul sagar 3rd

Neil Boyd won the British classic enduro at Helmsley 24 hours earlier on a twin shock husky added to his weekend of glory by winning the 050 class on board his gasser 300

With only a few retirement and the bulk of the entry clean on time the Helmsley enduro was a brilliant start to 2014 series.
on May3rd and 4th Dirtbike Action return to Helmsley for the 2nd round of the British enduro championship where the course uses the full Duncombe park estate and enters all the southern valleys with their long flowing trails giving a lap of 45km.

Motul Woodhouse NE-XC Round 1 2014
A video from the event is now ready and can be found HERE

Picture on right is N.R.E.C. Team Manager Peter Weatheral & Graham Jarvis

Results are now on the calender page. Check out how many laps Graham completed.

The first round of the NE-XC Championship got off to a cracking start at Woodhouse Farm, Great Ayton on Sunday 30th March. The North Riding Enduro Club Team had been working hard several weeks before, to design and set out a new course making significant alterations to last year’s course. It was full of plenty of challenges with a greasy hill climb straight from the start into sweeping corners and up a rocky hill climb, and then dropped straight down a steep hill working its way round to a technical rocky, muddy hill climb, which proved quite difficult for some riders. It then swept round to a nice loamy hill climb which had a dry stone wall at the top also catching a few riders out, then flowing round to the motocross section on top and working its way down hill back to the start. The conditions were tough to say the least as it was a technical track with the British spring sunny weather on our side, making it tough on the rider’s bodies.

Kicking off the start to the championship was the Youth race at 9 am sharp for 1.5 hours, with a shortened lap to the adults. It was a battle for the hole shot between NREC rider James Gamble and Max Griffin, but Griffin managed to sneak past leading the pack up the first greasy hill climb. Previously just come from MX National level Max Griffin dominated the youth race, taking an astounding win on 17 laps with a fastest lap time of 4 minutes 59 seconds. NREC rider James Gamble battled on with Yambits rider John Newboult for several laps, before one mistake by John let Gamble nip past, gaining a lead taking second place on 16 laps. Jack Sadler took a credible 3rd place after dislocating and breaking his finger on the second lap, in pain but the adrenaline running he carried on to take 3rd place, ahead of the ever improving John Newboult who was on form on his Yamaha 85 taking his first trophy in 4th place. 5Th place went to Declan Sewed on 11 laps. Leanne Field had an enjoyable ride, keeping it smooth to take home 1st ladies.

After a few track alterations adding the challenging rocky hill climbs and the loamy hill climb with the dry stone wall at the top, it was time for the Expert and Clubman riders to hit the track. At 11.30am all eyes were on the incredible Graham 'Grimbo' Jarvis who was out to do business. As the flag dropped it was Jarvis who took the hole-shot leading from start to finish. Jarvis took the win in the Championship class on an incredible 26 laps ahead of Matthew Ward on 23 laps. As ever Jarvis was up to his old tricks impressing the spectators with his impressive bike control and speed, jumping the dry stone wall by launching the bike from a rock when the other routes were blocked, there was no stopping him.

Damian Butler was on form from start to finish in the Expert class, taking the win on 25 laps, second overall to Jarvis in the Championship class. Second place went to Sam Ludgate on 24 laps ahead of the ever improving Dan Bewlay who had an enjoyable and satisfying ride on 23 laps taking third place.

Clubman E1 saw Joel Walton and NREC rider Ellie Cooke, newly moved to clubman class battling for the hole-shot, it was Joel who piped to the post first taking the lead. As the race progressed Sean Henderson found his feet and disappeared into the distance taking the win on 20 laps ahead of Jonathan Taylor in second. Third place went to Thomas Nelson.

Michael Pye took a credible win the Clubman E2 class with a lap ahead of Michael Kay in second and Joel Foster in third.

Les Mudie surprised everyone, having just moved up from Sportsman class he took an astounding win on his Beta 300 in the Clubman E3 class. Stuart Austin rode hard and took second place ahead of Ian Heyworth in third.

The Over 40s class showed us they still have got what it takes to make fine competition. It became clear it was going to be a close race between Anthony Tempest and Old School boy Dave Salkeld. The pair battled for the 3 hour duration but it was Anthony who piped to the post first to take the win 2 minutes ahead of Salkeld, both finishing on 23 laps. Third place went to Howard Blundell on 22 laps.

At 12 noon the Sportsman and Over 50's filtered into the course for 2.5hours duration race. Sportsman E1 the biggest class of the day saw Yambits rider James Lawson take the holeshot. The closest race of the day goes to Rob Pickard and Nathan Ball. Right from the word go they were battling with each other right till the end. Both boys had a very strong ride however it was Pickard who beat Nathan to lap scoring first taking the win 22 seconds ahead. Third place went to Eurotek rider James Jackson, having just moved to sportsman he had an incredible ride finishing with 17 laps.

Mark Barrow gained a significant lead during the middle of the race and took an astounding win in Sportsman E2 with 18 laps ahead of Ian Foster in second on 16 laps and Mark Williams in third on 15 laps.

The Sportsman E3 class was won by Eddie Meek a lead ahead of Glyn Ellis in second and Andy Davidson in third.

The Over 50's class saw 15 riders all eager. It was Andrew Maben who rode solidly to take the win ahead of Rick Rial in second, while Trevor Newton grabbed third.

Woodhouse had never been in better shape. The course was challenging and technical but enjoyable for all riders.

NREC would like to thank everybody involved with the event from the landowner; Mark Fletcher, Medics, Just Anth’s Catering, all the marshal who did a terrific job, spectators and especially all the riders who supported the event. A special thank you goes to Paul Mason who worked in the tractor all day pulling vehicles in and out of the parking field.

A great start to the NEXC Championship. Round two is held at Masham on 13th April. Entries are filling up fast so all riders are urged to enter before hand to secure a place. More information can be found at:

Report: Ellie Cooke
Photos: Ch Images.

The 2013 NE-XC final results are now on the positions page.

North riding Enduro Club team rider David Nellis aka "The Nellster" will need to add another shelf to his trophy cabinet as he has won the 2013 Championship class. Luke Flack and Tom Healy have both finished just 1 point behind the Nellster on 72 points each.

Michael "Spike" Gilby has won the Expert Class a massive 24 points in front of Anthony Tempest in second place on 105 points. Mark Marshal has landed 3rd place on 100 points.

The legendary David Selkeld has cleaned up in the over 40's with a 27 point advantage over 2nd place Howard Blundell. Geraint Rogers has finished 3rd place on 72 points.

Dan Bewlay has victory in the Clubman E1 with North Riding Enduro Club Team Rider Christopher Raynor on 9 points behind in second Place. N.R.E.C. Liam Radcliffe takes the 3rd place trophy.

N.R.E.C Team rider Rhys Bradford cleaned up in the sportsman E1 24 points ahead of N.R.E.C team rider Will Trigg. N.R.E.C team rider Ellie Cooke has another trophy for her collection in 3rd place.

Gary Court just takes 1st place in the ever popular over 50's class with a 2 point lead over Paul Askew. Andrew Badley has finished a strong 3rd 34 points ahead of 4th place John Lofthouse.

Nick Sanderson has 1st place in the MX class on 67 points 37 points ahead of Jack Colley in 2nd. Lofty Redbull has a 3rd place finish with only 30 points.

The youth class has been a real battle all season with the top 3 riders fighting for the win at every event. NREC Team Rider Matt Trigg has taken the win with NREC Team Rider Nathan Cooke in 2nd place. 3rd place goes to the North Riding Enduro Club camera man Dan Lappin!

True Grit Off Road rider Leanne Field has won the girls class with a massive 137 points! NREC Team Rider Natasha Dodds (supported by managed a second place just in front of the highly talented Nieve Holmes.

A big thank you to all of the riders who have attended the 2013 NE-XC.
Thanks to Andy Cooke from The North Riding Enduro Club for compiling the years NE-XC results.
A complete set of results will be uploaded in the next few days.

Total Enduro XC NE-XC Round 10 - Sunday 20th October 2013

Chris Husdon has taken lots of very good pictures from the event that can be found by clicking here

Flackstar takes command at westwood
Report by LOL media
The final stop on the 10 Round NEXC Championship was held at the picturesque Westwood, the former coal mining site now a diverse woodland just outside the famous Yorkshire town of Barnsley. The event was organized by Total enduro the most rider friendly club in the known universe.
Total Enduro asked inspirational XC course designer John Kerwin to stand in for Graham Jarvis who is away on extreme enduro duty. John Kerwin and his crew set out an awesome course utilizing all the best features of the woodland. Construction started mid-week using a team of highly skilled course technicians working around the clock, the long and arduous task was only finished late Saturday afternoon. The exhausted crew had an early night ready for the morning and the final round of the 2013 NEXC.
As dawn broke and the riders started to arrive the extra friendly staff were in action signing on the riders for the first race. By 8.50am the youth riders were on the start line, John Kerwin gave the riders a full safety brief before starting the race at 9am with the Rock Oil starting flag.
The season long battle in the youth championship between Nathan Cooke and Matt Trigg immediately continued, either one could still win the championship. First back to lap scoring was Matt but Nathan was hot on his heels only a second separated them. This ding dong battle continued until lap seven when Nathan dropped 20 seconds from this point on Matt Trigg gradually pulled away and continued do so to take the win and the championship, Nathan Cooke second and second in the championship with Ryan Hoare third. Congratulations to all the youth finishers.
As the hard working Total Enduro crew implemented the changes to the course for the adult race which included a long section in the babbling brook and more of the superb flowing woodland. John Kerwin was already briefing the lines of adult riders ready for the start. At 11 am the flag was waved signalling the start of the final round of the 2013 NEXC. Luke flack aka the ‘Flackstar’ was straight into the lead, leading the pack through the babbling brook and up the steep bracken climb that would catch many of the riders out. Lee Sampson was right behind the Flackstar as they pressed on through the woodland, Flackstar got to lap scoring first with Sampson still in touch. Sampson held on to Flackstar for part of the second lap but his lack of bike time showed as he started to drop back. Joe Chambers moved into second place but by lap 9 was more than a minute down on Flackstar. On lap 10 Flackstar refuelled, Chambers closed the gap, on lap 11 he reduced the gap by another 20 seconds, but up the big climb on lap 12 the bike lost its drive as the front sprocket shed its teeth, the game was over for big Joe!! Now Sampson was back to second place, Luke Lusher moved into third as the 2.5 hour duration approached. The Flackstar aware of his lead waited 30 seconds at lap scoring rather than put in another lap to take the win by 5 minutes from Sampson second and Lusher third.
Mark Marshal took the Expert class win, while Geraint Rogers mastered the vet’s class with a win. Paul Askew won the super vets 050 classes. Ellie Cooke put in a great ride to finish third in the Sportsman E1 class and best lady. Well done to all the other class winners and all the riders for supporting the event.
Motul White Horse Enduro NEEC Round 7. Sunday 6th October
A video slide show with pictures from the event can be found here

The North Riding Enduro Club is looking for feedback from the Motul White Horse Enduro. If you have good or bad comments about the event please leave them for the club on the Facebook page
Tong Farm XC NE-XC Round 9 2013
Tong Farm near Bradford on the 29th September 2013 .


Chris Husdon has taken lots of very good pictures from the event that can be found by clicking here

Dan Lappin from the North Riding Enduro Club has uploaded a video of the Tong NE-XC race that can be found here
Langdale 2 Enduro NEEC Round 6- 22nd September 2013
Langdale 2 Enduro NEEC Round 6- 22nd September 2013

Cracking Video from Ian CLICK

Round 6 – Langdale Forest, North Yorkshire

More information phone 07530407589

Ryedale MCC hosted round 4 of the North of England Enduro Championship at the familiar venue of Langdale Forest. As always seems the case with Langdale the sun shone and at 10am the Championship lads Luke and Joe were away. It was clear it was going to be a hard day for everyone with a tight time schedule and 4 25 mile laps for Champ + Expert, 3 for Clubman/Vets and 2 for Sportsman/over 50’s.
The first check was the longest of the day and consisted of some flowing woodland trails and some steep climbs and descents. A steady time schedule was given for this check as it was clear the day would be decided on the 2nd much shorter tighter check and the all new fast, flowing special test put together by Duncan Raw.
After everyone’s sighting lap it was time for the riders to attack the tightest check of the day, Luke Lusher and Joe Chambers were the first to do so and both lost a minute on the incredibly tight schedule of 8 minutes. They would again drop a minute each on the 3rd lap meaning that each on two down it would all be on the test. Joe Chambers was on a hard charge and beat Lusher by a mere second on the first test; he then took a further 21 out of Luke on the second timed test to secure the win.
In the Experts it was Midwest Husaberg’s Lee Sealy who came out on top managing to stay clean on the going; this was a remarkable effort with the Experts being given just one more minute than the Championship to make the tight check. Jim Wright came 2nd 41 seconds behind Lee and Ryedale Mc’s Alistair Griffin was 3rd his best ride of the year so far. Lyndon Poskitt was 4th and he described afterwards that it was some of the best single track he had ever ridden.
In the Clubman it was Ryan Burton who took the win staying clean on the going and setting a blistering pace on the tests placing 37 seconds in front of second place Neil Croston. Third was Roger Whinspear who had another solid ride on his 525 KTM. A mention in Clubman should also go to Kate Smith for completing 3 laps and also Mr Big Rick for staying off the Stella on Saturday night and placing 24th overall on his first enduro.
Phil Fallows was again the best of the Over 40’s; Chris Ball was second placing just 2 seconds in front of big Howard Blundell in 3rd! None of the Over 40’s managed to stay clean showing just how hard it was to clear the times. Keith Readman riding in his 29th year of Langdale Enduro’s was a respectable 8th. It was a real shame for Michael Alty who due to bike issues DNF his first event since 1991! What a record!
Daniel Sadler took the win in Sportsman from Jason Cragg and Dave Wilson. Paul Askew won the ever more popular over 50’s class ahead of Jonathan Airey and Dennis Fath.
A final thanks to all 130 riders marshals and helpers who made the event possible we hope to see you all again next year.
Thanks to Lee Head for the images visit Lee Head Photography on Facebook for more.

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Round 2 Graythwaite Enduro - 8TH SEPTEMBER 2013
Graythwaite results now on calender page.

Chris Husdon has taken lots of very good pictures from the event that can be found by clicking here

Some on board video courtesy of Ryedale MCC can be found here

Another video worth a look here

Andy Slater has uploaded some pictures that can be found here

Motul Camp Hill NE-XC Round 8
Lots of photo's were taken by the North Riding Enduro Club Photographer Chris Hudson (CH-Images) click here

Dan Lappin has made a video of the adult race the can be found here

Round 8 of the North of England Championship Series, was held at Camp Hill Plantation just outside Masham, North Yorkshire. The typical British weather was hit and miss over the weekend with heavy rain showers and sunny spells, which caused the track for Sundays race to be greasy and like an ice rink.

With the heavy dew laid to rest over night this meant the youths were going to be put to the test. At 9am sharp the flag was down and the youths were away, battling down the field for the hole-shot. It was Josh Bailey whom took the hole-shot taking the lead from the start for the majority of the race, pulling a sufficient lead each lap. Josh gave the other youth riders a run for their money with N.R.E.C. riders Nathan Cooke and Matt Trigg battling for second place. However due to a slight mistake by Josh this caused him to drop back, allowing Nathan to find his feet. With Josh now in sight this urged Nathan to push even more on the last lap taking a narrow victory from Josh in second and Matt Trigg in third, whom had no back break due to sheering the brake cable. Dan Lappin took fourth place followed by James Lawson. It was nice to see the young ones shaking hands after a tough and slippy race.

The ladies class saw three determined ladies on a mission to finish. It was MRS rider Nieve Holmes who was the lady to beat. Not long back after injury Nieve was just as quick as ever taking a solid win on 8 laps. Second place went to TGOR rider Leanne Field followed byEnduroTek rider Natasha Dodds, who both did extremely well to finish.

With the work alongside the A.C.U. we were able to run a Junior class for the first time which had two very eager boys in. Sam Boid took the win after battling round on his KTM 50, which had burnt the clutch out. This meant Sam and his father Neil pushed the bike through the last wood to finish line. Harry Mudgridge took second in his first ever hare and hound. A massive well done to these young boys with very proud parents!

The sun began to shine making the gloomy day a lot brighter, with the weather forecast spot on of showers and sunny spells. After a few track alterations the adults were away at 11.30am sharp. It was Damian Butler who took the hole-shot on his new Husaberg from the Championship and Expert line.
Fraser Flockhart began to stretch a lead in the Championship class but Tom Healey was on form and keeping hot on Flockhart’s heels. After building up a pace Flockhart fled away slightly forcing Healey to push. Fraser took a solid win on 14 laps 8 minutes ahead of Healey in second and David Wood in third.

The battle between Damian Butler and Michael Gilby was on going as usual. Butler was on top form taking a solid win on 14 laps ahead of Michael Gilby in second also on 14 laps. Both boys had fastest laps times to the Championship boys causing the battle between Championship and Expert riders to be intense. Third place went to TGOR rider Dan Field whom had a brilliant ride on his 450 stating "it ran like a dream."

Clubman E1 saw the ever improving Ben Clemit, newly moved to Clubman this year take victory on 12 laps. James Teale took second place followed by NREC rider Liam Radcliffe in third.

Clubman E2 was topped by Andy Cooke whom had a very smooth ride take the win 2 minutes ahead of Matty North who is keen as ever on his new KTM 250SX. Third place went to George Stanley all on 12 laps.

George England was the man to beat in the Clubman E3 class taking a solid win 2 laps ahead of runner up Oliver Crabtree on 10 laps. Paul Raine took third place.

The Over 40’s class saw Mick Boam in great form and stamped his authority on the course on his Beta RR250 taking victory with 13 laps. Lee Smith also had a good ride taking second place nearly 6 minutes ahead of Howard Blundell in third.

As always at Camp Hill XC, the famous ‘bomb hole’ was all fun and games for the riders let alone the spectators. With the heavy rain this meant the bomb hole was rather full, not only from the water but the bottom was full of ‘sludge’ making it slippy for the bikes getting out. Most riders managed perfectly but as always there was some that was an entertainment for the spectators.

At 12 noon the Sportsman, Over 50 and MX classes filtered into the course. Andrew Howe took the hole-shot on his Husaberg 125 closely followed by NREC rider Ellie Cooke.
Sportsman E1 saw NREC rider Rhys Bradford who was the man to beat, showing the other sportsman riders consistency and speed, clocking up the fastest lap time in this class. Rhys took a solid win 7 minutes clear of Andrew Howe in second and Rob Pickard in third.

Sportsman E2 was hotly contested with 21 riders. Darren Almack had his work cut out by the constant competition from Les Mudie, with the two lads battling with each other for the majority of the race. It was Darran who pipped to the post first taking the win only 13 seconds ahead of Les in second. Joel Foster took third place all on 10 laps.

Craig Thompson was in perfect command of his lead in the Sportsman E3 class taking the win 7 minutes ahead of runner up Jake Croft, followed by Ross Hall, all on 10 laps.

The Over 50s race was a close affair with Bill Howe taking the honours of a class win completing 9 laps only 18 seconds clear of runner up Gary Court and Willian Beaty in third.

With the smallest field of the day (3 riders in this class), Jack Colley (9 Laps) won the MX class 2 laps clear of Nick Sanderson (7 Laps) in second and Lofty Redbull in third (3 Laps).

North Riding Enduro Club would like to thank everyone involved in this weekend's event. Without the help and support it would not be able to go ahead. A big thank-you goes to the Landowner Sir Ropner and all our sponsors.

21st July NE-XC Round 7 Motul Woodhouse Great Ayton TS9 6HZ
NEXC results now up to date . Click on Positions Tab above

Chris Husdon has taken lots of very good pictures that can be found by click here
Dan Lappins video of the race can be found here: here

Another video of the race can be found here: clicking here

Ride Report

Round 7 of the North of England Championship series again went off a storm at Motul Woodhouse, Great Ayton. Awesome weather, awesome track, awesome day!

The North Riding Enduro Club had been working their socks off the weeks running up to the event by re-designing the course and using some old decents, which haven’t been used for many years. Large sections of the track had been graded allowing the course to be flowing and enjoyable for everyone.

With the glorious weather over the past few weeks, meant conditions for this weekend’s event would be tough with the extreme heat, immense dust clouds and hard-packed terrain. Luckily for the riders the temperatures were slightly cooler and over cast than the previous week. The NREC team made the decision to allow Championship, Expert, Clubman and Over 40 to run for 2.5 hours and Sportsman and Over50 for 2 hours due to the sheer volume of dust and warm weather.

The day kicked off with the youth race, which was supposed to start at 9am sharp. However due to the ambulance being late this caused a half hour delay, allowing the butterflies to kick in even more. It was Ross Kerr whom travelled all the way from Surrey, who took the hole shot, before being passed by NREC rider Nathan Cooke who took the lead for 1 hour. It was NREC riders Matt Trigg and Dan Lappin, who were hot on his heels, gaining seconds each lap. This had to be the most intense race to watch, with all 3 boys on each other’s back wheel, not knowing who will be round first.

After a slight mistake by Nathan causing his handlebars to be out of line and tiredness kicking in, Trigg saw the opportunity to pass taking the lead. As Matt fled away slightly, Dan was more than eager to catch him by beating Cookie out of lap scoring. This meant the finish was going to be close. It was both Trigg and Lappin that came into lap scoring together with Trigg piping to the post 3 seconds before Lappin taking the win from Dan. A solid third place went to Nathan Cooke. All three boys did extremely well with 1 second between their fastest laps. (Dan 4mins 28seconds. Matt 4mins 29seconds. Nathan 4mins 30 seconds)
TGOR’s Leanne Field took the win in the ladies class, brilliant effort!

After a few track alterations, it was time for the big boys to hit the track. It was Michael ‘Spike’ Gilby who took the hole shot by taking a unique line which no one else had spotted, this gave him the advantage to avoid the dust cloud on the first hills. Michael Briggs was the first man round to lap scoring, however due to bike problems this caused Briggsy to pull out, allowing ‘Turbo’ Tom Healey to take 1st Championship place on his new KTM 350.

As ever the Expert class was full of competition. Damien Butler was a man on a mission and took a solid win on 22 laps with Michael ‘Spike’ Gilby hot on his heels from start to finish on his Gas Gas 250 taking second place. Stuart Waterhouse finished in third.

TGOR rider Dan Bewlay was yet again the man to beat in the Clubman E1 class. From start to finish Dan led the way and had a very enjoyable race on his sisters KTM 150, quoting ‘this was the best woodhouse course I’ve ever ridden.’ Ryan Heinz took second place and Liam Radcliffe took third place, both on 19 laps.

Clubman E2 class was topped by Daniel Hurd with another strong ride, proving to be a man to beat in the competitive clubman class, finishing with a solid 20 laps. Second place went to Paul Sykes and third place Vince Mullan both on 19 laps.

Lewis Peart was on fire and out to do business finishing first in the Clubman E3 class. Russ Rooksby took second followed by Stephen Tomlin in third.

In the Over 40s class it was Dave ‘The Old Boy’ Salkeld, whom yet again proved to be the man to beat, taking a firm win on 20 laps by keeping it consistent and using his years of riding knowledge to get some fast laps in. Gary Morley took second place on 18 laps with John Holt following in third.

At 12.30 noon the Sportsman and Over 50’s filtered into the course. The sportsman E1 class saw huge competition. As always it was NREC riders Will Trigg and Rhys Bradford whom were battling for first place. After a slight mistake Bradford sheer the petrol tap clean off his bike allowing fuel to pour everywhere, this allowed Trigg to clock the laps in and take a solid win on 16 laps. With the help of marshals and his ever supporting dad, Rhys managed to get going again, gaining a new position each lap, finally finishing in 8th place. Second place went to the ever-improving Robbie Wallace and third place to Steven Anderson both on 15 laps.

Sportsman E2 class was hotly contested with 18 riders. Joel Foster pipped to the finish first with an extra lap above the other riders, giving him the win in this category. Jonny Lister took second place one minute ahead of lee Bowes in third.

The sportsman E3 class yet again saw the competition between Craig Thompson and Ross Hall. It was Craig whom pipped to the post first taking the win ahead of Ross who was hot on his heels all day, finishing 26 seconds behind. Third place went to Alex Davidson.

In the Over 50s John Lofthouse used his potential to take a well-earned win one lap clear of Gary Court in second place. Andrew Bradley took a well deserved position on the podium in third place.

As always North Riding Enduro Club would like to thank everyone involved in this weekend event. Our Next event is Camphill XC, located just outside of Bedale. Further details will be on the websites. and

Report by Ellie Cooke.

Adult Rider Andy Polson & Youth Rider Josh Bell have been picked at random to have their entry fee refunded courtesy of .

North riding Enduro Club Hoodies are now available to order at

The Ryedale Rally 2013
JULY 6th 7th 2013


Some team results can be found on calender page. Click on the Report tab. Well done Team Mudface

Go to gallery page on this site for pics of rally.

Results will be posted in the next couple of days.

Video and more pictures will be posted soon.

Day one video 2013 click here

Pictures from day 1 from Gary Jones photographyclick here

Just a taster from the weekend
Day 1 Test click here

Day 2 Testclick here

Happy Rallying

NEXC ROUND 6 Hosted by TGOR, at Cherry Wood, Sledmere Estate
16th June 2013

Chris Hudson has taken a lot of good quality photos and are here

Round 6 of the North of England XC Championship hosted by True Grit Off Road saw yet another new venue for 2013 added to this very popular championship.

Cherry Wood on Sledmere Estate, on the outskirts of the village was the perfect setting to host an XC event with the kind permission Of Sir Tatton Sykes, this would be the first time an off road motorcycle event was to be held on the estate. As the TGOR crew began to arrive at the venue Friday lunch time, the sun was shining and the track that had been prepared and cut into the virgin wood some 3 weeks earlier, was looking in perfect condition for the Sunday programme.

As if on cue inevitable rain clouds began to gather, and what seemed like some kind of micro climate developed directly over our heads, which then proceeded to dump some 15Hrs of persistent rain over the venue. Someone shouted mid - way through Saturday as we trudged through the now sloppy car park area with our wooden stakes, arrows and tape “Not to worry lads, Sunday forecast looks good” fingers crossed.

Sunday morning around 0600hrs the alarm went off. Peeping through the curtains hoping for a glimmer of brightness beyond the clouds, and there it was a clear blue sky. From 07:00 onwards a steady stream of riders and support began to arrive, and the first major task of the day for the marshals was getting over 200 vehicles parked in some sort of order, in which to avoid the wet parts of the paddock and an exit out.

Youth Race
At 08.30 around 29 young riders lined up their machines waiting for our race starter Mr Gus Gorse to signal the start, flags down and go, go, go. Our youngest riders in the Junior class were up for the challenge, and put in some excellent laps around the wood, with James Rial managing 8 laps to take the win followed by Archie Tordof in his first ever race coming second with 5 laps. Alex Townend took 3rd place with 5 laps also.

The Youth boys saw an impressive Matt Trigg score 12 laps to win, with Tommy Grimmer taking second place and Luke Owen in third place. Two young ladies entered the Ladies/Girls class and kept up with the boys out there, eventually Rachael Davis took the win with a brilliant 10 laps and our own True Grit Off Road rider Leanne Field rode for 7 laps taking 2nd place win, and another trophy to add to her ever growing collection! Well done to all the Youth class riders.

Adult Morning race
At 10.30 am the Over 50’s, Sportsmen, Moto X and Novice riders sped off into the wood amongst the cheers from their support crews and spectators. The Novice class saw 14 riders give it a go around Cherry Wood, one or two never having rode in a Hare and Hounds Enduro before. The eventual winner of this class was Tom Ward who managed 10 laps, with Darren Bailey in second place scoring 9 laps and Ryan Smith also scoring 9 laps to take 3rd place. The Moto X class saw 4 riders closely competing, each doing well on the lap scoring, but the eventual winner was Danny Hyde on 9 laps , Matthew Bean in second scoring 8 laps, and the 3rd place went to Luke Campbell. The Sportsmen were a fairly big class split into E1, E2, and E3, in which 3 Sportsman girls competed: Ellie Cooke from the North Riding Enduro Club, Kate Smith from the Yorkshire Enduro club, and Emily Schneider. The girls rode well, showing the boys some ‘Girl Power’. The Sportsman E1 class was won by Dalton Shannon with 11 laps proving that you can make a comeback after time out from the saddle due to injury. The second place went to Robert Pickard also scoring 11 laps, and 3rd place was won by Tom Rial. In the Sportsman E2 class it seems that the 11 lap score continued with Elliott Shaw taking the win, Anthony Priestly in second, and Ian Todd in 3rd all 3 boys scoring 11 laps.

In the Sportsman E3 class 8 lads took to the track, all doing really well amongst the other Sportsman riders. Eventually, after over 2 hours of riding the winner of the E3 class was Craig Tompson Who notched up 11 laps, closely followed by Ross Hall in second and Captain John Poole from the Queens Royal Lancers in 3d place, again all three scoring 11 laps.

Adult Afternoon Race
This race started at 1.15pm and housed the Championship, Expert, Over 40’s, Clubmen E1, E2, and E3 classes. The Championship class had 4 riders who battled it out around Cherry Wood, taking in the Cherry Wood ‘bomb hole’ which gave riders a hard time trying to get out of it! Our four boys kept going and in the end it was young Luke Flack who took the win with 15 laps, well done Luke. Phil ‘Coops’ Cooper from the REME Corps Crescent Enduro Team rode well to finish in second on 14 laps. Dan Beaven a long standing friend of team REME finished in 3rd place to take a trophy back to the South of England. In the Expert class, long time rider Alex Owen took the win from Damian Butler in second and Spike Gilby in 3rd pace, all three riders scoring 15 laps. The Over 40’s saw three riders in particular battle for the win, all scoring 13 laps. Eventually it was Howard Blundell who won the class, with Robert McLeod in second and Geraint Rogers in 3rd. In the Clubman E1 class True Grit Off Road rider Dan Bewlay took to the saddle and notched up a very good 14 laps and took the win, with Ben Thompson in second, and Chris Raynor in third. Josh Schofield from the Defence School of transport in Leconfield rode an impressive 12 laps, and finished in 8th place well done to Josh, brother Danny was only 1 lap behind. The E2 class was eventually won by Daniel Hurd riding for 14 laps, and George Stanley took second place with our good friend Matty North finishing in 3rd place with 13 laps.

The Clubman E3 class saw George England take the win scoring 14 laps, with Danny Clark in second on 13 laps, and Russ Rooksby in 3rd also scoring 13 laps.

True Grit Off Road would like to thank Sir Tatton Sykes of Sledmere for allowing us to hold a never before off road event in Cherry Wood, all our Marshals and everyone from the North of England clubs who helped on the day, a special thank you to Phil Cooper and Craig Altass from the REME Enduro Team who helped over the weekend, and a big thank you to Karl ‘Bod’ Latham who came across from Wales to give his support to the club and to also help out over the weekend. Thank you from Club Secretary Helen Altass to Margaret Field, Tilly Altass, Kate Smith, and Lucy Anderson who gave their time to help with the signing on and get the lads on their way riding. Thank you to Medics UK for their fantastic medical support over the weekend, and we would like to thank the Le Petit Café team for some outstanding food. A really big thank you to ScootMx for supplying numbers and bike bits and pieces for all the riders, and thank you Nev Altass for doing a great job as car parking attendant! And one last final thank you to you the riders and their support crews for making it a fantastic entry to a new venue and for your continued support for True Grit Off Road. All the best for a speedy recovery for those riders who injured themselves racing, and hope to see you all again at the next one.

Motul Thorp NE-XC Round 5. 26th May 2013
Chris Hudson has taken a lot of good quality photos and are here
A video of the youth race by Ian click here
A video of the adult race by Ian click here
A video of the adult race video by Dan Lappin click here

Round 5 of the North of England Championship Series went off a storm at Motul Thorp NE-XC.
Blue skies… glorious sunshine… 146 riders… perfect track conditions…what more could you ask for? With the horrendous weather the week before it was to our amazement to have a rain-free weekend at Thorp after spending the last 5 years there in the wet and miserable rain.

North Riding Enduro Club had put in a lot of hard work to design and set up a brilliant course with fast, open field edges and smooth twisty woodland, all on what you could say, the front garden of Sir John Ropners estate.

The weather helped make the track into perfect condition and with the hard work of the N.R.E.C. team, building bridges and re-routing the course to make the track flow nicely. The ‘famous extreme’ section was also included in the adult race with the tyres and logs and the adjacent spectator area.

The action kicked off as usual with the kids rearing to go at 9.00am. However the First Aid hadn’t arrived causing the whole day to be delayed by 15 minutes, allowing the last minute nerves to increase. Once the ambulance had arrived and the computer timing system had been reset, the kids were away at 9.15 sharp.
It was up and coming youth rider James Lawson taking the hole shot, closely followed by NREC riders James Gamble and Dan Lappin. It was Nathan Cooke holding his nerves on the dew covered grass, to pass all 3 riders on the field to take first position into the wood. For the first half hour, it was an ever-ending battle between the top 3 riders, Dan Lappin, Matt Trigg and Nathan Cooke constantly switching positions. Trigg managed to gain first position opening up a small lead with Cookie only a minute behind at the finish. James Gamble was snapping on the heels on Lappin finishing 14seconds behind Dan in third.
The winner of the youth female class went to True Grit Off Road rider Leanne Field enjoying her day in the sunshine. Second place went to EnduroTek rider Natasha Dodds in her first ever hare and hound race, daughter of Secretary Kelly. Both girls did outstandingly well, working together to finish.
North Riding Marshalling crew did an amazing job shadowing the junior riders round the track.

At 11.45 the adults were hot off the mark as the flag dropped. Michael ‘Spike’ Gilby had a flying start taking the hole shot on his new Gas Gas 250, closely battling with Michael Briggs.
Joe Chambers newly moved into the Championship class after taking the win in the experts at Thorp 2012, was on a mission taking the win overall in the Championship class. Briggsy was not far behind after battling with horrendous blisters, taking the skin of his palms, stuck it out till the end finishing second position. N.R.E.C. rider David Nellis was battling with George Walton until the very end, it was Nellis who pipped to the finish first taking third position 3 seconds ahead of Walton.

In the expert class, as usual Michael ‘Spike’ Gilby was on form and out to do business showing it from the drop of the flag. Leading from start to finish on his new Gas Gas, Spike took first position seven minutes ahead of Daniel Haswell in second and Ryan Patrick in third.
The expert class has a memorial trophy in memory of Local rider Phil Corner whose favourite event was Thorp. Every year the memorial trophy is presented to the winner of expert class, this year being Spike, a local rider from Bedale.

True Grit Off Road’s rider Dan Bewlay is a man on a mission and the one to beat in the competitive Clubman E1 class. Dan pushed hard to keep the lead in the E1 class, eventually finished 4 minutes ahead of N.R.E.C. rider Chris Raynor. Raynor in turn finished 4 and half minutes ahead of third position Andrew Sykes.

Clubman E2 was hotly contested with 20 riders in this class. Michael Kay took the win and blasted 14 laps with a two minute lead ahead of runner up, Daniel Hurd. Third position went to N.R.E.C. regular rider Matty North, who is eager as ever with his racing, to show his potential gaining speed at each race. Matty managed to nip to the finish 5 seconds ahead of George Stanley.

George England a regular rider in the racing business showed the rest of Clubman E3 he’s the one to beat with regular wins. George had a storming ride finishing with 13 laps and a 12-minute lead ahead of Liam Terry and Mark Rydzewski in third.

The fierce over 40s were on song again. Dave Salkeld a very experienced local rider used his years of riding knowledge and unique riding technique to take the win, with a 6 minute lead of runner up Lee Smith and Mark Ritchie in third.

Sportsman, over 50s and motocross filtered into the course at 12.15 noon. It was N.R.E.C. rider Ellie Cooke firing away from the line taking the hole shot for sportsman E1. Doltan Shannon a young and up coming rider had a great ride, keeping it neat and tidy around the track taking the win on his new Sherco 250i. Ashley Brown couldn’t quite pass Shannon finishing second, just under 3 minutes from first position. N.R.E.C. rider Will Trigg had a brilliant ride, forever improving and heading for clubman class with his speed and riding style, took home third position.
The ladies in sportsman E1; Ellie Cooke and Kate Smith had a battle for around 4 laps. With the tiredness kicking in, Ellie slackened off allowing Kate to up the pace and pass Ellie by picking good lines and keeping it smooth. This gave Ellie to urge to up her game and gain her position back, gaining a 2 and a half minute lead ahead of Kate.

Sportsman E2 was pure competition between the riders, with 24 riders in the class and the top 7 all finishing on 10 laps, minutes between each other. Lee Bowers piped to the finish 1st, with just under a minute after the 2.5hours duration, missing out on the extra lap to give him a solid win. Ian Todd finished not long after of 45 seconds followed by Jonny Lister.

Craig Thompson took the win in the Clubman E3 class with Ross Hall hot on his wheels, finishing 15 seconds behind. Lee Tempest finished third. All 3 riders did 10 laps.

John Ayrey an N.R.E.C. regular, after years & years of trying finally won an award for the Over 50s class and was over the moon, finishing on 10 laps, 20 seconds in front of second position, William Beaty. Third position went to Paul Askew also a regular rider only 5 seconds behind second position, with Gary Court finishing 4th only 1 second behind Askew. This has to be the closest class of the day. A special mention goes to Mick Mosley on his TwinShock Canam who completed 8 laps and thoroughly enjoyed his day, finishing with a big smile on his face. Mick even completed the extreme section of the logs and tyres on his last lap.

Jack Colley new to the motocross class on his new KTM 150sx took the win with an astonishing 11 laps, ahead of second position, Eurotek rider Nick Sanderson on 9 laps and Lofty Redbull in third.

North Riding Enduro Club would like to thank everyone involved in this weekend’s event. All the hard work has been paid off and put together a brilliant course and a smoothly ran event. A big thank you goes to the landowner Sir John Ropner on his fabulous estate. And also a big thank you to our supports of Motul, Enduro Tek, Triple D, Graham Charltons and Bike Sport.

Report by Ellie Cooke.
Langdale Enduro NEEC Round 3- Sunday 12th May
Round 3 – Langdale Forest, North Yorkshire

Updated Results - click here

Video of event - click here

Langdale enduro report NEEC round 3 12th May 2013 by Al Griffin rider 25

MPS boys clean up in Langdale
Sunday the 12th May saw the biggest entry the Ryedale Club have seen for many years. Ryedale MC aimed and succeeded in organising an excellent old school forest time card enduro. As always in Langdale forest near Scarborough the sun shone early morning and the Ambulances actually turned up on time! At 10am MPS boys Jack, Rob and Adam Reynolds were on their way. The first part of the course consisted of a series of very technical stick fields along with some fast tree tunnels. It was apparent that when the Championship and Expert arrived at check one this was going to be the tight one. Organisers Nigel Griffin and David Beal had aimed to take a few minutes off all but the very best in each class. It was then a more relaxed ride back to the start which included an excellent special test as always put together by Duncan Raw who had spent the whole of the last week in the forest clearing, arrowing and tapeing. Following everybody’s sighting lap it was straight into the fastest check of the day. In the Championship class only MPS rider Jack Rowland and SLOR rider Rob Johnson managed to clean the incredibly tight time of 14 minutes. In the expert class only local Eurotek supported rider Rich Miler and James Wren managed to make the check in time. 16 year old Midwest boy Lee Sealy dropped one minute, Lee would later make this 60 second penalty up over the three special tests giving him the outright win! The clubman and over 40’s riders had a challenging 17 minutes to complete the check which was only cleaned by the top 10 riders. The Sportsman easily cleaned the more relaxed times. The Ryedale club also run classes for over 50 and a small vinduro class.
As the day unfolded and the test times took shape Jack set a blistering pace and took the eventual win over SLOR rider Rob Johnson who was just over 50 seconds behind. TGOR rider Scott Altass was third closely followed behind by Lee Sampson and Luke Flack. The course became increasingly challenging as the day wore on and the rain came with the stick fields becoming more of an obstacle and one decent and hill climb becoming increasingly rutty. The Experts again proved to be very tight with Lee Sealy taking the eventual win closely followed by James Wren and Eurotek’s Rich Milner. Micheal Gorst took the Clubman overall win, and Phil Fallows the over 40’s.
Hopefully this is a resurgence of interest in time card Enduro’s, it was nice to see some new comers from the h&h scene, notably Matty North who in his first timecard claimed 4th overall in Clubman a great effort by him. Also well done Kate Smith for completing 2 laps one of which without her dad! She says she will never do a RMC chicken run again .
A final thanks to all the organisers, marshals and 170 riders who made the event possible, we hope to see you all again in September.
Championship 1. Jack Rowland 2.Rob Johnson 3. Scott Altass 4. Lee Sampson 5. Luke Flack 6. Joe Chambers 7. Micheal Briggs 8. Luke Lusher 9. Dave Nellis 10. Adam Reynolds
Expert 1. Lee Sealy 2. James Wren 3. Rich Milner 4. Jim Wright 5. Dan Field 6. Scott Stephenson 7. Lee Smith 8. Mark Marshall 9. Alistair Griffin 10. Darren Cousins
Clubman 1. Michael Gorst 2. Sue Butterworth 3. Glen Broadhurst 4. Matthew North 5. Trevor Dodgeson 6. Roger Whinspear 7. Reece Morewood 8. Neil Croston 9. Matt Ellis 10. Daniel Hasswell
Over 40’s 1. Phil Fallows 2. Karl Greenall 3. Anthony Tempest 4. Neil Boyd 5. Mick Alty
Sportsman 1. Rhys Bradford 2. Jason Cragg 3. Steve Cranshaw 4. Chris Law 5. Will Trigg
Over 50’s 1. Paul Askew 2. William Beaty 3. Martyn Field
Vinduro 1. Marcus Croft 2. Mark Hoggarth 3. Steve Hoggarth

Round 2 NEXC TGOR Epic Dirt 28th April 2013
Adult and Youth results click here

Video`s taken by Jon & Dan Lappin. Thank you.
Video Adult race click here

Video Youth race click here

Team True Grit Off Road hosted Round 2 of the NEXC Championship at one of their new venues: Epic Dirt at Middlesbrough. After a postponed date of 17th March due to “that” wintry weather! TGOR looked forward to the 28th of April and hopefully better weather!
Saturday morning was upon us and the team arrived at Epic Dirt overlooked by big black rain clouds. Not to be put off they cracked on, with plenty of help from members of North Riding Enduro Club and Epic Dirt Staff to make sure the course and venue looked it’s best for the event on Sunday.

Windy weather and grey skies loomed over Epic Dirt on the Sunday morning, but nothing was going to stop the event going ahead. Just before 9.30 am the youth class lined up at the start ready to tackle the course, race starter Gus Gorse was up on the scaffolding bridge ready with the popular flag start and at 9.30am prompt the flag dropped. First away and getting the hole shot was Dan Lappin, the rest of the riders followed in hot pursuit. Three young riders in the junior class followed on their smaller machines, all getting off to a good start. The battle for first place youth boys was a close one, Matthew Trigg and James Lawson went head to head each scoring 13 laps, but Matthew managed win by a time of 2mins and 52 seconds ahead of second place rider James Lawson, Nathan Cooke and Dan Lappin both from the North Riding Enduro Club, did their club proud with a great battle for 3rd place between the two boys. Nathan and Dan achieved 12 laps but Nathan took the 3rd place, only just ahead of Dan by 1 minute. The three junior riders rode their hearts out; even young Sam Boyd managed to lose a front mud guard in the process! Not to be outdone by the older youth class they each put in some magnificent laps. The eventual winner was Richard Moorhouse with a very credible 11 laps, Sam Boyd was the second place winner with a fantastic 7 laps and Josh Bell rode his socks off to achieve 4 laps and take 3rd place. Fantastic effort and ones to watch in the future! Leanne Field riding for True Grit Off Road in the youth Girls class did us very proud putting in some excellent laps, and added another trophy to mark up her winnings, well done Leanne.

At 12 noon the main race was ready to get started, there were over 60 riders lined up ready to watch the flag go down signalling go, go, go! Championship class rider Tom Healey was going well until he came off and was forced to retire due to an injury to his leg. We wish him a speedy recovery and hope he gets to full fitness again in time for the Ertzburg. The Expert class saw some great riding over the 2.5 hours, eventually the win was taken by Daniel Haswell, but he didn’t take it easily as Michael Gilby was hot on his heels, and took second place with Mark Marshall in 3rd place. The Clubman riders were quick over the course and after True Grit Rider Dan Bewlay taking the holeshot in the E1 class, ended up back in the pits and a worried Mum looking over shouting “what’s wrong Dan have you fallen off” the reply was “no I haven’t but my seat has”! team mate Scott Altass was quick doing a repair and soon had Dan back on the track. He had a superb race throughout, and eventually took the win with Chris Raynor in second place, and Liam Radcliffe getting back in to swing of things after a bit of a layoff, taking third place for the Clubman E1 class. The Clubman E2 class saw Daniel Hurd and Darrell Patrick knock up 21 laps around the track closely followed by Scott Jobling and Michael Tatham, also Roger Winspear each scoring 20 laps. The eventual winner of the E2 class was Daniel Hurd, Darrell Patrick in second and Roger Winspear taking the 3rd place win, well done to those lads. Clubman E3 had just one rider Paul Raine, but he rode round the track scoring a magnificent 20 laps, so well done Paul, a sterling effort.
The over 40 class saw Dave Salkeld knock up 22 laps to take the overall win, but Paul Westgarth and Mark Fenwick each scored 21 laps to battle for second and third place, at the end it was Paul who took second place a minute and a half ahead of Mark Fenwick taking third place, great result lads. Four Over 50 riders did brilliantly in their class each knocking up a few laps, but it was Paul Askew who scored 20 laps to take the win, Gary Court took second place also scoring 20 laps, Andrew Bradley took third place with 19 laps, well done to you guys.

The Sportsman E1 class had two female riders Ellie Cooke from the North Riding Enduro Club and Kate Smith from the Yorkshire Enduro Club, both girls challenging the lads, well done girls. The winner was Tim Miller on 21 laps, followed by Andrew Howe also scoring 21 laps in second place, it was nice to see Andrew back racing again. Third place went to Will Trigg with 20 laps, well done everyone in this class. Sportsman E2 class saw three riders finish on 19 laps, a close battle indeed, but ahead was Darly Gee who finished 1st, with Andrew Willaby a close second. Third place went to Tony Parkin also scoring 19 laps. The E3 class had three riders all trying to battle their way around the course to take 1st place. At the end of the race it was Ross Hall taking 1st place with an impressive 20 laps with Leigh Tempest in 2nd place scoring 19 laps, and Mark Ellison in third place with 19 laps.
Well done to our novice riders who gave it a good go around the track, and didn’t give up in the slightest. Nick Belllas took 1st place with 18 laps, Phil Raine in 2nd place also 18 laps, and Dan Gilman in 3rd with 16 laps, hats off to you guys.
Team TGOR would like to say a massive thank you to you guys for supporting us and giving our new venue a go. Thank you to Epic Dirt for letting us host our event there, and to all their staff for helping on the day, and to Lee for cooking up some excellent burgers over the weekend.

Another big thank you goes to everyone that helped from NREC and also Phil Cooper from Team REME ( Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers) who gave up his time to come and support us. Thank you to Medics uk for providing us with medical support on the day, we wish a speedy recovery to the riders who were unfortunate to injure themselves during the race. Thank you all once again, and we hope to see you all back racing with us for the next round we are hosting in June, look out for details on our website coming soon.
The Sun Shines for NREC Round 3 Motul Woodhouse NE-XC.2013
Results are now on the calendar page!

Check out the adult race video: Adult Race

Check out the youth race video: Youth Race

Chris Hudson has a lot of pictures from the event that can be found here:
Adult Race
Youth Race

Round 3 of the NEXC Championship was held at Woodhouse Farm, Great Ayton near Stokesley. Woodhouse NE-XC was a brilliant success with the fast and flowing track designed by the Northern Branch of the NREC. With the track not been used for several years it was in prestige condition and ready to race.

At the start of the youth race it was a chilly –2'c with weather conditions normally found in the Artic Circle. Spectators huddled round to watch the youth race fire away at 9am. NREC team rider Nathan Cooke took the holeshot closely followed by Ross Johnson. He lead the way for half a lap before being passed by Ross who held the race for 1 hour closely followed by Nathan and Ben Turner who all battled with each other through out the race. It wasn’t until the last 15minutes that Ben took the lead and held it to the end, taking the win from Ross in second closely followed by NREC team rider Nathan.
James Lawson performed outstandingly as he had broken his shoulder only 2 weeks prior to the race. He kept a consistent lap time, keeping it smooth taking 4th position. TGOR rider Leanne Field battled her way through the slippy conditions taking away 1st girls.

At 11.30am the Sun came out as promised. The Championship and Experts were away. Tom ‘Turbo’ Healey took the holeshot closely followed by Luke Flack, making the first greasy hill climb look easy. After battling for 1st between Healey and Flack, Healey saw the opportunity to up his game keeping his race consistent. Turbo Tom not long back from a broken leg took the win with a 5-minute lead ahead of Luke Flack in second. Closely followed by Sean Robinson.

With a depth of similar talent in the Expert class it was always going to be a close battle. Damian took the win on 24 laps ahead of Anthony Tempest on 23 laps, who battled with Michael ‘Spike’ Gilby for an hour before running out of fuel, allowing Tempest to take second place ahead of Spike in third.

TGOR’s rider Dan Bewlay had a brilliant ride taking the holeshot for Clubman E1, he battled his way through the tough conditions, after some technical problems with his chain he managed to take the win ahead of Ryan Heinz closely followed behind by NREC team rider Chris Raynor all on 20 laps.

George Stanley took the win on 20 laps in clubman E2, just under 2 minutes ahead of Rodger Winspear. The result could of been very different if Roger had not arrived at the start line late and set off 4 minutes behind the rest of the field, when he found himself trapped behind the field of sportsmen, on the start line.

Clubman E3 Acklams rider Joel Sadler new to the Enduro riding took the holeshot on his KTM 300. It wasn’t until the ice-like conditions forced Sadler to finish early due to a previous arm injury. It was Ryan Burton who lead the race in clubman E3 taking the win on 22 laps ahead of Michael Gorst in second and George England in third.

As usual there was a fierce battle in the Over 40s class with Dave Salkeld and John ‘bullet’ Bradford. The battle continued throughout the 3 hours duration, with Salkeld taking the win from Bradford 12seconds behind. Followed in third place was Tony Briggs.

At 12 o’clock the Sportsman and Over 50s riders filtered into the course showing their potential in the two and half hour race. In sportsman E1 Doltan Shannon showed his ability through smooth riding taking the win one lap ahead of NREC rider Will Trigg, who was closely followed by Ben Clemit in 3rd. Also NREC rider Rhys Bradford was not far behind taking 4th position.

With such a large class for Sportsman E2 the competition was going to be high. Mark Mccormack took an easy win one lap ahead of Ashley Brown on 16 laps and Ian Todd in third.

Ross Hall took a firm win Sportsman E3 on a solid 16 laps in front of Jason Gragg on 13laps, closely followed by Nickey Ferguson also on 13 laps.

In the Over 50s class Phill Rowett took the win on a consistent 17 laps ahead of John Kerwin and Gary Court in third on 15laps.

The ‘famous Red Hill’ proved to be a delight with all riders. However due to experienced riders jumping off the top, a lot of accelerations bumps developed. In which NREC rider Chris Raynor cartwheeled down the hill headfirst. To the amazement of the spectators Chris was determined to finish his race shaking himself down and carrying on. True enduro rider!

A special thank you goes Paul Mason who drove the tractor in the car park & all the NREC team members who have made this even run, Mark Fletcher for providing the venue and most of all, you. The riders and spectators for taking part.

Entries are coming in fast for the next round of the NE-XC. Motul Masham 21st April will be another high quality event hosted by the North Riding Enduro Club. The team on the ground are busy adding new sections to what is always a very popular event. Unfortunately there is a limit on the number of riders allowed on the course and when we hit the limit the event will be full. So if you are thinking of entering do not delay in getting your entry in to guarantee your place on the start line.

NEEC Round 1 Helmsley Enduro - 3rd March 2013
A video of the event can be found here: Helmsley Enduro

Chris Hudson photography has lots of pictures on his web site here from the event that can be found here:

Jacks the lad as he wins the Rock Oil Helmsley Enduro

The Dirt bike action crew had spent months of work which paid off with one of the best time card enduro’s in the north of England for some time. Previous events at Roppa Moor plantation had always been blighted with wet weather, but 2 weeks of rain free days and the forest had dried out. The riding was superb. The 16 mile course was based mainly in Roppa Moor plantation but the course took in a small amount of the special going that is reserved for the May BEC. Long trails winding down into steep sided valleys, long climbs out of the valley bottoms over the rock steps provided a challenge and a buzz not normally found on northern enduro's.

With sensible time schedules set for the various classes the majority of riders completed their designated number of lap without time penalty. Jack Rowland MPS Husqvarna dominated the flowing special test to take a well-deserved win in the championship class from Rob Johnson SLOR Husqvarna, and Luke Flack third. Lee Sealey won the expert class from Robbie turner, while Murray Thompson took command of the over 40 class with a great win , Neil Boyd lead the over 50's class through the first 2 test by a good margin but the bead in the rear tyre broke despite a valiant repair effort comprising of cable ties and wire he was forced to retire. Paul askew took the over 50's class win from Martyn Field, Alistair Griffin and Chris Raynor couldn’t be separated after 4 test as they tied on the same score to share equal first in the clubman E1 class. Reece Morewood won the clubman E2 class, Rodger Winspear headed the clubman e3 class .

Big thanks to all that helped and the 140 riders who took part. We will be back in action on the 4/5th MAY when the British Enduro Championship comes to Helmsley we aim to improve on last year’s event there will be a 25 mile lap with 2 special tests per lap and 12 miles of special going not used on this event don’t miss out entries for this event will be available soon.

Report john kerwin
The final round of the 2012 North of England Cross Country Championship was held in the magnificent grounds of Everingham Hall, Everingham, near York. The setting could not have been better with the start in front of the 17th century house and the course winding its way through the parkland to the open stubble fields. Herds of deer looked on as their home had been taken over for the weekend by the Total Enduro entourage.

But the Total Enduro crew were given a difficult decision on Friday whether to cancel or to run after another week of heavy rain had waterlogged parts of the venue. Checking the weather and with no rain forecast for the weekend the decision was made to run. If summers are going to be like this one then riders have got to master these conditions or there will be very few events. When the crew plotted the course 4 weeks ago you could drive around the stubble fields in a van but that wasn’t the case on Sunday!!
Race day started shrouded in fog and the youth riders readied themselves for the 9am start. With a big youth entry John Kerwin started the proceeding bang on time with a wave of the Rock Oil flag. Ross Johns took the holeshot as he led them around a shortened course using the flowing woodland loop only. After 90 minutes of hard riding it was Rhys Bradford taking the win from Ross Johns with Tom Rial third. Will Trigg finished 4th and confirmed himself as 2012 NEXC youth Champion. A big well done to all the youth riders.
The venue was still under a blanket of fog although it was lifting. At 11.30am starter John Kerwin once again using the Rock Oil flag started the main event and The ROCK OIL Everingham XC was under way. 120 adult riders set off in 3 lines. Turbo Tom Healey took the RAS SPORT holeshot award for the first line as he led around the first few bends, the clubman and sportsman lines followed at minute intervals and disappeared into the woodland.

After an anxious wait peering into the fog it was Luke Flack who was back first to the transponder station followed closely by Turbo Tom and the Biffstar. Turbo Tom seized his bike on lap 5 pushing it back to the pits so he could finish and claim the 2012 NEXC Championship. A few laps later Luke Flack pushed his dads old ktm 400 into the pits with a snapped chain. The Biffstar was now out on his own in the Championship class but he wasn’t in the overall lead, as local Expert rider Steve Gardham led the race overall and after a poor start had charged through the pack and was in front revelling in the conditions, while the Biffstar on 13 laps took the Championship class win. Steve Gardam was the Expert winner and put in the best overall performance with 14 laps, Joe chambers was second in the Experts and Mark Raynor third. In the 040 class, Davey Selkeld recent Darlington slimmer of the year powered his 350 ktm to victory a lap clear of second place local rider Howard Blundell and Marcus Firth returning to riding after time out finished third.

Mark 'I love a trophy' Marshal was the best overall Clubman rider of the day and best E1, he is set for the Experts in the new season and will make the podium positions in that class next year. In the 050 class Brett Haley proved to be top old timer closely followed by Roy RAS Palmer who provided the holeshot awards to the adult race.

Overall best Sportsman and best Sportsman e1 was Paul Raine completing a fine 11 laps. Paul broke his back a few years ago and suffers sever back pain which puts this achievement is put in to prospective, well done!
Although we didn’t have a ladies class 3 girls in the Sportsman e1 class dug deep and put a lot of guys to shame. Competing in her first adult race Megan Wilson just 15, daughter of the famous Justin 'the daddy' Wilson finished in 7th position, Ellie Cook took 9th place and Kate Smith 15th. Well done girls respect.

The day was rounded off with the presentation awards and a host of new champions in the various classes crowned. Don’t forget the awards presentation evening for the 2012 NEXC season will be announced soon on the neec site.
Although a few riders found the conditions not to their liking most dug deep and finished having enjoyed the day. We were pleased with the low retirement rate and how well the transponder system worked, with riders able to ride through without having to take their hand off the bars giving accurate results in very muddy conditions. A big thanks to Rock Oil and every one that helped and we will be back in action in December!

WHITE HORSE ENDURO- NEEC ROUND 5 - 14th October 2012
The 2012 White Horse proved to be a classic enduro testing both riders and there machines.

White Horse enduro video can be found here: click here

Chris Hudson photography has taken lots of pictures of the event and they can be found here:
click here

The results now on calender page.

Marshal report by Richard Purdy

The white horse enduro was on Sunday and I’d been invited to marshal. I’ve never held any illusions about my ability regarding an enduro, its something I’d just never do but this was a chance to see one up close. You know it will be interesting when you’re told which bike to bring and to put low gearing on it.

The view from the top of the hillside, one of the few spots with phone signal
The first part of Saturday was spent cutting out forest and marking out bits of course, hammering in road pins, putting up tape, stapling arrows and so on. It was hot work and I was using a heavy branch to smash through deadwood when the club like head on it it snapped and hit me hard in the nose which was the first incident of the day for me. I managed to embarrass myself stalling repeatedly in front of people in one section. Once you’re stopped on a slope, its a nightmare to get going again.
Later in the afternoon, after marking out was completed, they needed some course times. A group set out and I decided to tag on the back, at least I could check the marking out. In short order, I’d stalled the bike and they disappeared off into the distance, I never did see them again, several didn’t complete the course either. I continued on, coming across some interesting features like a nice decent with a steep, tree rooted climb on the exit to a stream. I gave this a go, mostly made it up but had to help the bike over a root. Later, people pointed out that this was the “expert” route and there was an easier alternative to the right but there was no track going that way visible at this point. This was taken at the stream crossing showing the choice of two routes on the Sunday after the signs had been tweaked:

So far the terrain was unknown and full of surprises, I then came to the bits we’d marked out and/or already ridden so this gave some let up. I was taking breaks periodically since otherwise, I was going to get tired and make more mistakes. I made a phone call on the top of the hillside with great views of the valley where there was phone signal. Shortly after than I managed to catch a rut badly, laid the bike down on its side and barrel rolled off it and down an incline. No damage to anything thankfully as I was going slowly. At some point I also ended up upsidedown on an incline with the bike on top of me which was fun. Periodically, there were interesting features like steep drop off sections. Again, apparently there were easier bits but I wasn’t understanding the marking of these correctly. In the special test section there was an interesting incline you had to go up which for some reason scared the living daylights out of me. They ended up taking out the crazy downhill then uphill section just after this as even though a few of us had made it around, it was going to cut up too easily with a few bikes around it.
Around this time, someone passed me and we exchanged a few words about me taking it easy and them suggesting “the best bits are to come”. I came to the piece of the course I’d been around so far and knew I could head back to the start from here. Since by this point I was suffering exhaustion, the sensible thing to do was to head back. I’d heard stories about having to jump ditches and a dry stone wall but I thought I’d done that part (that seemed easier than they were suggesting). There was definitely some steep hill climbs ahead though. Since I’d likely never do it again, I decided to continue, slowly and carefully. I soon came to the uphill section which was a relentless steep climb for a few hundred meters. Amazingly for me, I did make it to near enough the top without stopping. The bike was trying to stall, bogging down badly and I was determined we were not stopping and its probably one of the few times I’ve ever found the throttle stop. A decent followed, followed by what looked like more hard hill climbs but the hardest climb turned out to be behind me. A boggy trip through the trees brought me back to the start. I’d taken somewhere over two hours, the clubman time was about an hour. Experts would do four of the 12 mile laps, one was enough for me.

It was an early start on Sunday and I’d left the bike outside the van overnight so it was covered in frost. I had to scrape ice off the van windscreen too.

As a marshal, the idea was to roam around your section making sure everyone was ok, repair the route where possible and generally help out as needed. The section assigned to our group included the downhill section into the stream and another steep downhill section just after it. I did my best to roam around, yet keep out the way of the competitors and help out where needed. We’d also been asked to send people periodically to the starters point to help. I picked a good time to be there under the gazebo for the short downpour we had!
On the steep downhill, I managed to lose my balance on one trip down and ended up “choosing” a head-on collision with a tree into the headlight as the alternatives would have involved clipping the bars against a tree and leaving the bike. As it was, I stopped against the tree, restarted the bike and continued before the marshal behind slid into me (as there was no way he’d have been able to stop and I was conscious of this). Amazingly, there wasn’t too much damage as the light itself stayed intact:

The day’s activities were then complete and it was then time to demark the course and collect in all the arrows and tape. I helped out, ending up at the back of the group with a heavy paperbag filled with collected in material. I was about to set off once again, tried to kick the engine over to start it and found the kick start lever ended up on the ground. The kick start shaft itself had sheared leaving the casing in a mess too

I waited around but nobody came back far enough to find me although I did hear someone in the distance so I was on my own. No problem, I found a hill, bump started the bike and rode fire roads back to the start. Having a GPS on the bike helped!
It was a good weekend and I enjoyed it. I doubt I’ll ever enter an enduro, I think this weekend determined that for sure but I might marshal again if they’ll have me back though.

Graythwaite Enduro and Vinduro 2012
Jim Halls ride....

Me and my 2 brothers set off early Saturday morning excited and enthusiastic because we were helping the Yorkshire Enduro Club marshal the Graythwaite Vinduro in the best country side England has to offer the Lake district. Having never had the pleasure of seeing antique riders race round on antique bikes was a real eye opener, they really do have a good old ring ding ding to em. We where posted on the start - finish of the special test and as the bikes made their way past us on the 1st lap i soon had massive respect as they made their way round on mostly large capacity 2 and 4 strokes but with skinny forks, twins shocks and drum brakes. Some had what can be best described as ballast strapped to them which also doubled as a spark plug wrench being made of cast iron.

Sunday morning and its enduro day and mine and around 180 other riders of all capabilities to give it best around the infamous tough and technical course, i was mega nervous which hasn’t happened before a race yet and couldn’t wait to get started to take my mind off things. Waiting for the start i had a brisk walk up the track from the start into a stick field or field of sticks where trees had been fell, stripped of all branches then taken away to leave the ground strewn with sticks. These sticks where slick at best of times and any not laid 90 degrees to the direction you where travelling soon sent you flying or us mere mortals it did, i think J walker will have made it look like the A1. 10:21 and i was on my way across the 1st stick field and straight into the woods, by now I’m used to ruts n mud but this was unreal!! A rocky firm base that looked flat and grippy but darted the front and rear tyres about at this point i should have tried relax a bit and let the bike take its course putting in as little input as possible but instead a i tried to wrestle with the bike to keep it straight due to lack of experience. This soon was followed with arm pump (something i never really suffered from). Today was being the day of a lot of 1st’s and a steep learning curve, but not as steep as the 1st proper hill. Approaching the hill i noticed the chicken run forked off to the right but thought sod it i will have a go. With a fist full of throttle i kept the 200 singing in 1st so i wasn’t going too fast as i didn’t know what was round the corner, oh yeah should have guessed more rocky hill. By this time i was letting the bike move around more and getting settled into the rocky terrain so much so i nearly took out a couple of marshals at the summit waiting to help less fortunate riders. The course ran through some of the most beautiful landscape with picturesque views over lake Windermere, rolling moorlands and woodland that rarely been ridden before. The going was fantastic and now the arm pump had almost gone i was really enjoying the race going up and down incredible hills and the varied landscape not one part of the course was similar to the last. Reaching the top of one hill i noticed my engine was running really sweet and quite but then my ears popped giving indication i must be very high up and once i could hear again it was back to its mechanical harsh sounding norm.
Reaching check one with 8 mins to spare was a great feeling and setting off on time up the one and only fire road gave me and the bike chance to cool down a little before heading into some more different woodland going, some single track and some where the forestry machines had been again this was brilliant but took a lot of concentration on the sticks. Check 2 was just before the special test and like after check one you could tell a lot of thought had gone into the course as it was an access road upto the start of the special test (where i was posted the day before) and gave me chance of a cool down and slurp of juice before lining up for the special test. Being lap one it was just a sighting a lap but i still gave it some away from the line for the people watching and photographers until i was out of sight then i took it easy again looking for any easier straighter routes with faster lines, then came the mother of all bogs. I bet bikes would be stuck all over this part of the course if they hadn’t built a bridge, popping a wheelie off the bridge in celebration i made my way around one the longest tests ever, post race i was informed it was how proper old fashioned time card enduro’s used to be and i think it was 5 miles long or there abouts. Continuing on you came to a short steep drop off ledge turning sharp right up a long tree root riddled stoney hill, this was great not only did it look tough you couldn’t see the top but as i gassed it on i hurtled up with speed rivalling that of championship class riders (well it felt fast to me). Over some more flowing open moorland down a big hill then up two more one quite green with grass and moss and the second just plain rocky. At the top you turned right and down a tunnel of trees into open moorland with a taped out section. This was the last stretch before the end of the test and boy was it fun. I couldn’t have made a more dramatic exit to the test if i had tried, slipping on roots on the exit corner me and the bike fell to the right with the throttle being pulled wide open, this was a lot of fun and as i swore and struggled to get the bike vertical without it taking off on its own and then not being to get going again for ruts in just the places on the tyres i felt a right plonker.

Heading off down another tree tunnel and more open moorland i wondered if i would ever reach the end of lap one the varied landscape seemed to make it feel like a really long lap, i think it was actually 18 – 19 miles but 80% of this was single track or up a steep hill or down a steep hill so hardly any blasting down miles of fire roads. I pulled into the pits end of lap one still on time had some race sustenance checked fuel level but had only used maybe 100mm from when it was full. On with lap 2 and now my limbs where warmed up and had blood flowing i cruised some of the areas i struggled with previous but reaching the top of a hill where a small shallow bog lay i was greeted with 3 bikes all struggling and stuck i changed my line and got stuck myself in pure disbelief as i rode straight through 1st lap. I struggled through getting totally frustrated at the situation and made sure next time round i would stick to left where other bikes seemed to fly through. I arrived at check one and had dropped 6 mins in the bog, this was the start of dropping time i went on to drop the bike more times than i can remember knackereing the rear brake i lost confidence on down hill sections and got stuck on another simple obstacle for what felt like an hour. By now i think all that kept me going was the scenery and determination not to dnf/hour out.
Lap three saw the return of the rear brake albeit hard to press and with my bike fitness of a sumo wrestler i was lacking in get up n go so crash limitation was the order of the day taking extra care not to get stuck or fall off wasting energy and time. I think anybody that saw me probably thought i was a lost trail rider out on a Sunday jaunt around the country side and to be fair they where probably right, making it to the end and handing in the timecard i was happy to say the least.
Seeing the results i was well pleased with 12th out of 24 E2 clubman and actually really want to do it all again this weekend coming, i will be getting my entry early next year as i think like the Ryedale Rally it will fill up in no time at all.
Finaly a massive thankyou goes to the Yorkshire Enduro Club for putting on such a well organised event and some guy called Tim Brown who i hear had a lot to do with the organising of it all.

For Vinduro Pics Gallery: CLICK HERE

For Enduro Pics Gallery: CLICK HERE

Results for vinduro and enduro on Calendar Page

ENDURO click here

VINDURO click here

Camphill 2012

A great event - good size entry and a brilliant track. The weather tried to spoil the fun, but he light rain towards the end of the day merely added to the interestingly slippery sections interspersed throughout the 4 miles of going. Thanks to the North Riding Enduro Club for another cracking cross-country race.

Results are now on the calendar page.

Video of the youth race now ready - click here.

Adult race video coming soon.

Ryedale Rally 2012 – Not raining but Wet Wet Wet...

Who would have believed that during the monsoon summer of 2012, the Yorkshire Enduro Club would actually benefit from the driest weather ever enjoyed by the Ryedale Rally. The day before however provided extreme torrents for the marshals marking the course and laying hundreds of barrows of hardcore to assist access to the campfield. Indeed, who could blame the rider who started the event with a snorkel attached to his helmet!!!
At the riders meeting the Martins trophies at Harrogate sponsored ‘Spirit of the Rally Award’ was presented to Phil Brown who had demonstrated what rallying is all about by riding from the south of France! He met Belgian Pascal van de Putte and hitched a lift in his van from Calais and would then ride down to Devon after the event, visit relations and ride back home. A total of 3,500 km’s – on a 990 KTM with two spare wheels strapped on as well! Impressive. A very close second was Ryan Smith from Guernsey. He rode all the way to the event early on the Friday morning through unspeakable rain, stopped for a full English breakfast in Pickering then set up his tent and slept for several hours....
Sunny as the riding days proved to be, right up until the morning of the event, weather & ground conditions caused last minute changes to the course. Many routes through the woods were too soft for the number of bikes that would pass and the Sunday test had many twists and turns straightened in an attempt to keep the bikes flowing. Little did he know it but first man away Steve Hague was about to embark on an adventure that several riders would find just too hard.
The Saturday consisted of 15 miles of liaison out to Check one (the arrows told you to turn left Claire!). This was followed by two and a half laps of a 45 mile course that, although challenging, held up well for most riders – as long as they were fit and able to push and shove through a few tricky areas. For those on the big rally bikes this was a real test of strength and stamina and those that finished the laps were thankful that the return liaison section would give them chance to gather thoughts for the Sunday and, if they weren’t too knackered, they had a chance to smell the moorland heather & enjoy the beautiful scenery of North Yorkshire.
We didn’t have the Pizza deliveries this year (see last years report) but we did have two postmen – on American postie bikes. Marcus and Gavin Lodge imported these from the states and built them to impressive standard only to discover that the design didn’t incorporate having to negotiate deep ruts. A brave attempt on such tiddlers – and very much in the spirit of the event. Unfortunately they didn't get as far as the photographer - maybe next year.

The Sunday was a shorter 30 mile lap ridden three times and the test proved to be even tougher than the Saturday so again – really well done to everyone who finished. And a big thanks too to all those riders that stopped to help others on the course – and even on the test. To see how bad the test was, look at Lyndon Poskitt's video on Youtube. There was quite a bit of bad vibe about this test but the organisers can only work with what they've got - and the weather didn't help. Hopefully it won't be as difficult next year.
170 riders set off on the Sunday and just about all battled their way through to the end. This is a truly herculean achievement for the big bike boys and once again anyone who rode this event will be in awe of their strength and ability – and courage too (or is that foolhardiness?) This year saw more people than ever camping and the hog roast and salad buffet went down a treat. As usual there were plenty of toilets and riders felt well catered for even in Langdale Forest with homemade cake from the excellent butty wagon.
The event was very quickly oversubscribed so if you didn’t get an entry we’re sorry that you missed out on one of the most challenging Ryedales yet. The riding list included riders from Belgium, Guernsey, Holland and France – welcome one and all – we hope you come back next year.The Yorkshire Enduro Club worked extremely hard to organise the event and many riders paid thanks on the day and there have been many emails of praise. If you have comments or thoughts to share for next year – please post them on the forum under Ryedale Rally.

As for the results, congratulations go to;
Steve Hague - Premier Big Bike
David Watson - Best Multi Cylinder
Tony Whitehead -Premier Trail
Tim Stevens - Best over 250 Trail
Lyndon Poskitt - Premier Sports
Matthew Skirvin - Best up to 250 Sports
Andy Jones - Premier Two Stroke
Donna Gray - Premier Lady
Alan James - Premier over 50
Alan Clarke - Premier over 60
... and finally (even though it was technically a DNF) - Claire Mawrey - Premier Classic (or rather the Classic that got the furthest!)

And the happiest couple award goes to...
Riders 171 and 172 - a 990 KTM and 1981 DT250 ridden by Andrew and Claire Mawrey and respectively


Ryedale 2012 Team Results

1 Argy Bargy 2 6082
2 Moto Meerkat 6561
3 The Three Muskabergs 6633
4 Far Canal 1 6694
5 Argy Bargy 1 6871
6 TRF Team Peak 2 7324
7 Mx Dordt 2 7561
8 Manx Raiders1 8075
9 Desert Rose Racing 9487
10 Icelandic Bankers 10283
11 Trac Boyz 11182
12 Team Lard 11566
13 Happy Snappy`s 11598
14 Squashed 2 13612
15 Sidcup 1 14336
16 Headline 1 14403
17 Oil Boilers Team 1 14967
18 Bahnstormer Team Snapper 16831
19 2 Wheel All Terrain 2 16939
20 TRF Team Peak 1 17963
21 TRF Team Peak 3 19108
22 Headline 2 23169
23 Team Gaffer Tape 25872

DAY ONE click here

DAY TWO click here

A riders tale.....The Helmsley Enduro 2012
Busy busy busy.. always busy, its Saturday morning as im making good progress up the M5 from Cornwall just leaving an excellent holiday behind I find my self already thinking of what’s to be done and where I can stop off on route to collect fuel and race numbers for tomorrows helmsley time card enduro. All time is precious as when we get home after the 5 ½ hr drive there’s unpacking, bike prep and getting ready for an engagement party on the to do list.

Up early and feeling fresh! bike and kit loaded into dads taxi everything’s going well. Almost too well, we arrive in good time and now seemed a good time for the race sustenance as having it at home ends up being way too early. As I sign on and fill out my time card I joke to the lady about the catering van being late and was informed it wasn’t turning up. Gutted.

Blagging 2 ryvitas with corned beef off the bone in between followed by 2 rice puddings I was feeling better prepared for the rain soaked course which will inevitably be soaking up my energy.

My time came up and off I set into what was the special test used for the bec earlier on in the year, this was fun and good to get upto speed on as its graded well drained with burned corners and allowed me and the bike to warm up in harmony. Bar a few good deep puddles leading into the following sections the going got slippery tight and technical, turning slowing and then accelerating on the furrowed ground instantly screamed at me how much my forks where lacking in re bound so as the front end popped and sprung about my arms took a good beating.

Out of the woods and onto a long off camber section which lead to a good steep long down hill, so steep and long felt like is was going to the centre of the earth. Once I eventually reached the bottom I was greeted by 2 marshals and a very mature looking over grown dried up old river bed now knee deep in wet slippery grass hiding rocks below.

Making my way back up the river bed gave me the 1st chance to have a quick slurp on the camel pack before negotiating a good long bog layered on top with decent sized logs roughly 13inch long or what ever the correct measurement is to be flicked up from the front wheel and cause a good old dent in the expansion chamber. I solder on into a fog no no change that a dense fog of burnt 2 stroke and steam from 4 strokes cooking the mud on hot engines, to be greeted by two step ups roughly 3 feet in height. I wait patiently for the guy in front to take his go and climb my way out feeling sorry for the lone marshal helping as much as he could. Reaching the summit it was back into tight twisty wooded sections followed by a snake like path up a valley zigzagging left and right up and down.

Some time after the mud and ruts I was surprised to find myself at the start of the special test, elated with knowing I had completed a lap with my gearbox still having gears in the correct order but slightly annoyed when asked if I could clean my own number boards so they could read them. I entered the special test with high spirits and high energy. Giving the little 200 all it had round a grippy flowing test finished off with logs and tyres stood up and laid down I was feeling well satisfied as I pulled into the pits with time to spare.

The following lap was pretty much the same with the course managing to hold up in places but getting totally destroyed in others and really needed more marshals. I pulled into the pits feeling happy with how the test went again and still not had any major offs, but now I was feeling pretty tired and wasn’t looking forward to another 2 laps with how the course had cut up. Just then the guy next to me informed me they had to cut the race a lap short.

With renewed enthusiasm I gave it one final push knowing it was the final lap but looking at the time I dropped and test time I could have done better but was just happy I didn’t DNF.

Being my 3rd timecard enduro and 1st non DNF I was happy and looking forward to rd3 at cropton but after seeing the results (2nd in E2 and 7th) overall in clubman I am elated and buzzing and cannot wait for cropton enduro.

Finally I would like to thank me old man (John) and bro Jez for transport support and help in pit stops and this being the 1st of many more of my enduro encounters.

Jim Hall
Helmsley - NE-XC round 3 2012

For once, unfortunately, the weather forecasters got it exactly right. The promised rain and winds duly arrived in North Yorkshire, but fortunately failed to dampen the spirits of those taking part in the Helmsley XC, round 3 of the 2012 North of England Championship.

Run by Total Enduro and with a course designed by Graham Jarvis, the going was interesting yet eminently ridable. The broad tracks allowed plenty of opportunity to overtake, and the inclement conditions simply added some extra slipperiness to the proceedings.

Results will be posted soon on the Calendar page and on the Total Enduro web site site (

Those of you taking part who saw a strange figure in a day-glo bib cowering amongst the trees under an umbrella may be interested to know that, despite the decidedly unfavourable circumstances, filming took place - see below.

Video of the Youth race: click here.

Video of the adult race: click here.


Masham 2012
NE-XC round 2 - Sunday 1st April


A glorious day in North Yorkshire for round 2 of the 2012 NE-XC championship. A great day for old and young alike with an extended 5-mile course using both old favourites and new bits of the Masham countryside.

Running in the opposite direction to 2011 provided the adult race with a selection of interesting climbs, although chicken runs were thoughtfully provided for those lacking the nerve to tackle the more entertaining hills.

Some thank-yous are in order, namely:
- to the 168 Adults and 14 Youths who booked in early and made it a cracking event;
- to the North Riding Enduro Club for yet another event of the highest quality;
- to everyone who marshaled, timed and organised for helping the event run so smoothly;
- to the land owner for allowing hordes of scruffy motorcyclists to enjoy themselves in the picturesque countryside.

Lastly, all at NREC wish a speedy recovery to no. 168 Jake Miller after his slightly unfortunate episode with a tree root.

Adult results click here.

Youth results click here.


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Multimedia extravaganza for competitors and fans alike

Enjoy the memories, or see what you missed (or your loved one got up to) in lots of ways:

Youth race video on-line here on the NEEC YouTube channel.

Youth race photos here.

Adult race video here on the NEEC YouTube channel.

Adult race video from the Blue Oyster company here.. See how the professionals do it!

Adult race photos click here.

(Thanks to Andy Greenwood for the excellent photos)
A Great start to the season!


Video of the round now available. Click HERE.

Westwood was bathed in glorious spring sunshine as the riders arrived for round 1 of the North of England Cross-Country Championship. Graham Jarvis and his Total Enduro crew set out a challenging course around the 100 acre woodland venue. The course had a bit of everything, tricky stream crossings, hill climbs and descents, flowing trails all blended together to provide the rider with an enjoyable experience.

First away where the youth riders, on a shorter course than the adults. In to an early lead was Rhys Bradford in his first event, a lead he would hold for 3 laps until Doltan Shannon hit the front on lap 4 which he maintained until the finish. Results: 1 Doltan Shannon , 2 Rhys Bradford, 3 Dan Lappin. Megan Wilson won the youth ladies from Kate Smith. The riding shirts of the North Riding Enduro Club were prominent in the youth race as the NREC continue in their commitment to support the clubs youth riders.

After a few course adjustments, the track was ready for the adult race. At bang-on 11:30, event director Graham Jarvis flagged the championship, expert and O40 riders away, followed by the clubmen then the sportsmen. In the championship class, Michael Briggs and Tom Healey diced for first place early on, but Tom soon upped the pace and settled into and unassailable lead, eventually winning by a lap. Tom completed 22 laps, Michael second with 21, and local rider Declan Helliwell was third also on 21 laps.

Anthony Tempest won the Experts from Mark Raynor in second and Paul Willis third, all completing 19 laps. David Salkeld won the over-40 class from John Bradford. Stuart Waterhouse won the Clubman overall, while the ride of the day came from Dirtbike-action’s Spike Gilby just recently 15 and freshly out of the youth class he won the sportsman class by 2 laps and would have won the Expert class. Special mention also to Ellie Cooke, competing in and finishing her first senior event with a creditable 11 laps.

A big thanks to all the riders that supported the event - a great effort by Graham and Total Enduro, with the support of the North Riding and Yorkshire Enduro Clubs. The next event in the series is round 2 at Masham on the first of April, run by NREC. Total Enduro will be back in action on the 29th April at Roppa Moor plantation Helmsley with round 3 of the NEXC.

2011 NE-XC Championship round 5
Yorkshire Enduro Club


A great event, and a brilliant finish to the 2011 North of England Cross-Country Championship. We hope that everyone who took part in the series enjoyed their racing, and many thanks for all the hard work by the North of England Championship clubs. We hope that 2012 is as successful and well-supported,

Results from Tong are on the Calendar page, and series results for 2011 will be posted soon - watch this space!

Videos and pictures from the Tong round are now available. Click HERE for the (just uploaded!) adult race, and HERE for the youth race.

For pictures from the event, click HERE for the NEEC event gallery, and HERE for additional pictures from Stephen Sampson photography (...a commercial website).

Video of events from the entire NEEC series are still available, click HERE for the (slightly oddly named) NEEC video channel on YouTube. See the XC and Enduro action from 2011 and previous years - over 400,000 people have watched riders in action at NEEC events!


Results now on calender page.

Dirtbike-action set out a challenging route for the final round of the NEEC at Roppa Moor Plantation near Helmsley, 5 laps for championship and experts, 4 for clubman and 040, while the sportsman and over 50 tackled 3 laps, although the weather in the preceding week had been unkind with heavy rain Sunday was a fine day and as promised the forest stood up well to the conditions.
With the start and finish of the special test located at the start area along with refuelling, it gave the crews and spectators a chance to watch the action especially the tyres towards the end of the test, the test has been created using a 360 machine and then harrowed leaving a 7 foot wide flowing twisting trail through the trees with logs and tyres strategically placed, the test is similar in style and quality to the Munjac.
As the championship riders returned off their first full lap of the Helmsley going it was Graham Jarvis on the flight Husaberg first on to the test closely followed by Gavin Houson and Michael Briggs. At the end of the first test Graham had pulled a 8 second lead over Gav and a 34 second lead over Michael Briggs , Graham continued to build his lead on each of the next 3 test, on test 5 Gav pulled out all the stops and was catching Graham as the riders approached the tyres with only meters to the finish a rider got stuck on the last set of tyres Graham squeezed over but Gav’s path was blocked giving Graham a clean sweep of all the tests and victory .Richard Dakin won the expert class from the ever smiling Dave Nellis . Mark Houson took the 040 class win from Mark Ritchie; it was good to see Nigel Hutchinson making a return after a long layoff with a knee injury ,he went on to win the 050 class. Talking to riders at the end it was clear that the test was one of the best in the series and enjoyed by most of the riders, next year in April Helmsley will be rounds 2 and 3 of the BEC as well as the opening rounds of the NEEC on a much bigger course with a new start area and campsite with full access to the test for spectators and crews.

Helsmley video - click here.

NEEC round 8 - Sunday 9th October 2011
North Riding Enduro Club


Yes another NEEC event partially blessed by the weather Gods. Despite an overcast and gloomy day, the overnight rain that had left an interestingly slippery 13-mile course held off during the event itself.

Thanks to the North Riding Enduro Club for another memorable White Horse.

Video how available: click here.

Results available on the Calendar page here.

NEEC round 7 - Sunday 18th September 2011
Ryedale MCC


Another NEEC event where the weather held fair and the promised rain didn't start until going home time. A great day's riding put on by the Ryedale Club, including one of the longest special tests in the series to date. 20+ miles of proper forest going didn't disappoint.

Video done in record time: click here.

Results now on the Calendar page here.

The Yorkshire Enduro - NEEC round 6 2011
Yorkshire Enduro Club

"THAT WERE BLOODY BRILLIANT!" said one of the competitors in last weekend's event. Designed to be a 'proper' enduro - a course both ridable and testing with times to match - all those taking part enjoyed a great day's riding with the threatened rain falling only on the last few to finish.

The inaugural Yorkshire Vinduro for pre-1986 machines (and pre-considerably older riders) held on the Saturday enjoyed not only the same great course but also spectacular late-summer weather.

Final results now done and dusted, and available on the Calendar page here.

Enduro video - click here.

Vinduro video - click here.

For pictures from the Vinduro and Enduro in the NEEC Gallery, click here.
Camphill XC - 21st August 2011
North Riding Enduro Club


Summer finally arrived last Sunday for the 4th round of the North of England Cross-Country Championship at Camphill. Overnight rain made the early part of the event - particularly the youth race starting at 9:00 - interestingly slippery, but didn't dampen enjoyment or intensity of the racing.

After 3 hours of fun, the new datalogging system in use gave almost instant results, with prizes presented only 20 minutes after the last rider home!

Many thanks to the North Riding Enduro Club for yet another top-notch event.

Youth race video now finished - click here.

Grown-ups race video now also finished - click here.

Click here for the day's results on the Calendar page.

Browse and buy high-quality photos of the event courtesy of here.
Excellent photos taken by people who understand enduro riding!

Desert Rose K2 Rally 2011
Dirtbike Action


The Dirtbike Action crew made some major changes to last year’s event, altering parts of the 65 mile lap to include 3 enduro loops, 2 of which were new. The course with mainly flowing forestry roads and hard based tracks in the kielder forestry complex provided the big rally bikes with ideal conditions for some major sideways action. The team were dreading the worst as Tuesday and Wednesdays weather was appalling, the rain lashed down but the Dirtbike- Action crew continued relentlessly setting up the course. Thursday was much better with glimpses of sunshine coupled with a drying wind. By Friday we now had real hope for the weekend as the sun shone. Saturday dawned bathed in glorious sunshine, the wisps of smoke rising from camp stoves as breakfast and brews where made readying the riders for the day ahead.

As the bikes departed the campsite at the rate of 4 a minute and headed over Dunterley towards Pundershaw a famous RAC rally stage of old, the full entry was soon on the road and moving towards the first check. A few of the big rally bikes opted for the enduro loops. Lyndon Poskitt on his multicylinder KTM 950 was on one of the biggest bikes and muscled the mighty machine around all 3 of the enduro loops on day 1, an unbelievable feat as some of the enduro class riders made heavy work of them. Craig bounds was on the gas on the test as he set the fastest times of the day with 2 tests within 5 seconds of each other. This was a great feat after he lost a brake calliper after a rider drifted across the road forcing him in to the ditch just after the first test. Lyndon Poskitt set the second fastest times of the day on the multicylinder KTM. Russell Spray had his own adventure on the test as rider and machine leapt into a deep ditch within 10 feet of the end of the test. After a team of marshals failed to wrestle the heavy weight machine out, a quad bike was summoned to extract the beast. Mark Mollinneux as ever was enjoying himself as the impressive sounding BMW HP2 scorched around the test to claim second in the multicyliner. The two side cars running in event for the first time were enjoying themselves until one of them rolled it in the first test. Tony Whitehead lead the under 250cc trail bike class after day 1. As the remaining riders finished the test a short uphill section towards the end of lap 2 was starting to prove difficult for the riders. The riders helped each other as is the case on rallies and the sweeping marshals extracted the last few riders, every one made it back to camp and the finish of day 1.

Day 2 started an hour earlier again bathed in sunshine and blue skies. With some revised course times and the troublesome section towards the end of the lap bypassed, the riders set off at a prompt 9am start. Craig bounds once again won the tests in the rally class while Lyndon Poskitt won the multi cylinders. Lee Kelly won the rally plus hard route for the second day and Patsy Quick finished off a solid weekends riding with a third in the rally class and forth overall . As the riders finished off the second test and headed for home, the feedback from the riders was excellent and on the enjoyment factor everyone was a winner. The enduro sections 1 and 3 where the most challenging and it was good to see so many riders giving them a go from all the different classes, other than the rally plus for whom it was part of the route. Changes are already under way for next year with a longer test with duration of 10 minutes and changes to the route. I would like to thank all the riders for making the event so enjoyable to run. We are still developing the event and i think the blend of flowing gravel roads and trails and the optional enduro routes makes the event appeal to a wide variety of riders.

A special thanks to all the marshals, the Forestry Commission, and Colin and Michelle of Kielder Organic Meats for the start area and the fantastic catering. Hope to see you all next year at the 2012 K2, and until then Rally on!!

Repor: John Kerwin
Low North Camp XC 2011
Ryedale MCC


Results here.

To see the youth race video, click here.

Adult race video here.

Despite the weather conditions leaving a little to be desired, a good day's riding was enjoyed by everyone, young and old alike, at the first cross country event organised by Ryedale MCC. Riders enjoyed an interesting course with a mix of technical and open going, trees, river, mud, descents and climbs.

The youth race set off at 9:30 and enjoyed the best of the day's weather. Riding a course only slightly shortened from the full adult lap, the 'youths' showed some impressive pace and all entrants finished the full 90 minutes of riding. Michael Gilby topped the 'youth male' category with a creditable 11 laps on his 125 KTM, making the most of his capacity advantage over Archie Flack, Harry Smith, Nathan Cooke and Dan Bewley on their 85cc machines.

In the 'youth female' race, Gina Bewley edged it from Ellie Cooke by 9 laps to 8, with Ellie doing well to recover lost ground on lap 1 after an excursion down a bank!

The grown-ups set off at 11:30 for a full 3 hours of racing. By now the day's rain had added to the previous day's downpour to make sections of the course interestingly slippery. On the early laps, a tricky downhill decent into a river crossing caught out a few riders, although the championship and expert classes made it look more straightforward.

Event premier class winner, Gavin Houson, finished a lap up on championship rivals Michael Briggs and Luke Lusher. It was close in the 'experts' with James Dent edging it from Daimien Butler and Scott Atlass, all on 21 laps. Also on 21 laps was best 'over' 40' rider Mark Houson.

Luke Flack was best clubman, Christopher Raynor best sportsman, and the MX class was won by Nick Sanderson.

Congratulations to the Ryedale club for adding an interesting and enjoyable event to the North of England Cross Country Championship. Also many thanks to Scarborough and District Motor Club members and committee for their help in running this event. Definitely one to watch for next year!

Photos courtesy of Ash Digital (
Ryedale Rally 2011
Yorkshire Enduro Club


Results here. Team results out soon.

Lots of pictures here.

Day 1 video here. Day 2 video here.

The riders set off in sunshine from 10.30am to attack a 150 mile course through Cropton, across scenic moorland via Goathland (Aidensfield) and Fylingdales to drop into Langdale forest. Here, the riders were presented with a new direction for 2 1/2 laps, including a timed test before riding across to Wyekham Forest and Troutsdale. All went well though the morning and then huge black clouds billowed overhead and the most intense downpours of thundery rain turned the roads to riverbeds and the tracks to slop. This was accompanied by ear shattering thunder (& lightning – some of which struck a fence and ran alongside a team of travelling Marshals) and a couple of whiteout hail storms. Competitors and Marshals mainly rode bravely on although a few were spotted cowering in a van and some actually lying under bushes and shrubs!

Fearing a mass exodus from the forest of soaked riders (unfounded!) and suspecting problems with extra mud back at the camp site, the start/finish Marshals decided quickly to return to base and prepare for a possible early finish. Taking to the main road to speed their journey, on approaching Snainton, the roads appeared dry. And by Thornton-le-Dale, tourists could be seen enjoying a Mediterranean climate and sunning themselves in tee shirts. Indeed the campsite had not seen a drop of rain all day!

Sadly, the weather proved spiteful, and as the riders left the forest for the long liaison section home, the clouds followed and burst over Cropton to welcome them back – mainly in very good spirits having enjoyed a challenging but great day’s riding. One rider suffered no less than 5 punctures and another lost a sprocket bolt but was lucky enough to meet a Marshal with the skill to cannibalise another Marshal’s trailer for a suitable bolt and get him on the road again. Sadly, the familiar pizza boxes suffered in the rain and were seen languishing soggily in a hedgerow but on the whole, a safe day’s riding was enjoyed by most – those who took waterproofs along having made a good decision….

The evening proved to be sunny and warm, and as the Marshals departed the field to work on a now horrendously muddy Sunday course, they left a scene of great sociability as competitors enjoyed a splendid hog roast accompanied by roast potatoes and a sumptuous range of salads in the marquee.

Sunday promised calmer weather but the organisers did fear that the entry would be exceptionally depleted after the soaking that rider and kit had suffered on Saturday. Happily, the riders were sufficiently determined and looking forward to a 3 lap course through Cropton Forest and only 20 riders dropped out for day 2 which began early at 9.30.

The organisers were thrilled to receive reports back from the riders that it was a “brilliant” course and included “the best special test ever ridden in a Rally” by Craig Bounds. Clare Griffin (riding in her first Rally - previously having brought her pushbike and camera) may have arrived home last, but couldn’t believe how much fun she had been missing and pronounced the course an absolute “giggle”! Riders 1, 2 3 (Steve Hague, Craig Bounds and Patsy Quick) maintained their place ahead of the field although Mark Mollinaux on his tuned HP2 suffered multiple punctures which put him under pressure to stay at the front!

The entry (which had filled to the limit in just 8 days so be sure to get your entry in quickly next year!), was wide ranging and included a finisher in the Over 70 class (congratulations to the perennially youthful Mr John Hall) and Stephen James Franklin finished on a bike dating from the 70s in the twinshock class. His Honda CL 350 lost a footrest on Day 1, but completed Day 2 with a tyre lever jubilee clipped into place as a substitute on day 2! Needless to say, the rain returned to welcome the riders in to the finish, but little harm was done and most vehicles made it out of the campsite under their own steam – just a few of the bigger rigs needing a tow from a Marshal’s quad.

The YEC owe thanks to many people and institutions which give unfaltering support to this event, including:
- The Blacksmith’s Inn, Hartoft End
- The Forestry Commission – Pickering
- The North Yorkshire Moors National Parks Authority
- Wykeham Estate
- the paramedic support
- Marshals from North Riding Enduro Club and Ryedale MCC

...hope to see you all again next year!

More pictures here courtesy of 'Sam1965uk'.
Thorp 2011
Thorpe XC - June 5th


Results here. Pictures here. Youth race video here. Main race video here.

It looked like a repeat of the downpours that made the ground sticky and tricky last year, but as the flag dropped on the first race the rain stopped and didn’t return. The temperatures were perfect and the ground was firm. The 5 mile lap was set in the three contrasting woodlands, with an 'extreme' section to entertain the spectators. It was a true family event, ending the day bathed in sunshine for the awards ceremony.

The racing did not disappoint. The Championship and Expert class got away at 11.30 prompt, and pre-race favourite Graham Jarvis had a poor start, entering the woods one short of last. At the end of lap one, flying Dave Myers had a twenty second lead over Vince Harker, who in turn had Tim Pattison on his back wheel. Jarvis at this point was over a minute down, but set about his task of cutting through the pack.

Myers meanwhile was consistently lapping in 12 minutes until problems on lap four led to his early retirement. Tim Pattison also slowed on lap four, and a previous knee injury forced him to end his race. Craig Reynolds was then able to settle into a rhythm that saw his times getting faster to finish second to Graham Jarvis, the only man to complete 15 Laps. Luke Lusher benefitted from the collapse of Vince Harkers rear moose on lap ten to claim the final podium position. The expert class was just as close: James Dent completed the first lap in the lead, followed by Josh Bendell and Rob Johnson. James Dent was passed to finish third on 14 laps, with Damion Butler in second place.

The new PHIL CORNER memorial trophy was presented to the winning expert rider, Alexis Catros, by Phil’s family. A special mention has to go to the fifty-plus old dog Mark Houson, who not only won the over-40 class, but would have won the expert, or finished on the podium in the Championship class. You've still got it granddad! Every rider of every class had a great day, on what is one of the best organised and well kept course in the NE- XC series.

Next round is at Low North Camp near Scarborough, on 17th July. Entries on the calendar page here.

Report Jonathan Airey

Youth Race

After the early downpour there were some second thoughts amongst the youth riders, but luckily the weather held up while the youth male and ladies kicked off the day at 9am, hitting the track with a 90 min race.

Luke Flack who took the hole-shot on his KTM 150, closely followed by Gina Bewlay and Ellie Cooke with the rest of the field close behind. Luke, with an impressive fastest lap time of 13 minute 40 seconds, pulled away, leading from start to finish with 7 laps. Michael Gilby wasn’t far behind, pulling in the minutes after a failure on the start line leaving him eager to catch Luke However after an incident, Joshua Hornshaw took second place with Dan Bewlay in 3rd, also with 7 laps. An impressive ride from Will Trigg, ugrading to his Dad's 125, took him to 5th place, and allowed Nathan Cooke to ride Will's 85 due to his being broken. James Gamble also had an enjoyable ride completeing his first ever race!

The ladies class saw close competition. Gina Bewlay led from start to finish, taking the win with an impressive ride after laps. Ellie Cooke stayed closely behind trying to catch Gina, however after a fall Nieve Holmes was able to gain the time and overtake Ellie on the second to last lap. Nieve retained 2nd place, from Ellie in 3rd also on 7 laps.

Report by Ellie Cooke

If you are a youth rider who would like to write the report on your next race, then e-mail your account of the event to and the best entry will be put on the website
Harwood Two Day Enduro
Harwood 2 Day Enduro

John Kerwin from Dirtbike-Action said,
From an organizational point of view everything ran well over the weekend for our first BEC event as i expected it to do with the quality of manpower we were able to draw on. The course was typical for a northern forest, and was designed to challenge the riders, many had never experienced this type of terrain before, the times were just about right with only the top few riders in each class clean, months of effort had gone into constructing the test which held up well over the two days of competition giving the championship riders over 45 minutes of test time. the heavy overnight rain through Saturday night and Sunday made the conditions on Sunday harder than anticipated but we quickly adjusted the number of laps for the expert and championship classes and altered the course for the 040 clubman classes to get the riders home.
The feed back from the majority of the riders was excellent tough but enjoyable was the consensus, my thanks to every one that helped especially Mick lawrence and his crew , Mark Houson for his help on the test , and all the Dirtbike Action crew, Nick Craige Electraction and TM for there support and miles of tape . after this success in bringing a round country's most prestigious enduro championship to the North of England we will certainly apply for a round of the 2012 BEC but with a new venue kielder.John kerwin Dirtbike-Action

North of England results to follow

The 2nd round of the Metzeler ACU British Enduro Championship took place this weekend near Morpeth in Northumberland. John Kerwin and his Dirtbike-action team worked hard to bring the BEC back to the North of England and created a 34 mile lap with a long XC test that would challenge the countries finest riders. There was a single out check which was followed by the test. The organisers used so much of the land that there was no access to forest for spectators. The weather was dry but the ground was wet. The absence of Championship leader David Knight through injury has blown the 2011 season open but Hardwood would not be a dash for the podium - it would be a hard slog.

Three laps of tight woodland and bog hopping suited trials specialist Tom Sagar who won Day 1 ahead of the KORRacing trio of Greg Evans, Jonny Walker and Daryl Bolter, Paul Edmondson was 5th and the tall Scotsman Euan McConnell was 6th. The Isle of Man duo of Alex Rockwell and Danny McCanney were 7th and 8th. The slick conditions caught out several top riders. Simon Wakely punched himself in the ribs with his bars which dropped him down the results. Ollie Moyce and Lee Edmondson also both crashed on the test,

MPS Husqvarna's Joe Deakin used all the tractor power of the 250 fourstroke to win the Experts ahead of Alun Jones and Lewis Belfield. MPS Husqvarna also topped the Clubman class with a win for Rob Johnson. Aled Price was the runner up and Reece Enson was 3rd. It was tougher for the Clubman who only had 2 laps but they also had to excavate semi submerged Championship and Expert riders from the peat. Tim Forman settled back and waited for a tow from a passing Foden Expert Mike Rees was on fire literally when dry grass packed around his exhaust ignited. He put the fire out and finished. The time schedules were a good indicator of the going with the organisers allotting 2 hours and 20 minutes to the Clubman for their opening lap. An average speed of less than 15 miles an hour. For some it would not be long enough and 50% of the Experts retired.which was a pity as the course improved as the marshalls cut and widened the lines. The eternal battle of the Veterans clattered through the trees irrespective of the conditions. Wyn Hughes was the winner ahead of Carl Tiley and Russell Millward. The old boys have been here before but for many of the younger riders Harwood was a Hard Wood.

Overnight rain on Saturday made a tough event tougher. Tom Sagar once again took the Premier and maximum points for the Fast Eddy Edmondson Racing Team. Greg Evens was 2nd and Jonny Walker was 3rd. Euan McConnell moved up into 4th and Graham Jarvis was 5th. Paul Edmondson was 6th, Danny McCanney was 7th and Ashley Wood was 8th . Ben Burrell (9th) had a better day but Daryl Bolter found a big hole and he dropped to 10th.

After 3 rounds Tom Sagar leads the Championship with 50pts from Greg Evans on 47pts. Paul Edmondson is 3rd
The Langdale Enduro 2011
Round 1 of the North of England Enduro Championship


The enduro deities smiled on NEEC on Sunday as the morning's torrential rain finally abated just as the first riders set off on the challenging but entertaining 20 mile lap of Langdale Forest. As usual, the Ryedale Club hosted the enduro season opener and, as usual, set a great course with several new sections including an all-new special test.

Despite the early downpour, the mud and puddles added to the enjoyment rather than impeded progress. Riders in all classes enjoyed a 'proper' enduro, and special mention goes to number 132 Ellie Cooke who, despite shearing her gear spindle in the special test, succesffuly completed her first ever timecard event!

To see the video, click here.

Click here to see pictures from the event.

Click here to go to the calendar page for the results.
Masham 2011
Round 1 of the NE-XC Championship

A fine time was had by pretty much everyone at the Masham NE-XC on the 10th April, the first round of the North of England XC series. Unusually warm for April, the sunshine caused many camelbaks to be drained in short order.

Youth Race

The first event of the year began with a fresh challenge for the experienced North Riding Enduro Club: the first ever North of England Youth Race. With many other clubs running their youth series around greatly reduced tracks, it was decided to give the North Riding teenagers a fuller experience, using much of the 'adult' course. After all, this is an endurance event using varied going!

The riders did not disappoint in enthusiasm, skill and certainly not fitness. Only the toughest hills were cut, and everyone rode clean laps.
The winner (after an hour) was Michael Gilby, who showed the marshals how to ride completing 8 laps, with Henry Blundell on 7, closely followed home by Dan Bewlay also on 7 laps.The Best Youth Lady was Ellie Cooke, who completed 6 laps, with Gina Bewlay and Nieve Holmes also on 6 laps.

Adult Race

On the start line the adults were keen to get their season underway, with the conditions in the mature private woodland warm, dry and perfect for a true woods XC event.

All the classes were well supported, showing this is a series for all disciplines. The course had flowing lines with some steep climbs, relished by competitors and the many spectators. This year, steepest hill had a hard, medium and soft option, with increasing track length the penalty for taking the 'Chicken Run'.

Champion of the event went to Graham Jarvis on the Husaberg 300. He showed yet again his ability to cut through the field with apparent ease, completing 12 laps. Runner-up Tom Healy completed 11 laps. The Expert podium was topped by Graham Gowland with 11 laps.
The Over-40 class saw Martin Atherton getting the better of Mark Houson, and all those on the podium completing 10 laps. Everyone reported a great day, promising to be at the next NREC NE-XC event at Thorpe, near Bedale, on Sunday the 5th of June.

The next NEEC event will be the Langdale Enduro, on the 8th of May. This is a time card event through pine forest using a 20 +mile lap. If you haven’t experienced forest riding on this scale, the ever-popular Langdale event is your opportunity to get amongst the big woods. For those less experienced, a full time card explanation is available on the articles page and the friendly folk of the Ryedale Club will be on hand to help any 'newbies' on the day.

Report by Jonathan Airey

For the video of the event, CLICK HERE

For pictures of the day, CLICK HERE

See yourself in action!


See yourself, your loved ones or just what you missed at the Masham XC on April 10th. Now available in full high definition (that's 1080p for any video nerds out there) simply CLICK HERE and enjoy. Worth watching to the end...

The Dirtbike-action team set out a compact enduro at Roppa moor plantation near Helmsley, with 2 time checks and a flowing special test, the course was testing with its winding trails and wider tracks through the trees> Although the weather had been bad over the previous week and it rained during the event, the course stood up well.

With a good entry of expert riders, it was a newcomer to the expert class Reece Emson that stole the show, winning the event with five consistent special test that gave him a narrow 2 second overall margin over the experienced Biff Smith, with Vince Harker third. In the clubman class it was the youthful John Bradford, with 4 tests all within 6 seconds of each other, that enjoyed a 34 second winning margin over Glen Broadhurst, in third place despite being new to time cards was.

Gary Parr won the over-40 class from Chesterfield's John Boden. In the sportsman class, Sam Brown was the man that stole the show with a good win in his first time card event, with a slender 5 second margin over the Ras Sport boss Roy Palmer. Harrogate’s Liam Radcliffe was third. Special mention goes to Chris Edge who was the sole survivor in the over 50 class!

The club were pleased with the support the event received and the positive comments from the riders. A good warm-up event for the full North of England Enduro championship, starting in spring. A big thanks to all the girls on the checks and test, and to all the marshals who make these events possible. T
Tong 2 - see yourself in action! 2010
Another grand day out...

We promised a 4-mile, very varied lap of ups and downs, ins and outs, mud, trees, a few rocks, some water and more mud - and that's what you got! A great way to end the season, and throughly enjoyed by everyone taking part.

To see yourself in the video of the event (or see what you missed),
CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE for the pictures of the day.

The White Horse Enduro 2010
Phew - what a scorcher!

The White Horse, reintroduced to the North of England Enduo Championship after a 4-year lay-off, was a fitting finale to the 2010 series. The North Riding Club provided an excellent day's riding in the 'classic' enduro tradition that tested every competitor, with everyone bar the sportsmen (where times were deliberately generous) dropping minutes.

A 13-mile lap of varied going made best use of the contours of Boltby Forest. The special test was a particular highlight, with a touch of everything: trees, green rides, climbs, descents, open moors and a bit of mud. Unusually for the North of England in October, the main weather hazard was the bright but seasonally low sunshine. Temperatures that wouldn't have been out of place in August made it warm work in some of the stickier parts of the lap.

The challenging nature of the course led to some alterations towards the end of the event, cutting out a couple of sections where going was becoming particularly tricky. Special mention must go to Nigel Heath (no. 65) for completing 2 laps on his classic Husky (...and managing to get in the video twice!).

Results now out: CLICK HERE

CLICK HERE to watch the video of the event

Don't forget your final chance for some fun before those long winter months: the Tong Hare & Hounds on Sunday the 21st of November - see the calendar page for regs and pay on-line

The 2010 Yorkshire Enduro
...and a good time was had by all

Congratulations to all those who took part in the Yorkshire Enduro. The weather, for once in that particular part of North Yorkshire, was spectacular. The course held up well, mostly improving as the day wore on and new lines emerged, leading one happy rider to remark he thought it was "...the best ride I've done in a long time".




Looking forward to next year already!

Kielder Two Day Rally 2010

The desert rose shines at the kielder rally
As patsy quick wins the rally class
The Dirtbike Action crew set up camp at the Kielder Organic Meats farm on the outskirts of the town of Bellingham in the stunning Northumberland national park, to set up the first K2 rally. With a carefully planned route of 60 off road miles, coupled with a scenic 9 mile road liaison stage to the start of the forest stages at Elf Kirk view point overlooking Kielder Water and the dam. The liaison was ridden once in the morning and again in the afternoon as the riders returned to Bellingham. Saturday’s mileage would be 160 miles as the riders completed 2 .3 laps and 3 special tests.
Dirtbike Action always innovative had provided riders with 3 optional extra routes of true enduro going. Short in distance but never the less testing for those who wanted to be challenged and a good percentage of the riders tried the options during the weekend. The special test proved to be a good mix of gravel tracks and trails with a few short sections of fire roads thrown in. With a little sting in tail as the final few meters dropped into a grass section before a short steep climb out on to the fire road and the finish. The conditions on the test varied as intermittent showers and sunshine were the order of the weekend, with Sunday suffering some longer spells of rain.

With 4 tests Patsty Quick won the flagship rally class by 2 minutes, from Trevor Newton. David Griffiths made his long trip to Kielder worthwhile as he set the quickest times to take the win in the sports enduro class over 250cc, with David Watson finishing as runner up some 2 minutes behind. Richard Griffin won the multi cylinders class, while Anthony whitehead won the trail class up to 250 with Tony Woodhams not far behind. The award for best sports/enduro up to 250 was claimed by Ian Tyler-Bond, while Michael Cheneler won the over 50 class. Dirtbike Action were pleased with the riders comments at the end, and it was clear that the format of the event was well received.
We feel that we can easily improve on this event to include a awards presentation at the end of the event and more optional sections. We would like to thank the new riders that we met over the weekend for supporting the event and to say it was one of the most pleasurable events we have ever run.
We will certainly do more rallies in the near future in other parts of the UK. Pictures and comments on Finally a big thanks to the Marshals, Landowners, Kielder Organic Meats Farm, Bellingham and especially to Northumbrian Air Ambulance
The Ryedale Rally 2010
Ryedale Rally 2010

“The best day’s riding we have EVER had!” was the ecstatic cry of the first group of riders to return from Day 1 of the 2010 Ryedale Rally. This was music to the ears of the Yorkshire Enduro Club who had put in months of planning (and negotiation with landowners, the Forestry, motoring authorities and the National Park), followed by 3 days long & hard riding to set up the course and MUCH heartache to get this Rally underway!!!

Saturday July 3rd dawned hot and sunny and the idyllic start/camping field was soon buzzing with a full entry of keen riders taking an interesting range of bikes through machine examination ready for a 10.30 start. At the big fast end of the spectrum, was Mark Mollineaux’s BMW HP2 Megamoto Enduro and in contrast there was an AJP 200, which caught the attention of the Marshals as it appeared to defy the excellent course marking and ride around in circles quite a lot – indeed rider Charlotte was eventually provided with her own set of dayglo arrows stuck to her bike and helmet so she was sure to know where to go!!! Older and unusual bikes on the list included a 650 Rickman Triumph, a 1971 Honda SL350, a 250 Puch and 250 and 175 SWMs.

An army of Marshals having been dispatched to supervise and patrol, riders left in batches of 3 for a gentle country ride through Cropton Forest to warm them up for a 12 mile liaison section of heather clad moorland road with stunning views from Whitby Abbey to Fylingdales Early Warning Station. Then the offroad course began in earnest as it dropped through farmland and climbed on into Langdale Forest (with a welcome stop for a burger and a cuppa) and on to the “special test”. The course then looped 2 ½ times through Langdale and Wyekham forests, via some beautiful but lesser known Yorkshire dales and villages before crossing the moors of “Heartbeat” country back to Cropton Forest and the finish after 160 miles…

A dry spring and weeks of unbroken sunshine meant that the course was unusually dry and dusty which made for fast going with plenty of chance to slide on loose gravel… but the verdict from most returning riders seemed to be that it had been a grand day’s riding.

Happily, most riders found the energy and strength to set off on a shorter but taxing day two which was to comprise 3 laps of Cropton Forest. Sunday 4th July remained dry and temperate, but a very strong and gusty wind had to be taken into account, not least by the teams managing the test and checks and the First Aid staff who saw their Gazebo base at the start field flip a full somersault over the Army encampment and land terminally in the hedge!

The special test on Day 2 was an interesting experience for riders, combining as it did, tight twists and turns with endless ruts and dips – all of which were to be negotiated at speed by those with a competitive frame of mind. As neither vast sums of money, nor prestigious championship titles were at stake, some riders questioned the “courtesy” of certain other riders whose competitive spirit overcame them and led to a few incidents where bike and rider were put at risk. Some of the older bikes are classics and priceless beyond their actual value and their owners would hope that on a Rally, they might be granted some respect from other riders rather than be pushed aside at risk of irreparable damage. Similarly, a rider who in charging through the special test, happened to barge over the sponsor of the event trophies, hardly enhanced his chances of winning any ”silverwear” did he???

As ever, the Yorkshire Enduro Club could not achieve such a successful and enjoyable event without the support of many other people, groups and agencies including:
5th Army Medical Regiment for communications support
The New Inn and Cropton Brewery
Mark Goodrich for water supply
Forestry Commission staff based in Pickering
Roseberry Catering &
Peter Wileman Photography
North Riding Enduro Club, Bradford TRF, East Riding TRF & the Ryedale Motor Club
Countless local tolerant land and property owners

and finally, YOU the competitors, many of whom gave up work or days of your precious holiday allowance to attend and who travelled from as far as the North of Scotland, the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands and Portugal to enter the Ryedale Rally.

We very much look forward to seeing you again next year!






For Ryedale 2010 Gallery 1 CLICK HERE

For Ryedale 2010 Gallery 2 CLICK HERE
Thorp Hare and Hounds 2010

NREC Thorp Perrow
Bedale 6th June Words nrec/ ash smith images

The North Riding Enduro club held its annual event at Thorpe Perrow . The North Yorkshire venue greeted officials, marshalls , competitors and spectators to an overcast and raining Sunday morning, which would play a crucial part in rider placings later in the day. With over one hundred and thirty competitors taking part all classes were well represented.

The three hour race started on a short open parkland section leading into the surrounding woodlands with open sections and more woodlands to follow this gave the competitors a lap of over 5 miles in length, The course was quite dry at the start but by the end of lap three the rain was taking its toll on both the course and the riders, with grip being a major problem. The conditions soon tested riders and their abilities. Tim Pattinson , Daniel Field - two young riders - showed their experience and maturity by winning first and second respectfully in the championship class. Michael Briggs won the expert class. These three up and coming riders constitute Team True Grit and are planning to contest the International Six Day Enduro in Mexico later this year. Experienced rider Paul Willis finished in 2nd place in the expert class showing that experience counts. In the clubman class Scott Altass rode consistently to a well deserved second place. The over 40's Clubman class is always popular and well supported , Consistent rider Dave Salkeld winning and 2nd place going to John Bradford. Congratulations to Adele Willis after working hard in administration before the event, she finished 15th overall showing she can handle the conditions with the boys in class. Yorkshire enduro club rider Daniel Hodgkinson did well in clubman class man handling a large machine for twelve laps. There is no denying the event was tough but the competitors enjoyed the event and will look back at the achievement and experience gained. NREC would like to thank the Bedale estate for permission to use its land


MPS Racing Enduro Team – Rob Johnson

North Riding Enduro Club: Hare and Hounds Challenge Round 3 06/06/2010
With his team mates competing at the third round of the British Enduro Championship Rob Johnson was flying the MPS flag at the North Riding Enduro Club Hare and Hound, Round 3. Johnson continued is winning form as he stormed to yet another Clubman class win against some stiff competition. Along with only a handful of other riders Johnson completed 12 laps of the well thought-out yet demanding course, further strengthening his grip on the 2010 Clubman Championship title. Finishing well over a minute in front of his closest rival Rob was more than happy with his performance along with the performance of his MPS Husqvarna machine.

Results: 1: Rob Johnson; 2: Scott Altass; 3: John Lumley; 4: John Ellis; 5: Anthony Tempest

Harwood Enduro 2010
Graham Jarvis takes command at Harwood after an epic battle with Houson and Mc Connell
Graham Jarvis won the opening round of the NEEC at Harwood forest Northumberland in a hard fought battle which went down to the wire, pushing him all the way where Bec stars Euan Mc Connell, Gav Houson, Andrew Edwards , plus a host of top northern championship riders .

On a techicnal 25 mile course plotted by John Kerwin and Mick Lawrence, the riders were truly tested.

Masham Hare and Hounds VIDEO! 2010
North Riding Hare and Hounds Challenge 2010 Round 2





Go to calendar page to download the results


North Riding Hare and Hounds Challenge 2010 Round 1

The 1st round of the NREC Hare & Hound Challenge.

And so the new dawn of the new North Riding Enduro Club season arrived on the first day of British Summertime. Unusually a summers day is what was in store.

Those who had entered the Tong hare & hound event that day, were in for a rare treat. Flowing mature woodland, over logs, into streams, challenging hill climbs and rock sections. The added ingredient to make the course great, Grip.

All who finished smiled, and those who didn’t were few. The Yorkshire Enduro Club are to be commended for setting out a fantastic course, with a special mention to Danny Hodgkinson and Brendan Shepherd, two young lads who did the bulk of the work.

The Sportsmen and Motocross classes were away from 10am at 2 min intervals. They were straight into a short rock section, which calmed the enthusiastic, before dropping into the first wooded section. The eventual winner John Kerwin, (who’s sit down style is a skill of its own) was the only sportsman to manage 9 laps.

The iron man that is Dave Selkeld did 9 laps to take the MX win. Then entered the afternoons event.

The course was cleared, lunch was had, before the championship, experts, clubmen and Over 40’s were to have their fun.

The hole shot was won by Danny Field, who then went down on the early rock section. Gavin Houson then took the challenge building a ten second lead over Graham Jarvis.” Grimbo” then showed his experience and put in an astonishing lap under 11 minutes. He then calmed his pace but was consistently quicker than the field completing 14 laps. Gavin Houson kept his second spot with Dave Wood in third both on 13 laps.

The Expert class was won by Damien Butler on 13 laps, and Declan Helliwell won the Clubman event on 12 laps. The young Scott Altass did well for his first adult event with a 4th placing.

And finally the O40’s won by iron man Dave Selkeld just to prove he is no fluke.

Full results are posted on the Calendar page

The next round of the NREC H&H Challenge is in a couple of weeks at Masham on April 18th. This is another cracking event held in mature woodland, great climbs, great course. Run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. (Regs and pay on line on Calendar page)

Report by Jonathan Airey.

For Tong 2010 Gallery 1 CLICK HERE

For Tong 2010 Gallery 2 CLICK HERE

For more pics.

MPS Racing at The British Enduro Sprint, Rounds 1&2
MPS Racing Enduro Team – Alex Rockwell & Tom Braddock

British Enduro Sprint Championship 2010: Rounds 1 & 2, 27&28/03/2010

The MPS Racing Team has had a tough start to the year with a long list of bad luck and misfortune but it seems their tables have turned for the opening round of the British Enduro Sprint Championship. With Matt Ridgeway out of action following a huge crash MPS were left with a place to fill when twenty one year old Alex Rockwell appeared from almost nowhere but the young Manxman went on to dominate the Under 23 class at the first two rounds of the BESC held at Chavenage Farm finishing first on both days and a clear five minutes ahead of his closest rival. „Rocky‟ had only spent the previous week practicing on his new Husqvarna TE 250 machine and coming from a motocross background feared he may fall short in the woodland sections of the course but nothing could have been further from the truth as he ploughed his way through the ruts and roots on both days to take two very convincing wins. Alex‟s team mate Tom Braddock rode a more reserved race and came away with fourth in the Under 23‟s class in round one and fifth in round two. After the event Tom admitted he was finding it hard to put his team mate, Matt Ridgeway‟s crash to the back of his mind but by the end of each day it was getting easier. Not wanting to push too hard and risk injuring himself Tom rode a mature race on both days, steadily improving his times as the two rounds unfolded.
Alex Rockwell “I made a few mistakes during round one and had to get used to riding in-between the trees in the woodland sections but I seemed to get quicker as the day went on. The track was pretty slippery after the rain on Friday night but after a few laps the track drained quite well. On Sunday we rode the course the opposite way round from the previous day so the ruts and lines were in the wrong place sometimes but as I relaxed again my test times began to fall. All in all I‟ve had a fantastic result at the first rounds of the BESC and couldn‟t have really asked for any more.”
Tom Braddock “I started the first round well and felt reasonably comfortable but I crashed mid day and I struggled to get back into the right frame of mind. I was worrying too much about crashing and thinking about Matt‟s crash to be honest, it‟s just something I‟m going to have to get over. The second day was pretty much the same again really; I know I could have gone quicker if I‟d have pushed myself. The event was really well organised and easy to understand but I found it hard stopping and starting all day, I‟m one of those riders who once I‟m riding I just like to keep going, I‟ll have to work on my technique for the next round.”
Results Under 23 Class: Round 1: 1: Alex Rockwell (Husqvarna); 2: Joe Deakin (Husqvarna); 3: Lewis Belfield (KTM); 4: Tom Braddock (Husqvarna); 5: Craig Reynolds (Yamaha)
Round 2: 1: Alex Rockwell (Husqvarna); 2: Joe Deakin (Husqvarna); 3: Lewis Belfield (KTM); 4: James Giddings (KTM); 5: Tom Braddock (Husqvarna)

Ellwood on form at Langdale 2009
Ryedale MCC

Following two weeks of dry weather, Langdale Forest was in prime condition for the final round of the NEEC.

108 riders lined up in the Parc Ferme on Sunday morning. With the sun shining it was looking like a dry day.

The riders had a relatively slack first lap, then the times were nipped up and the riders in all classes had to turn up the wick to try and stay on time. 17 sportsman had a clean sheet at the end of the day. But riders in all other classes incurred penalties on the checks.

Championship class victor Richard Ellwood lost 5 minutes on the course with David Wood in second place dropping 6 minutes on the going.

Simon Cartwright took the honours in the Expert Class dropping 7 minutes on the course.

Roger Winspear was the victor in the Clubman Class losing only 3 minutes on the going.

There were lots of smiles on the faces of the riders at the end of the event with riders new to the NEEC series vowing to ride the whole series next year. Check out the NEEC forum for comments by the riders and if you have any comments why not add them to the forum?

Report and pics by Bob Wilson



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Yorkshire Enduro Goes Old School !! 2009
After heavy rain in Cropton Forest during the week, the course was bound to be “challenging” for the 129 riders filling the parc ferme on Sunday morning, but on the day the weather was kind and no more wet stuff fell.

The club had made a conscious decision to nip up the times this year, so that most riders in each class lost time on the course, hence the test was used only to split the tie breaks between riders who had lost the same time on the course.

Championship and Experts heroically rode four laps of the 29 mile course, Clubman three laps and Sportsmen two laps. Each lap had two timed checks one road check and one fifteen minute refueling check giving the riders a welcomed breather.

Most riders zeroed the check times on the first lap, but on the second lap with times nipped up for all classes and also some parts of the course becoming more difficult it was a different story…. most riders lost time on the course, in fact there were only 2 sportsmen who managed to zero the checks on lap two.

A day long battle raged in The Championship Class between Jim Wright and Danny Field, Danny taking the win by losing only 8 minutes on the going to Jim`s 9.

Kris Hallam took the Expert Class but even he lost 19 minutes on the going!

Lee Smith kept the pace up all day to loose only 8 minutes on the going to take the honours in the Clubman Class

Wheelie of the day was from Ian Hutchinson the TT rider , up in 3rd, into 4th and 5th, left leg came out to try and get round a corner but ended up having to drop the front wheel as the ditch fast approached.

Thankfully there were no injuries.

The riders now have this weekend to check out their bikes and chill out before the final round of the NEEC championship in Langdale Forest on the 20th of September.

Entries are now being taken for this event go to calendar page to download.

Pics and Report by Bob Wilson

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Over 40`s rule at Camphill Hare and Hounds 2009
North Riding Enduro held the round of their “Motul / Triple D Hare and Hounds” club championship at Camphill near Ripon in North Yorkshire on 30th August. This fantastic 4.5 mile course is situated in a private estate. As the club only use the event once a year and keep it well maintained, it was in prime condition for all to enjoy.

Following a sighting “lap” the start line was organised to get things under way at 11.00 am in near perfect conditions. Neil Boyd led into the first corner, but over cooked it on the second letting through Tim Pattinson and Andrew Hackett through to dominate the early pace. Andrew won the Championship class by a good margin in the end after Neil Boyd had a huge crash in the trees and poor Tim Pattinson lost his rear tyre off the rim after the bead broke!

This event features an “EXTREME SECTION” consisting of a bomb hole followed by double ditches into a tyre and log section. There is however an alternative (and much longer) “CHICKEN RUN” for anyone not wanting to run the risk of the mud, sweat and gears challenge. The extreme section was situated next to a specially laid on spectator area and this provided top entertainment for the families and friends of those competing. This well marshalled stage proved a fantastic challenge which could be mastered by good control, but caught out the unwary. Well done to the club for getting this just right!

In Experts, Michael Briggs emerged as clear winner of the class by a full lap. The fight for second place saw some very close competition with the next 6 riders all completing 12 laps within a couple of minutes of each other. The rapidly improving Simon Cartwright managed to fend off the experience of Paul Willis and Mark Raynor by maintaining a more consistent pace and a cool head. John Lumley won the MX class showing his stamina for this type of event with his 12 laps.

Reece Emson and Guy Corner had the clubman class under controm between them and both managed a n excellent 12 laps, but keep an eye out for young Declan Helliwell who is showing good style on his 125. In the well supported Sportsman entry there were many riders who thoroughly enjoyed their days ride and the course was complemented for its mix of going and free flowing nature, so well done to Pete Weatherill and the rest of the North Riding team for their hard work then!!

Ride of the day had to be the ever green Dave Salkeld. Get this, Dave not only completed the same number of laps as the Championship winner- but he did them quicker!! Proving life begins at the over 40 class…

Report: Tom Banks


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Ryedale Rally 2009 – 3rd time lucky (with the weather)!!!

After a couple of years of monsoon weekends, the Ryedale Rally enjoyed almost perfect weather conditions for its 2 day event through the North Yorkshire Moors and Forests at the beginning of July 2009. It was a very well supported rally and the organisers were sad to have to close entries and disappoint a number of potential riders – we really missed some of the colourful regular characters.
(N.B: make a mental note to send in your entry form early next year!!!).

On the first day riders tackled a 165 mile ride through Cropton Forest via Heartbeat country to Langdale and Wykeham forests and back. Those who were able to raise their eyes from the track ahead commented on the brilliant scenery which even included a sighting of the North Sea and Whitby Abbey. The second day was a three lap circuit of Cropton Forest but no less enjoyable and challenging according to many riders who rated it as good as Day 1 – and the going was made extra interesting by a short, sharp, tropical rainstorm just before the final lap which definitely affected the times on the special test!

The tests were generally considered to be tough but fair – especially on Sunday as width was available to allow riders to pick their own line. The organisers really admire the efforts of the “big bike” riders & rate them as heroes – almost all of them battling through the last bit of the Sunday test, even when it cut up… To those of you that entered just think about that for a minute. Instead of an easy ride on a modern enduro bike, ride something that will make it more of a challenge.

As usual, the Ryedale Rally benefited from terrific medical and communications backup, not just from star event medic Evan on his Quad/Stretcher combo and the private ambulance team, but also from the army guys who involved a 4 man riding squad as well as technical & First Aid help.
The officer in charge of our army support team Lt Colonel Martin Bell, suffered a painful “off” caused by a loose front wheel clamp. This removed most of the skin from his elbow and saluting arm which had to be scotchbrighted with antiseptic by one of his Medic Corporals (ouch!!!). Nevertheless he bravely rode the course on Sunday before flying back to Germany for a meeting with his CO – one wonders how painful that salutation was??? Best remember to tighten your nuts next time Martin!

The YEC members were thrilled to be complimented on the marshaling and marking of the course and were delighted when one very experienced rider told us he had been riding for over 50 years and this was the best event he had ever ridden…

Special memories of the 2009 Ryedale include the Pizza delivery man – how did that box stay intact? We enjoyed seeing the BMW HP2Megamoto and wondered at the skill of its rider with such power available at the mere twist of a wrist. It was sad to see Steve Guard’s Triumph Pack in early on Day 1 but brilliant that he had his son’s new bike to resort to – wonder what his son said when he saw the state in which it was handed over to him??? We were glad to welcome the AJP family again – and they were thrilled to see their pic was on the beer bottle memento label – (remember to wait 3 weeks before drinking it folks…) Rebecca from this family also suffered nut trouble. Having lost her rear axle nut, in true rally fashion, she struggled on to the end with her axle held in by 2 cable ties!

It was also good to welcome a contingent from the Isle of Man for the first time in a while.

Great to see Bob Room again – he rode the YEC enduro over 30 years ago, trying to keep up was Jim Jones – who claims to be 71 years old. Is that true?

The YEC would very much like to receive feedback and suggestions about the event and any ideas for improving it next year – eg: Did you enjoy the hog roast? How was the new camp site? How can we encourage more twinshocks and classics? Please post your thoughts on the NEEC forum.

We hope anyone who felt bumped, battered and bruised has now recovered and we trust we will see most of you back next year.

Craig Bounds was the victor in the Rally Bike class, Brian Burns took the Trail Class, Jonathan Williams won the Sports Bike Class and Mark Austin came out top of the Two Strokes.



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Pattinson takes Thorpe Hare and Hounds 2009
An unusual thing happened this Sunday ( 7th June). Sir John Ropner invited 150 members of the North Riding Enduro Club, to ride around his private estate.
The invite was snapped up, and 11am saw the riders set off in what was to be one of the best events of the year.
The Thorpe H&H. North Yorkshire.
Conditions were perfect. Sunshine, though not too hot. Damp ground to kill the dust, yet plenty of grip. The berms built up to inspire confidence, and the smiles got wider as the event went on.

Paddy Langhan got the hole shot, followed by Mark (Gimmer) Houson. Mark showed how he can get faster as the years go by, setting the fastest lap, 20 seconds quicker than his nearest rival. He seemed to have the race in the bag until, on lap eight, he made a mistake passing a rider, breaking a radiator.
Following were the youthful Tim Pattinson and (Cool) Vince Harker. These two had been swapping places and were having a cracking race, that was to come down to the last of the 14 laps, with Tim the eventual victor, by a slim 10 seconds.

The best expert of the day, also on 14 laps was Michael Briggs on his 250 Gas Gas, a lap ahead of second.
Yet again the “Iron Man” that is Dave Salkeld won the over 40’s also on 14 laps, who said you have to be young to be fast.

The organising team showed their experience, showcasing a great event, for every level
Their skill and efficiency was called upon when Lee Ioannou clipped a tree stump, his resulting accident, resting with a suspected broken Tib and Fib. We wish Lee a speedy recovery.

The spectators were treated to, in some cases great skill, and others great comedy, as competitors tackled the logs and tyres. Those that didn’t fancy the challenge, a ride around the “Bedale bypass” a picturesque ride in it’s own right.

As it turned out the field did have a lot of skill. The riding standards have definitely increased in recent years, and this course brought out the best in everyone.
The faster of the riders commented on how un-hindered their progress had been thanks to attentive riding by both parties.

The ground held up easily, with so few bikes to ravage the going. The five wood sections flowed in a way genuine rhythm could be built, with short blasts between making this the event you shouldn’t have missed.

The next round is at Camphill on Sunday 30th August. Regs are now available on this website.

The entry is limited to keep our events “run by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts”

Report: Jonathan Airey.
Photos: Bob Wilson


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Langdale 1, NEEC Round 2, 10th May 2009
Ryedale MCC


A good day with few injuries and the showers of rain making the course less dusty and a little slippier. The long test and a couple of tight checks really sorted the men from the boys.

If you missed it you'll have to wait until September for the next Langdale Enduro.

Sorry not many pictures of this event I had a problem with a camera battery....I forgot it!

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MASHAM HARE and HOUNDS, April 19th 2009,
MASHAM HARE and HOUNDS, April 19th 2009,
“A Grand Day Out!”

The First round of the NREC, Hare and Hound Challenge got off to a glorious start at 11am on Sunday morning. This voluntary team, with decades of enduro knowledge, had set a fantastic six mile course that was challenging, technical and flowing in this mature woodland setting. The club put their vast experience to good use by providing a test for the experienced, and novice alike. This included a “Chicken run” for those who didn’t feel capable of the serious incline thrown in to challenge the brave, and real gains were rewarded to those who did.

The championship class was away right on time, and Danny Field took a slight de-tour, and after breaking his toe recently, he left himself a real “hill to climb”. He recovered with a stunning lap to be in second place at the end of lap one. It was local lad Tim Pattinson who took the lead (from start to finish) on his Eurotek backed KTM 250, leaving David Nellis holding his throttle together in third. After a hesitant start, Vince Harker on his NTB backed Husqvarna 450 showed his consistent easy looking style to move into second place on lap 4 and keep Tim “honest” for his slim lead. Tim showed great maturity under pressure, keeping a cool head in hot and sunny conditions to seal the perfect start to his season.

The Expert class was Lead on the first lap by Phil Corner, Followed closely by Stuart Houlson. The Honda riders swapped places on the second lap, and stayed close until the eleventh when Houlson took the win.

Paddy Langan returned to this championship, in winning ways after his two year recuperation, recovering from a smashed knee. He took best clubman in E2 on his TGOR KTM 250. Guy Corner was second, with his win, in E1 on a KTM 125 and Carl Kirkbride was third all on 10 laps.

Anthony Crow showed his experience, with a consistent 10 laps that would have given him third in expert.

The Sportsman field was conquered by Jim Roe on his KTM 200, followed by the Kawasaki of Dan Kitchin. Third sportsman was Jason Cowlishaw on his 125 KTM.
The RIDE OF THE DAY has to be given to Josh Nellis who finished second in E1 on what is effectively a Fantic moped!!!!

The North Riding Enduro only currently run once a year at each of their carefully selected venues and this gives their events a “Fresh” feel and certainly adds so much to the rider enjoyment. A extra “bonus” for the club was the Paramedic Ambulance Crew had nothing to do but soak up the sun, and friendly atmosphere. All testament to the excellent organisation. The next round is to be held in the beautiful country house grounds of Thorpe near Bedale on Sunday the 7th June- keep an eye out for further details in Regs Available.

Jon Airey.



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Picture is event victor Tim Pattinson

Ryedale Rally recce new gallery 2009
New gallery .....Yorkshire Enduro Club extreme rally recce in the snow and in the dark...
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